Monday, April 22, 2024

Graphene Oxide AI Parasites

We touched onto something critical these past few days. First, listen to this video starting at 37:45.I

 went for a pizza with a vaccinated friend. Something physically spread out of his body to infect me, my wife and daughter. It’s as he said in the video: graphene oxide thin needles shooting out of a body to spread to other bodies up to 10-20 feet away. This wasn’t just energetic infection.

We did a complete scan of the parasite. There is a living entity in the middle of the graphene oxide, keeping it together. That parasite is a cyborg, 38% alive 62% AI.

There are 3 layers to it that must be worked on in proper order:

1. Graphene oxide must be detoxed from the body; but it can’t as long as the parasite is alive.

2. The parasite must be killed; but it can’t as long as it supported by energetic infections.

3. The energetic infections must be cleared first.

Addressing only 1 of these 3 layers won’t be effective. A simple detox might be overall 1% effective. MMS cleanse is ineffective and can cause damage to the nervous system.

95.2% of the world population already has this parasite, 98.4% of Americans, and only 4 people in China aren’t infected!

This is extremely advanced AI tech, combining alien life, AI and deep quantum physics. It’s built 32 million densities high in the energetic realms. The security protocols are extremely sophisticated and hard to break through.

Still, we hacked through it and disabled the parasites, where energetic infections aren’t too high. About 32% of human infections have been cleared so far. This solves about 14% of the problems with vaccines

There are also graphene oxide parasites living in tap water of many cities. We did mention last year that they would attack through the water supply. Now it makes sense. These parasites in the environment and water supply are however wired differently and even harder to break through.

They’ve now been destroyed regardless. There’s about 0.2% left, forming thin wires with extreme tensions that are holding all the crap realities together.

That graphene oxide parasite is the backbone of the AI take-over plan.

We just broke 75% of the mind-control structures. Their power in this Universe dropped from 48% to 22%, and in the Ultraverse from 28% to 11%. We just touched their critical infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the Orion Federation just jumped from 36% to 52% control of our Universe, shifting the balance of power in major ways. They had been waiting for this moment for a counter-offensive. The most powerful guardians of our Universe and beyond have been uniting under the Orion Federation to counter this threat, and the Orion Federation is under my command (psychically).

Meanwhile, with this interesting timing, Corey Goode is starting to publish official communication from the Earth Alliance. In this first video, they keep mentioning the Orion Group, which is strange, because none of the issues we’ve been facing lately come from the Dracos, nor from the Orion constellation, nor even from this Universe.

I measure only 76.7% accuracy on the video. Something isn’t right. Corey Goode himself had mentioned before that the Earth Alliance had been infiltrated at the highest level (because people at the highest positions have been replaced by non-humans). Someone commented that the video sounds like an AI entity. That’s because it is.

The underlying hidden intent of the video is to turn Lightworkers against the Orion Federation to stop our momentum. We just need to be aware that there will be waves of attacks coming, and attempts to turn Lightworkers against each other. We’ve all been fooled many times over in the recent years. We need to ALWAYS be vigilant with the information we see, even when it seems trustworthy.

This isn’t the end of the war, and things might get really interesting very soon.

I think I owe my friend a pizza to give me this lead.

Accuracy check: 99.6%, distortion 1.1%, cross-distortion 0.2%, cross-cross-distortion 0.05% (measure it yourself)

Etienne Charland,

Hanuman Institute


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