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Gun In My Hand – Dorothy – Lyric Video – The Walking Dead Michonne Game Opening Song

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‘The Walking Dead: Michonne – A Telltale Miniseries’ Episode 1 ‘In Too Deep’ Lyric Video
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  • sedna9 says:

    the best neurofunktechstep dnb about the ´thing> insideinfo- metamorphosis , mefius – main void main , blacksunempire- sloace one /dawn of dark day , balcksun-e in general, noisia reptilias /shellshock , telekinesis – the center –
    dude i got with my ketamin experience in the metatron cube dark industrial city cave where a cat-lizard hybrid shhow my this crystal in the controlpanel device and he expalined if he/she “klicking this and that “”this and that happend in our world ” – so iam really sceptic about when the give you a gun in your had in teh white firewall realm and send you in anotha dimensions . for what ? laurel
    and the “lion lizard” hybrid looked matches with simon parkes story. and i getting outraged now that i know things about the accient reptilian bases he wont report or talke about fucking

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