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Exmouth, HAARP Facility in Australia

HAARP stands for The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. HAARP is capable of blasting a super-charged, high frequency radio wave into the earth’s atmosphere. This controllable radio wave is so powerful and electromagnetically charged that it can actually lift the ionosphere while simultaneously heating it! The ionosphere is an electromagnetically charged shield that surrounds the earth’s upper atmosphere. The ionosphere (ozone layer) protects the earth from deadly radiation and spikes emitted by the sun.

HAARP has been able to achieve such unprecedented high radio frequency blasts that all of it’s,effects are not yet known, effects include weather control missile defense shield and even mind control. The government and military propaganda machine has neglected to tell the true story about HAARP. In their official reporting, they cite advanced HAARP communications capabilities for our military as a positive mechanism for national security. HAARP has the capability of being able to knock out all enemy communication systems with ultra-high frequency radio waves while simultaneously allowing our military to use these same destructive frequencies for it’s own communications.

HARRP complex in Australia

Exmouth south of HARRPAustraliaHARRP AustraliaRun Way south of HARRP AustraliaSouth of HAPRP AustraliaAirport south of HARRP Australia


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