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Harry James Potter and Mikey Tom Fish – Part 1 – Magical Castle

As a child, I have this distant memory of sitting at a round, dark brown wood table with two other boys to my right. We phase our hands telekinetically to the table and we wait. Under regression, I see myself pulling out a wooden toy truck. I wasn’t certain if this was a real memory and I wasn’t able to see what the other boys made. I also see we each got a magical child-size dagger with gemstones on it.

I ask my friend Adrian to remote view and channel the details for me. He sees me at a table in what looks like Hogwarts and I look like Harry Potter but my nickname here is Jamison. I am in House of Gryffindor. In this alternate reality, Harry Potter’s middle name is James, which is my name here, and we were born four months apart. Ron Weasley was born 6 days apart from me. It appears the Harry Potter character was based on me. We would have both grown up in the 90s just like in the Harry Potter timeline. It looks as if JK Rowlings was given the information as part of the Illuminati’s script programming. The story happened in another alternate reality where we have a split world; where magicless Muggles share the same dimension with witches and wizards. In our dimension, magic is restricted due to quantum physics.

The other boy sitting at the table is Draco Malfoy. His father is also present in the room for the ceremony. Draco didn’t turn evil like his father. The other boy was Tom Riddle who later became the evil wizard Voldemort. Tom was curious and would sneak into the restricted section of the library. He also made contact with the young boy Lucifer who was also studying alchemy at Hogwarts. Tom learned how he could split his soul into pieces by killing someone, this would allow him to put his soul into a Horcrux to become immortal. Even though Tom Riddle was from another time, we used a spell to bring him back for the ceremony.

We each stick our hands on the table and pull out three magical wooden wands. The three of us are now forever linked together through magic. Malfoy’s wand had diamonds on it, Voldemort’s was a long grey crystal, and mine was wood with a black leather strap with gemstones embedded into the wood.

Adrian was at Hogwarts too, in Slytherin house; I was friends with him too. His name was Mikey. The kids would make fun of him calling him Tom Fish because Adrian was friends with Malfoy, a Slytherin; and that was the code name Malfoy gave him.

Peter the Insider and Jessica Marrocco were there, as teachers. Peter is writing something on the walls; he is into alchemy, space, and astronomy and knows about the looking glass and can see into the future. Jessica was the psychic teacher. In the books, she went by the name of, Sybill Trelawney. Harry Potter shares a message with us.

“I began my journey in the future learning much working with Surge in the X-Men project. From there, I was sent into the past in an alternate reality from your own and attended Hogwarts. I am aware of your existence in your reality. When our biorhythms are in alignment, we sometimes can share memories. Why did you project yourself into our dimension at Hogwarts?”

James: “We want to bring back magic to our realm.”
Harry: “Then you will need to make a potion.”

We enchant our bodies over there and temporarily take them over and teleport to Professor Snape’s potion classroom. Snape looks very different, then portrayed by the actor Alan Rickman in the movies. He is tall and thin and his hair is long golden-brown but he still has an evil look. He knew Peter the Insider very well back then too. We asked Snape if he could create a potion to help Adrian and myself, James, to recover our lives as Mike and Harry Potter. He hands us a tiny angular glass bottle with a blue glowing liquid. It tastes,s horrible and both of us feel the vibrations, as our DNA begins to activate the strands in our body, in the here and now.

Snape has many stories he wants to share with us about his life as a kid. Perhaps we can go back at a later time to learn more. Harry Potter’s father bullied Snape as a child. His life was twisted by the Illuminati while growing up. He went to school with Tom Riddle. Dumbledore was his teacher and he took Snape and Tom Riddle in as a child to train them, but Tom was too much of a troublemaker.

We ask for a money potion. He gives us this purple vial in the shape of a diamond. The inside contains a green oil with tiny rosemary-like looking leaves, attached on a stem. To me, it tastes like turpentine. Adrian said it tasted like chocolate turpentine. Adrian sees gold galleon coins dropping around us.

We asked Snape for another spell to enhance fighting skills, but now he is getting moody from all the requests. We tell him sorry for asking for so much, but we have traveled from another dimension to get here and we may not be back for a very long time. He understands and waves his wand to close all the windows. We see him boiling something in a cauldron witch bowl. It smells like seaweed, grass, marijuana. He places it in a circular brown glass that has 4 round circles engraved on the side, and it has a flat bottom. We drink it and then I saw Adrian and myself shapeshift into a Samurai; which could be activated if we were attacked.

Adrian asks for a strength spell. I see Snape going into his potion closet. It looks like Dumbledore’s cupboard. There are a ton of vials in here and Snape picks one that is round in a diamond shape. We drink it and feel a giant showerhead pouring energy into our bodies.

At this point, we knew we outlived our welcome. We thank Snape for his time and then move on to the library to find a book we can download into our dreamscape to bring back into our dimension. As soon as we enter the library, Adrian immediately sees that Hermione and Ron Weasley are waving at us to come over and say hi. We walk over and tell them that both Adrian, as Mikey, and James and Harry Potter have temporarily enchanted our bodies from our dimension, in the here and now, to see what we could learn here. They tell us they already know silly, apparently the whole school found out quickly, what was going on with us after we visited Snape’s potion classroom.

Adrian sees the ghost of Tom Riddle’s mother in the library, she is very pretty; Adrian recognizes her from another past life. Tom Riddle inherited his good looks from both his mother and father. His mother used a love spell on his father, which resulted in Tom being unable to feel love. His mother stopped using the potion on his father, hoping they could have something real, but he left her instead and they both died, soon afterward.

Hermione wanted Adrian to know that she was his girlfriend in the past, but not anymore. They were just friends. Hermione also said she was my girlfriend, Harry Potter, at Hogwarts which made Ron jealous of us because he wanted to be with her too; but Hermione was annoyed at his behavior, as he was the goofiest of the Weasley sons. Eventually, in the future, Ron and Hermione get married. Ron tells us that he knows Adrian and his family in that reality. The bloodlines of the families kept them all connected. In another alternate timeline, Harry Potter was a Slytherin and was Draco Malfoy’s best friend, and Harry wasn’t really that close to Ron or Hermione.

We tell them that we are searching for a book about Hogwarts so we can bring it back to reality within our dreams. They recommend we go to the history section. As soon as Adrian and I approach the shelf, a book about Hogwarts history levitates right towards Adrian.

Adrian also sees a copy of the Book of the Dead on the shelf and notices that it’s made of human skin but I see it made from a black scale-like leather; I think it was made from a human-reptilian hybrid. It says on the top, that you must chant the protection spell, “Auto Remata Victo” before opening otherwise demons could attack you. We then carried these two books with us to the checkout, and apparently, the librarian had no issues with us checking out the Book of the Dead.

We then teleport to Dumbledore’s office, and now we see Dumbledore, Hagrid, and Snape talking to Harry. He got in trouble again with the Ministry of Magic. Dumbledore says “Harry, you are not allowed to use magic outside of Hogwarts.” Harry replies, “But a dementor attacked my girlfriend.” It happened while he was on summer break in London. He chanted “Expecto Patronum,” but the spell had lit up the entire city. Dumbledore had to bring in all the staff from Hogwarts to wipe the minds of the people, it was a huge deal.

We then go to Hagrid’s house. It’s daytime and there is snow on the ground. There are elves inside. Adrian, knocks on the door and Hagrid is already there but he is all alone. Something is cooking in a black pot on the fire. Hagrid is much bigger here than in the movies, he looks about 12 feet tall, and he is a titan. He wants us to find his hippogriff, who hid in another dimension, to escape the chopping block when he was ordered to be killed after biting Draco Malfoy. We used to fly on his back.

There is a potion we can use to bring him back. We put his feather in the vial, and a swirl of purple from a vortex opens in the sky. The hippogriff first put his head, then feet, wings, through the hole. He is struggling to come through, as this is a slow portal. Hagrid said, “Thank You” and gave us a hug. He is a gentle giant. He mounts the hippogriff and flies off where he wants to go.

I ask Adrian let’s check out the quidditch pitch. In this timeline, we are on different teams, Gryffindor, and Slytherin. We select our flying brooms and play the game high up in the air. The Weasley twins are joining in now. Afterward, we see Santa Claus has just visited Hogwarts. Santa really loves Hogwarts and stops by all the time during the winter. In this reality Santa is real, but in our reality, Santa is that Krampus thing.


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