Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Healing Moldalities

James, Dr. Deagle has a total body & pineal gland detox protocol . My friend Dr Mike Castle discovered the welsbach seeding program. He is also a pilot, and a Polymer Chemist. He uses, as do I, information from Dr Milewski, his link at the top of my site. Raymond Rife, making orgone generators or accumulators. Black magnitite sand is great for turning grey hair back to the former color & a lot more. Like Len Horowitz & Emoto teach, 528 freq of the healing codes, and uncorrupted solfeggio.

David Sereda shows a great view of the double torroid design of the superluminal craft. It’s frequency which goes extremely high & out of our range of vision. or dimension. In the human fleet, the pilots have a symbionic mental connection. They are high in psy ability as preferred and in the observation that this is a double torroid, this follows that the heart chakra is also portrayed as a torroid. Naturally the observers view is different than that of the occupants in the craft. It’s been said that, you could be given a ride on one, but upon return, you would not remember you were ever on board, unless you had proof of taking something from somewhere.


I haven’t tried the magnetite water does it work?


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