Tuesday, June 18, 2024

HELP: Who is this man? timetravel? photos from USA 2016?

‎”I am certain the new YouTube is a spoof. By 2016, I will be using “Andy 2016” relating directly to my Presidential campaign and not references to my “truth campaign.” In addition, the official motto of my Presidential campaign “A Time for Truth” has already been decided, so “time for truth” is an inaccurate paraphrase. There would also be new portraits of me available rather than my standard B&W head shot, which, having been taken in 2006, is already six years old and will be ten years old by 2016. Lastly, there is no evidence of the official campaign website andy2016.com. Having said that, I think this is a YouTube classic and I hope one day to personally congratulate the maker. I especially like the closing line in his analysis: “Almost like a rock concert or something!” — Andrew D. Basiago



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