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Helping Holly recover Supersoldier memories with Agent Peter

Airs every Monday 11pm BST
Airs every Monday 11pm BST

Although Holly Bagliomight be the “new kid on the block” in the list of Supersoldiers coming out on alternative media disclosing their experiences in MILABS, secret Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) and above Top Secret black budget space projects, hers is an unfolding process of recovering hidden memories from a lifetime of missions.
Holly is discovering that she has actually been living a double life as an alien abductee and Supersoldier since childhood and only in the recent untimely passing of Supersoldier Max Spiers has actually brought Holly out of her silence and solitude.
CCN‘s We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For‘s HostessEilish De Avalon is proud to introduce Holly and present a live interview with an Intelligence Agent Peter, who can verify and add to her recovering memories.
Supersoldier Memory Recall

Supersoldier Trainer and Terraformer Holly Baglio
Supersoldier Trainer Holly Baglio

Holly started awakening to her hidden and erased memories about 18 months ago when she came off all her medication for Lymes Disease and replaced it all with Medical grade Cannabis/Marijuana.
As she started to detox from her pharmaceutical chemical brain fog, her memories started to come back. At first it was overlaid false memories that were imposed upon her like looking for dolphins on Mars – but as she started to get more flashbacks to faces she once saw while in the Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS) like the one in Nelson Canada, she saw that they were the same faces as the ones she recognised as coming out with their own testimony.
Recently, Holly contacted Secret Agent Peter “The Insider”, Chief of ACIO: Alien Contact Intelligence Organisation, who is now working with her to help her discern what is real and what is not real in her memory recovery process. Some of Holly’s memories include remembering Commander James Casbolt (aka Michael Prince) many times, George Bush Senior, and even brutal memories such as getting raped alongside Max Spiers who was also being raped at the time and seeing Sarah Rachael Adams as a small child in a cage.
According to Secret Agent Peter, she trained over 200 super soldiers in super-human lightning fast running, she was a terra-former turning a type of fog into solid form, in fact.
Secret Agent Peter has uncovered a staggering 36,000 case study files on Holly in which she has been involved in secret ops, which is complicated by what is overlaid false memory and what is real within Holly – so he helps explain the differences, including the possibility that some of her work may have been done in secret space-time bubbles, parallel universes, alternative timelines, within time travel expeditions, and via her clone/s.
These 36,000 top secret files are encrypted and this author was not able to obtain them and that’s why Peter comes on the show (off-camera) to assist Holly uncover what work she was involved with. These files were not able to be share-screened nor were they able to be downloaded but Peter can read out of them live with no problem. I am grateful for Secret Agent Peter coming forward to help assist with Holly’s memory recovery process.
In Holly’s words: 

Eilish De Avalon, CCN's Hostess of We Are The Ones We've Been Waiting For
Eilish De Avalon, CCN’s Hostess

“This Show is a dream come true and personal prayer answered to me… CCN Hostess Eilish allows me to give my first time public testimony of being a Super Soldier… I am under no disclosure agreements or contracts. This is my first time coming forward.
In December 2014 when I woke up from MKUltra programming, I lost my ability to speak and form sentences. I could not even think beyond one word in my mind. Eilish gives me a platform to learn and speak. She allows me to “go back” for the kids who were in a cage with me, and who still are locked in one. Kids are still suffering from these Military and Government programs executed in the privacy of these DUMBs.
Secret Agent Peter joins us to expose some of my MiLabs files, as well as, to explain who and what I am as a Super Soldier. Eilish and Secret Agent Peter come together to accredit me and my testimony, getting to the truth and exposing why I have these recalled memories. Some false memories are to protect the integrity of a mission, assignment, or other person {s}.
This show ventures down these avenues to explain the difference and to explain what is happening to me. It helped me to learn and understand what is happening inside my own mind. We discuss the overlay of memories from a clone onto mine and what is a real memory. We discuss the astral world and Time Space Bubbles. This is my first interview and I am so humbled, honored, and happy that Eilish and CCN allowed me this huge courtesy and time. This interview alone is going to help in my recovery and healing process immensely with leaps and bounds!”
Holly Baglio’s BIO
“I was born September 12, 1974 and raised by my grandparents William and Milly Gabory in Far Hills, NJ.

Holly and her grandparents William and Milly Gabory
Holly and her grandparents William and Milly Gabory

My grandfather was a SCI US Navy, WWII. He would come home and tell my grandmother how the Military would give him and the other soldiers LSD and Marijuana, “just to see what it would do”. My grandparents took me to Niagara Falls, Canada three times, even spending an Easter there as a child on vacation. This is when I recall being in the DUMBs in Nelson Canada, as well as, San Antonio, Texas.
All throughout my entire life, I have lived a double life. Aliens have abducted me when I was 6, 8, & 10. I recall being on a Black Ops Team and inside the DUMBS when I was in my late teenage years and into my 20s, approximately. December 2014 is when I woke up from MKUltra programming and began recalling being locked in a cage, being electrocuted along with many other children, and that is where I slept inside the Deep Underground Military Base {DUMBs} as a baby of 3-5 years old.

Holly Baglio, with her Black Belt

I recall being on assignments and missions with the same kids from these DUMBs, now called Super Soldiers.
Currently, I am in recovery and coming to terms. In my “normal” life, I went to a community college for Accounting. I worked for AT&T and Pharmacia as an Executive Administrative Assistant. I was a published, accomplished poet. I love Martial Arts.
13883745_1631564607155053_975698343_nMy grandfather passed when I was 13 years old. At 28 when my grandmother became ill with emphysema, I stayed home and gave her hospice care. My father passed away when I was 25 years old and we had a wonderful relationship. In 2004, I became ill with Lyme’s Disease and it tore my body apart. Currently, my cat, dog, and I rent a place on a farm. I do not take any prescription pills any longer but I am fully disabled. I am aiming to one day achieve full recovery from my disabilities, as well as, total recall with my Super Soldier memories.”
Any other recovering Supersoldiers who would like to give testimony, CCN Hostess Eilish De Avalon invites you to come forward and share your recovered memories. Please write to her at info@eilishdeavalon.com 



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