Lately I been getting a lot of email from listeners demanding that I regress them because they had a few paranormal experiences. For entertainment purposes here is what one individual has to say. The name and some of the content was edited for privacy reasons. 

James last night I had my vision completely flash like i was face first into a snowy TV screen it was a good 2 second shot. I will allow you to pop around in my head to regress me but warning, you know the saying about where angels fear to tread. you might not want to see what’s in there. If I like it or not i must know. people fear the unknown even the strongest of us

Oh Alex Diaz has problems with speaking clearly. You cannot believe a word coming from someone on drugs like pot heroine etc. erin hicks on the other had would be more reliable source. Rule for you no more interviewing people while they are stoned. no one will believe this is real in that case.

James Rink
I don’t see why I should regress someone who is afraid of what’s in their mind thanks but no thanks. Due to scheduling constraints I am a bit limited when I can interview someone and have no control over what substances my guests decide to consume. Oh and Erin uses medical marijuana for health purposes.  

James I been reading posts about James casbolt being a fraud. maybe i should be talking to someone else. maybe tiyan will help. plus you guys make it seem like its just for a role play game.

how far away do you have to be to go inside my head? you are psychic are you not in one of your videos you say you are the most powerful being. so you should be able to go into people’s heads from any distance. Man i have loads of questions and things I want you to do but you can’t do them. Considering you had the interview shows you would be the one with all the people to ask questions to
but you don’t

James Rink
Yes I am psychic to a degree, but it was Nathan who alleged I was one of the Supremes. It’s okay ill fix this situation to ensure you won’t be inconvenienced again.

You told me to meditate (to find answers) and yet you’re not getting people that would know things to contact me. you and your stoner buddies need some psychological help.

so how much drugs did you get into today alone? one bag or more? you are delusional when you all say your super soldiers when your all a bunch of weak pathetic nerds wanting a place to fit in

James Rink
Why would I want to help someone who’s been rude and ugly to me. Thanks but no thanks. You can go help yourself how’s that . And curious you would seek help from those you frown upon. Sadly helping the neurotic is a bit beyond my abilities.