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Hendricks – SSP Training Academy, Battle of the Stargate

Joel went by the name of General Hendricks in the SSP. He is a 6th dimensional star seed from constellation Puppis. Currently active in the Dark Fleet SSP Program, he has hundreds of different types of avatars who work mostly with the greys and Draco’s. He has been involved in taking out child sex trafficking rings and has traveled in time. In the SSP he is a teacher for new recruits. Today we will be talking about a German academy where they trained young recruits in psionic abilities, weaponry usage and a battle in which he took out a stargate for Dark Fleet. This and much more.

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SSP Training

He is greeted by a blue dragon with three heads. He has robotic wings. Chase ask for permission to remember his ssp memories. Chase is now on a space ship going super-fast in space. it looks like a bobba fets / b wing ship (investigator scout ships) in Star Wars. There is a girl pilot. She has short hair and there is a humanoid with a blue body suit and there is a female dragon pink scaly skin with blue eyes and she is also wearing the same outfit.

Chase is there too but he has white dragon scaly skin, with same body suit. They are flying through space to travel to another planet to investigate something. Communication is telepathic. No weapons on the body. There is a red dragon is now looking at chase looking at him. The dragon nodded yes.

Second door

Chase goes back into the hallway thinking he might get better result behind another door. Chase sees another door with rainbow energy, it opens, and its white inside. Mantis like beings greet chase. They are standing on clouds and there are humanoid snake heads beings. They are standing in lines in formation. They are dressing like the serpent guards in star gate sg1, they all salute chase. Chase is wearing a golden crown on his head and white eagle wings. He is very old with white beard; he is flying on his eagle wings. Looks like Zeus. Flying above rows and rows of soldiers. He sees battles of airship drones fighting each other.

Sees a orange dragon in flames.

Sees another door in the hallway about his ssp training

Sees a hologram of a hallway, its outline in red neon trimming. Now he sees a picture of a child face, 3d hologram going around in the circle. It’s a cyborg infused child with a soul in it. Now they are projecting energy at this eyeballs and he is in pain. This is how they make cyborgs. They 3d print them out of atoms. Its eyes open up like a new born. It got blue eyes. Its shaking his hand. It’s the child avatar that was used in the trafficking investigation. Now he falls out of the sky in a third world nation in this body. He is roaming the streets as a homeless kid.

Now we go back to the cyborg lab. They replicate weapons out of air, like a green cannon. Its meant for a space ship. They can anything out of this device. The DNA has metal infused into it. Some of it looks like biobot nanites that move around, they look blue and shiny. Just a projection in the lab he is by himself. An electric bolt goes into the DNA and now chase is in space. There is a massive galaxy in the center of this dark space. He is being sucked into a black hole. Showing chase energy how it effects our AI. We are all a big computer program.

We now see a glass coffin with bald version of chase with white skin. Now he sees 3d print of his new avatar. He has big blue eyes. Super muscular, super white skin 8 feet tall. He is naked. Coffin opens up. He feels out of the coffin gasping for air. He seems robotic the way he stands. He is now looking at chase. There is no consciousness to drive it. He is waiting for chase to jump inside. He can now move its fingers, scaly pointy fingers. It’s a reptilian hybrid.

The body is now inside a lab. There is a mechanical arm attached to a spider machine, it shoots electricity causing avatar pain, now the body is pain, it acts like steroids makes the body stronger and more muscular. Looks like a roid junkie screaming with power. He keeps snaping his fingers. They can’t 3d print the muscles says this is the way it is done. His arms look like the guy from Prometheus annuanki creatures with bald white head. He has a scaly neck. And super jacked looking. He’s got vampire fangs when he opens his mouth. He is a Draco vampire. Vampire are huge allies of the Draco. Now he growing big white wings. He is morphing into a Draco. Big tail, wings, pointy ears, human face. Chase was not allowed in the body while it changed so he jumps into this new morph, he feels super strong he killed a red dragon. It grew from 8 feet to 40 feet tall. The dragons are not scared but they respect the avatar.

This body he is going on his knees to bow, he asks how can I serve to other bigger dragons. Like 80-120 feet tall. He asks what he thinks about humans in general?

He stares at him with a confused compassionate face.

Chase asks what he likes him to do. The red dragon is throwing flames at him. And he is projecting shields and he is laughing to see if you can protect yourself. This is a test. We ask if there are any messages, he would like to share with us. He is showing pictures of dead human skulls. His tongue is slithering out of his mouth. He moves the skulls around to see if they are alive. This is a metaphor for death. There is a female red dragon with green eyes licking the skull pretending they are their young. Now there are tears going down face upset the human is dead. Now they are showing him a picture of earth and the planet, there is a dragon around the planet with its wings wrapped around it. There is a picture of the all-seeing eye with pyramids, the eye looks a green or jade diamond. the pyramid is massive, jewel shooting out green energy into space. They just blew up the all-seeing eye, metaphor for the control system. they are upset humans dying, they want control system destroyed on this planet.

Chase sees pyramids in the distance in the sunset with no all-seeing eye. As the sun set the pyramids get darker. There is no more life on planet earth. They are worried if human is not set free, they will become dust in the wind.

The same thing takes place on planets all over the galaxy many of which the humans fought back and won.

They gave him perfect body to take system down. Chase incarnated here to do this mission to take the system down.

Chase is part soul and part AI. He is a product of these dragons. Now he sees spaceship battles, stargates. There is a big space battle right now over the stargate portal. The space ship looks like black triangles. Tear drops. They are fighting over a stargate that and transport ships. It looks like the battle cruisers in Star Wars. They are just cutting each other up.

He is on a ship which looks like dark fleet. There are German and draconian officers here. He is now part of the crew on the bridge as a officer. Jet black jumpsuit. Tall and fit and white skin. This is a huge orange planet. They are destroying the ships. They destroyed a massive pyramid all metal that glowed green with a huge bomb.

It’s a desert planet big sand dune. Its connected with the star gate, its Power Station. They are trying to stop aliens from coming through the star gate. Its dark fleet space they are defending it from outside invaders. The stargate is not ours but was built to transports ships.

The bridge seems almost all glass, it looks like they are standing in space, behind him are people on the screens. Only the bridge is like this. Sees 360 view of entire battle.

There are 5 people on the bridge. Everyone is telepathic. Speaking is considered slavish, all the technology allows them to interface in their mind. They win the battle all the aliens were destroyed and pyramid is gone, stargate is powered down. they want to study it.

More draconian warships came out of space, they are reinforcement. They look like teardrops single man craft. They are asking for permission to come on board, chase grants it. the door opens up. They meet in the star deck this is the shipping bay for the parked vessels.

Entangle with AI

Door opens with a bright light and now chase, walk through. There is a flash three dots next to each other. The dots are star system. The sun and two planets. Now its showing the rotation the planets like a space chart hologram.

Green star energy planet, force field around the planet and star. Green patches of light. The oceans are glowing energy. This planet is a HIVE consciousness. The inside of the planet is massive consciousness which makes it grow.

There is a ring around the planet and it turns off. Then the planet disappears and its just space.

Now he sees three headed dragon who is angry and yelling. Now Chase goes down a portal. Now room is white and white dragon with red eyes. Chase is a reptilian defector serving golden dragons who is fighting group defected from.

As a reptilian his back is cone head, very muscular, very dense, no tail. All scaly, black looking but it might be body armor. 10 feet tall. The dragons are huge, head is the size of a house.

Dragon is blowing flames outside of its mouth, he’s kind not aggressive and funny sense of humor.

Chase ask if he has brothers and sisters? The dragons look like from the game of thrones. Looks like an angel being half dragon and half human looking with massive tail. Looks very evil.

Surroundings are tall Rocky Mountains and lava. Bunch of people around him in purple cloaks facing away from Joel. They now show themselves as reptilian. There are some that are green with yellow eyes.

They are showing Joel millions of copies, like stick figures on construction paper. Perhaps clones? Now sees a serpent looking being who is very old sticks tongue out.

Now taken into space, cobras face with angel wings. They are probably Nagas. They are showing lots of stars in space, see head of cobra reptilian staring at him.

Patio deck with railings that radiates bight green. There is giant eagle spreading its wings right now. Human with angel and golden crown on its head shot into sun. It’s an eagle being, all white with feather and golden armor which extends to its face and its eyes are bright blue. It’s a divine creature from source. It’s a very positive being. It has a dark blue gemstone on its chest. Joel touches the jewel it falls out then rainbow energy surrounds him.

Now staring at an 8-sided pyramid. Now showing 16-sided pyramid. Pyramid opens into 4 sections. Now at the pyramids at gizah. At-Ra-Ky .

Joel see the god Horus. Anubis is here he has grey hair and very old.

Show the sands of time, they are going backwards in time, sand is being removed away from Egypt. See pyramid symbol and eye of ra. See building schematics of the pyramid. Sees a 3d hologram on papyrus paper showing construction of the pyramid. black ink is 3D. Shows gold capstone. Sees feline beings around the pyramids. The pyramid amplifies energy of earth.

Now shows Nubian pyramids which are taller and skinner. And these pyramids have grooves cut into it. Sees Nile River. This area looks like a computer chip. Our existence if a biological computer.

Showing him a holographic energy of pyramid with rainbow energy and Anubis. Past life incarnation in Egypt. Asks who am I. Shows picture of Anubis statute falling backward. Wolf being with green eyes has fangs coming out of mouth but not aggressively. Now sees a very young pup who wants to learn.

Now see cats face.

Now holding black sun disc, with elongated skull, white crown. Holding a black disc over head. Holding this disc above me, human but with green skin. Was a pre-adamite were original gods of Egypt, came from mars. Resided in Antarctica. Demigods ruled Egypt. Sees image of face with long beard from chin. There is a bronze statue of my face. Sees a serpent cobra cloth on my head, that’s green and white. Was the serpent king. Now sees a image with old man with green skin, crown, holding golden rod.

Sees a golden temple, gold plated everywhere. Great library in Egypt, golden labyrinth. Hall of records stretches underneath the pyramids. Golden statues of grey alien faces in Egyptian clothing. Golden statute of reptilian draconian, grey human hybrid face, more reptilian human hybrid, cobra reptilian hybrid, fish being with blue gills, gecko reptilian, few Star Wars looking beings, elephant face with human body. All these statues are in a massive circle. These are the 21 races to create the grand experiment and the birth of Adam and Eve.

Shows tree with red apple brown branch on it, now a human hand touches it. The tree branch turns into a hand and the person eats it. then a serpent shows up. Meant to be interpreted as symbolism.

The bottom of the place walking on, looks like golden tree roots. All these beings are connected the being’s feet. There is a giant tree of life. And middle of the tree is a yellow sun. you can see space with all the stars inside the tree.

Golden pyramid manifested in his head, red jewels on top inside are circuit boards. Hieroglyphics are all over it. See massive city around pyramid looks super advanced. This is a AI world.

Sees a black pyramid with lions all over it. And see consciousness. now sees helix tree with angel wings.

Message for James, shows bugs bunny and thumbs up.

Showing templar knights inside a tomb, massive statues of templar. statues are 100 feet with swords pointing down. inside cavity is hollow pyramid shape with ancient artifacts. Now see a pyramid that has golden panther head, top of pyramid of all-seeing eye with red jewel.

Sees me with a blond beard. Same eyes I got now but older, clothing looks beat up. Wearing a mask. He seems confused. He is showing city of Soloman. Only humans’ beings value treasure no one else does. Solomons kingdom of a bird and dragons head statues everywhere. This is not physical earth but a higher dimension.

Sees image of me looking through eye of ra, into this dimension. Sees a building with glass roof, inside is very white and modern, pictures of Horus with around, and pictures of dragon with wings. Spinning around in circles. Now sees picture of a raven. Sees statute of black dragon, black cobra brings, bald eagle. Holographic being, orange hologram looking like Darth Vader. There are hundreds of beings staring at you.

He sits down in a meditation lotus position. Now shows a golden eagle, all holographic form from other parts of the galaxy. Sees all sort of alien beings, one with elongated skulls, vampire race with white skin, see fish beings.

Joel is a source warrior for Ra. Divine warrior from the sky who come to earth. The center sun source. Sees an ancient being with silver being nodding yes. He sees himself as a pharaoh as a nation on mars. Praying to giant statute called justice. Now see white face with golden crown that was worshiped.

Now sees mars but we will save this for another session

This room is gathering for the council of five for the protectors of earth and evolution of mankind. He answers to them directly. He was sent from source to protect source. Multi-dimensional interdimensional beings. These 5 appointed beings are represented by the god’s mankind worship. Horus is here and many gods.

Horus has sad face with tears down his eyes, shakes his head no. said the story was backwards Enki is not bad person. But he fought for humanity freedom. Bird being with blue eyes. He is creator of mankind. The stories of Sumerian tablets. Enki is here from planet X.

Sees a tall tower.


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