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Historical Announcement! Surface Governments Have Lost Complete Control Of Earth Surface; Spaceships Begin Healing Phase

Tuesday, December 1, 2015 8:04

It is important to know that it has now been announced through Zorra of the inner Earth that there will be a deployment of healing ships that will descend to restore health on the surface of the Earth to those suffering from bodily dis-eases and those who live with critical physical disabilities and conditions to include anyone else who requires healing, where we now commence forth with global disclosure as the currency reset has been finalized and will be enacted within every state and country throughout the globe in which funds will be allocated to light workers and the rest of humanity upon our disclosure of the many hidden account’s on the surface by your cabal world government’s.

We continue to monitor and stabilise the planetary grid system in making sure that Gaia is balanced for her final transition out of the lower densities of the 3rd dimension, where we now have different fleets within the command who sit in earnest within their command stations to assist humanity in their ascension and return within the light, in which these fleets specialize in, spiritual education, communication, monitoring planetary affaires, species observation, media and scientific survey, healing and many other research areas in quantum data analysis.

As I have already mentioned, we now have full control over all your governments airspaces and marines, where it really doesn’t matter as to which country or super state is claiming what, as they know that their technology is helpless against ours, we have disabled all nuclear atomic weapons, and will also disable your guns, military vehicles, fighter jets, drones, artificial cloned androids, marine vessels, underground communication centers and anything that stands in our way, all your satellites will be disabled to any government use, where your governments stand no chance as they know that they have lost complete power over affairs on the surface as we have now arrived to your aid in this now



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Indian in the machine:  This energy of dark hats is now losing great energy….certainly we can see that since the end of September of this year… there has been a big upswing in the energies of our planet…  the gamma radiation reaching earth has a strong cleansing effect:  Archangel Michael: Powerful Gamma Radiation Influx Making People Tired; Strong Mutation Phase, Of Humanity, In Progress

No Nuclear War, No Fema, No NWO Says Galactic Federation Of Light, Commenting On Increased Amount Of Cloudship Activity 

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Annunaki Returned To Light, Now Returning To This Realm, To Dismantle Minion Power Structure

As the earth awakens, and says no more to control of another kinda energy…. we remember the words of Archangel Michael, who says those who do not embrace the Light will be engulfed by it.

Those who do not embrace the Light will fear the Light.

Those may ask… why do I not see these things happening…and to you who has these thoughts… close your eyes… and ask yourself if the stars exist… if you say yes, that is a state of knowing… you know those stars exist even if you do not see them…. and that my friends, is how I operate… so I can know things that you cannot see… I see the need of needing physical proof, to be a cumbersome state of being… remember, the heart knows what the mind can only think it knows… and keep reaching for those stars that you cannot see, they are still there!

Indian in the machine


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