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“History has been altered and hidden from the eyes of the people of the world and I am here to reveal it to you…”

“History has been altered and hidden from the eyes of the people of the world and I am here to reveal it to you…”

More of that speech by Mr. Soegi later.

Four minute history lesson in HD, here

“Bapak Soegi” (Mr. Soegi – sometimes spelled Mr. Sugi), known by some as Mr. Sino, is respectfully and affectionately called “Bapak” (Mr.) by his friends and close associates. Officially, he is known as:

Quote … K681 King of Kings MR.A1.SINO.AS.S”2”.IR.SOEGIHARTONOTONEGORO,ST who is also referred to as M1 [Monetary One] and is the designated hereditary trustee all of the precious metals that are locked in vaults or buried throughout the Indonesian Archipelago.

There is also the SwissIndo World Trust International Orbit, which describes the global collateral accounts and resources that are linked and support this initiative along with agreements to identify the single owner of this trust.


To assist you with pronouncing his name, try this: Soegi – harto – notono – negoro.

World leaders have kept secret:

  • the existence of the vast treasures collected by the Royal Families of the world over thousands of years;
  • the preservation of the physical assets in numerous Trusts;
  • the very complex levels of security and checks and balances that protect the assets;
  • the existence and purpose of the SwissIndo Trust;
  • the existence and role of Mr. Soegi; and
  • the many agreements they (world leaders) co-signed with Mr. Soegi relating to those combined assets and Trusts.

Bear in mind that throughout history, good people have devoted their lives to making the world a better and fairer place for everyone, while bad people have devoted their lives to doing bad things to grow their own wealth, power and control over the world, to the detriment of the vast majority.

The good have never sought total control. The bad are obsessed by their quest for total control, by dastardly means. The good respect individuals’ sovereignty and national sovereignty. The bad do not.

There is an epic struggle under way between the good and the bad. The good are trying to prevent the bad from achieving their greater goals – and vice versa. The bad have had the good in a strangle-hold for far too long.

Mr. Soegi has drawn a line in the sand.

Revealing Secrets – a small but important part of the plan

Mr. Soegi is coming forward publicly, presenting irrefutable documentation and physical proof, to disclose some vitally important truths to the world and to fulfil his life purpose, a large part of which is to release from the SwissIndo Trust the “Payments 1-11” (one to eleven), for the benefit of all of humanity and the Earth.

Payments 1-11 include “Country Quota” payments – optionally a gift or a loan – to each country and “Human Obligation” payments – to distribute inheritance entitlements equally to every living person on Earth and to every child born in the future. More details about Payments 1-11 later.

Laos was the first country to accept their Country Quota payment of 138 Trillion USD as a gift from SwissIndo at the Semar Super Semar SwissIndo global conference in Cirebon, Indonesia on March 11, 2014.

August 17, 2015 is the deadline for the leaders of other countries to accept, as a gift, their Country Quota payments of 138 Trillion US dollars for each country.

After August 17, 2015, the countries who have not accepted their Country Quota payment as a gift may only receive their Country Quota payment as a loan.

Quote 11th March 2014 – Indonesia.
The gathering of tribal elders and diplomats has cemented by wet ink signature the SEMAR SUPER SEMAR – a historic day for Indonesia and the world. This most recent Semar Super Semar event and signing in Indonesia on 11th March 2014 was hosted by H.R.H. Mr. A1.SINO.AS.S”2″.IR.SOEGIHARTONOTONEGORO.ST, Chairman of the United Nations Organisation, who signed into history the launch of Payment Order 1-11, beginning with the global financial system changes.

Quote Below, an article featured in local Cirebon newspaper Radar Cirebon on 12 March 2014. Headline reads Saignmen to change the world.

Approximate translation of the text below the photograph in the news article:

SIGNATURE AGREEMENT. President of United Nation SwissIndo World Trust International Orbit Sugihartonotonegoro ST, signed with Laos payment order 1-11 for channelling aid to 253 countries.

Quote We are likely participants in a revolutionary moment that is universal in scope and scale. If so, then this is an entirely new kind of revolution. We are waging peace. If we wage peace properly, an old and bloody order will give way without a shot being fired. As he describes it in his own writing, Mr. Sino.AS seeks to turn the existing understanding of ‘New World Order’ inside out, in order to repurpose it for service to the Light.

See the Indonesian newspaper article and read more about the March 11, 2014 Super Semar conference here:

What does “Super Semar” mean and why is it so important in Indonesian culture?

Quote The Supersemar, the Indonesian abbreviation for Surat Perintah Sebelas Maret (Order of March the Eleventh) was a document signed by the Indonesian President Sukarno on 11 March 1966, giving the army commander Lt. Gen. Suharto authority to take whatever measures he “deemed necessary” to restore order to the chaotic situation during the Indonesian killings of 1965–66. The abbreviation “Supersemar” is a play on the name of Semar, the mystic and powerful figure who commonly appears in Javanese mythology including wayang puppet shows. The invocation of Semar was presumably intended to help draw on Javanese mythology to lend support to Suharto’s legitimacy during the period of the transition of authority from Sukarno to Suharto.

In effect, the Supersemar came to be seen as the key instrument of the transfer of executive power from Sukarno to Suharto.

Source and more info:

SwissIndo Announcement In Multiple National TV News Broadcasts And Newspapers

SwissIndo has established a beachhead in Laos as a conduit for transferring Payments 1-11 into Laos, for Laos, and routed through Laos for the rest of the world, for socio-economic, humanitarian and environmental projects. As part of the funding arrangement, a new city will be built by The Venus Project in Laos and in all countries that accept the gift.

News of the SwissIndo announcement was broadcast on Laos National TV networks on May 5th, 2015, on both Lao and English language channels, with a follow-up broadcast on May 8th, 2015.


Laos newspapers, May 6, 2015 (English and Lao languages).


You may scoff that Laos is a little-known, impoverished nation with relatively little international influence, so what could they possibly do? Pfffft.

Yes but Laos accepted a gift of 138 Trillion USD backed by physical gold and platinum, so things are going to change rapidly for Laos. Has your country accepted Mr. Soegi’s gift? Is your country’s currency backed by real physical metal?

In addition, as Laos has also accepted to be the conduit for the SwissIndo Payments 1-11 to be transferred to all other countries and to all living people worldwide. Laos will receive a “small” commission for most of the 234 Quadrillion dollars that will flow through Laos to other countries. This is a game-changer.

Some people fear this will change the balance of power. The truth is we have an extreme imbalance of power. This plan will create a more level playing field and enable a true balance of power to emerge, bringing to an end the domination of the world by a few super-powers (financial, military and religious).

Quote Below is part of the speech from Mr Soegihartonotononegoro ST (M1) presented during the official ceremony to open the UN SWISSINDO office in Laos on Tuesday 5 May 2015.

[I inserted blank lines for readability and corrected “eo” to “oe” in Mr. Soegi’s long name.]

Quote Greetings ladies and gentlemen, People of LAO P.D.R,

I Am, Soegihartonotononegoro, M1 with Collateral Assets Series 1-4 … I come here to evoke a truth of history and awakening to the world. My life is not my own and belongs to a greater purpose. You the People of Lao are the forefront of this purpose and Emperor Mission as I stand before you today.

History has been altered and hidden from the eyes of the people of the world and I am here to reveal it to you for the sake of saving people and opening a new paradigm. As you may know or not know the world is at the door of a great change and world affairs are climaxing to a point of destruction. This can be remedied.

I will release the great assets under my power that were once fated to be release by Seokarno but was not completed due to an assassination and Coup d’etat that prevented John F. Kennedy and Seokarno’s dream from coming true. I offer this to the People of Lao and the world under a New Agreement that I only have the power to close and reopen.

I have offered and granted the release of this contract to LAO P.D.R for The global movement of printing the new asset backed National ESTWO currency for Lao and the world.

This is the Global inheritance that is promised to the people of the world, and I am here to be with the People of LAO to open this new inheritance. The world will be changed forever, and you will help the world usher in a new paradise with true value of sacred labor, honoured by real assets.

The new work of the global renewal will be initiated with The Venus Project that will rebuild your infrastructure and bring new technologies and suppressed technology to Lao and the world, … and it begins here with the construction of the new National Hall For The National Assembly.

Lao will also launch the global inheritance program called The Human Obligation, whereby every living man and woman will receive a guaranteed amount of living expense that will be distributed by the Bank of Lao.

You the People of Lao are the new stewards and example to the world for change and peace. Act in accordance with love and understanding and be proud, honour your neighbouring countries and change your thoughts and actions to match this great work.

I give blessings to all if you say YES … LAO … and we invite the world to come and claim your inheritance!

Thank you.”

Source and more details:

Lao language broadcast on Laos National TV on 5 May 2015:


Follow-up English language broadcast on Laos National TV on 8 May 2015:


The following video is a mixture of English, Javanese and Lao languages. It is a series of rough edits of the rather lengthy May 5th announcement event in Laos.


Just after the 16 minute mark, Mr. Soegi held up a case and, in a dual reference to Payments 1-11 and to the case, said, “…this is for protection to [for] Laos PDR and to all the planet…”

Click image for larger version Name: CTU-Laos.jpg Views: 252 Size: 65.6 KB ID: 30457

I thought I had seen that logo before, somewhere.
This one, from the television series “24”, is very similar, with a few subtle but obvious differences:
Name: CTU-Logo.png Views: 7768 Size: 106.8 KB
Was the logo with the gold coloured eagle copied from an existing alphabet agency logo and modified? The producers of the show would be breaching copyright and possibly other laws if they used a real US government agency logo. The gold eagle is the most different of all the eagles.

The logos above have some remarkable similarities to the following US government agencies’ logos (and several others):

See also:


I wonder if a Counter Terrorist Unit with a logo identical to the one on the case is hidden somewhere in the vast network of networks of the United States’ security and intelligence apparatus: (partial list)

Keeping secrets is a full-time obsession for many in the US government and others, worldwide. Some of them hidden in plain sight.

Hollywood wouldn’t prophesy or leak hints of any secrets or technologies, would they?

Nah. Well, maybe. At least they (Hollywood and the US government) have plausible deniability, as they often do.

More important questions are: why does the US President pretend he doesn’t know about Mr. Soegi, the combined collateral and the deadline for accepting a gift to his country of 138 Trillion US dollars that would pay off his country’s crippling debt while at the same time providing Mr. Soegi with “protection” by a secret US Counter Terrorist Unit?; and whose side is the US President on?

By the way, where did Barry Soetoro live during his early years?

Mr. Soegi discusses the Counter Terrorism Unit in his video interviews, recorded in Laos on June 15 and 16, 2015; and he gently but firmly ruffles the eagle’s feathers.

SwissIndo story continues to unfold as August 17, 2015 deadline approaches

American Dan Lutz heard about the May 5th SwissIndo announcement in Laos. He contacted the Laos office, then made travel arrangements. Lutz stayed in Laos for two weeks and had four personal meetings with Mr. Soegi.

Keen to help spread the word, Lutz discussed the meetings with his expat American friend, Tracy Davison, who is based in the Philippines. For years, Davison has been on a mission to end hunger, starting with the Filipino people.

Intrigued about the SwissIndo story, Davison recorded and published a video of a conversation between himself and Lutz about Mr. Soegi’s announcement to the world. This provides an excellent overview, in clear language, and a good introduction to the many new videos that follow.

Davison self-funded a trip to Laos, for himself, Lutz and a cameraman, where they recorded a series of video interviews with Mr. Soegi (M1) on June 15 and 16, 2015.

A few days later, Davison published eleven videos of the interviews on his pre-existing independent Daily Motion video channel under the title 60 Second Millionaire TV – M1 Show, then re-published the videos on YouTube on his End Hunger channel. He also published a few related follow-up videos.

Note: the 60 Second Millionaire channel and the End Hunger channel on YouTube both existed before Lutz told Davison about his meetings with Mr. Soegi. Those channels were simply convenient locations for Davison to publish the videos as quickly as possible.

Further interviews will be published in the near future. For the convenience of Project Avalon readers, I will post all the interviews, transcripts and related videos in one thread, in chronological order, for the sake of clarity.

See all the interviews, transcripts and related videos here:…777#post975777

Mr. Soegi answers and asks many important questions which clarify his message to all the people of the world. He explains where the physical assets came from; the value of the assets; Payments 1-11, how much money each country will receive and how they can receive it; how much money every living person will receive and how they can access their monthly stipend.

Specific parts of Mr. Soegi’s message are directed to all Royal families, Presidents and Prime Ministers, and other leaders of all countries, to all in the Military forces of the world, and to the Cabal.

I recommend everyone listens very carefully to what Mr. Soegi says, in the order he says it, so the message will be clearer for you (watch the interview videos in numerical order).

Mr. Soegi is occasionally very difficult to understand, partly because of poor audio quality, background noise and his Indonesian-accented English and his use of Indonesian words and unfamiliar terms.

Also present in the interviews is Ani Forest who works very closely with Mr. Soegi. Ani, who was born in Indonesia, is an Australian citizen and SwissIndo Delegate. Ani assists in the interviews with translation of Mr. Soegi’s native Javanese dialect and clarifying Mr. Soegi’s message to the world. Davison is careful to ensure we can all understand the main points.

Transcripts of the interviews are progressively being added to the description below the videos (not yet complete at the time of writing). I will compile and re-publish all that is available now and update it later as more transcripts are published.

Lutz announced in a subsequent video that he and Davison are returning to Laos to record more interviews with M1 which will be published in the near future.

They plan to build a web site that will list which countries have and which countries have not accepted to receive their Country Quota payment as a gift. If your country has not accepted the gift, you might like to ask your government “why not?”

See all the interviews, transcripts and related videos here:…777#post975777

More about Payments 1-11 (mostly gleaned from the interviews):

  • Payments 1 to 11 include “Human Obligation” payments for every living person and separate “Country Quota” payments for every country.
  • These payments were intended to be released more than 50 years ago but the assassination of JFK and a Coup d’etat in Indonesia prevented the release of the funds. Clandestine moves have been made [by the Cabal?] in an effort to prevent the release of the payments now.
  • Payments 1-11 are intended to be for the protection of all people and their unalienable human rights, especially the weak or vulnerable; and for the protection of each country – both “national security” and the protection of the physical Earth occupied by each country, the air, water and all life (the environment).
  • Intended to save the global economy from imminent collapse, which Mr. Soegi says is inevitable without Payments 1-11.
  • Intended to pay all debts in full – all government/country debts and all personal debts.
  • Intended to fund the reversal of environmental destruction and return the world to a natural state of abundance. This will be assisted by the release of new technologies and long-suppressed technologies.
  • Intended to be used for printing of new asset-backed currencies for each country (if a country so chooses) to put an end to fiat currency and financial slavery; replacing artificially created scarcity with abundance for all people.
  • Intended to free people from the constant struggle for survival and from jobs they don’t like so they can pursue their passion and heart’s desires.
  • Intended to empower people to co-create the world they desire rather than people being enslaved and powerless to change anything.
  • Intended to fund the reconstruction and modernisation of the world.
  • Intended to help rid the world of corruption and the Cabal control of banking, energy, media, governments, the UN, law and justice, secret (“Black Ops”) programs, industry and all elements of society – through transparency rather than compartmentalised secrecy.
  • Intended to help reveal our true history and other long-hidden truths.
  • Intended to usher in and support – long term – a new age of peace, freedom and prosperity for all. (Some call this “The Golden Age”).
  • Intended to be an example to the world of giving generously to all people, with unconditional love.
  • Intended to help heal the hearts of all people of at least ten “illnesses”, such as jealousy, greed and fear, which in turn will help to enable “Heaven on Earth” to become our new reality.
  • NOT intended to create a one world government.
  • NOT intended to destroy governments or break up countries or reduce each country’s sovereignty.
  • Each individual person will have the right to choose any religion or no religion and the right to choose which country they want to be a citizen or resident of.
  • Mr. Soegi is vehemently opposed to any kind of tracking or control ‘implants’ or ‘mark’, which the Cabal are very keen to force upon humanity.
  • Mr. Soegi wants to dismantle ‘the beast’, not feed it.

Where did the assets come from?

  • Vast treasures have been collected by the Royal families of the world for thousands of years and mostly kept secret, well hidden and with multiple layers of security and checks and balances to protect the physical assets. Over the millennia, people have tried – and some are still trying – to steal some of the treasures.
  • Most of those treasures have been combined and held in multiple Trusts for a very long time, explicitly for the benefit of all of humanity and the Earth itself.
  • The collateral for Payments 1-11 is completely separate from other collateral assets that backs the infamous infinite balance and other “black screen” accounts – two or more such accounts is said to exist in each of at least 884 different banks and central banks worldwide. This is another mysterious and contentious topic which is beyond the scope of this thread.

What is the value of the assets which back Payments 1-11?

  • Payments 1-11 are backed by collateral of 78 billion kilograms of physical gold and platinum. (8 billion kilograms of gold and 70 billion kilograms of platinum.)
  • The value of the collateral for Payments 1-11 is stated to be one Quintillion USD.
    That is $1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (18 zeros). Mr. Soegi sometimes refers to this as the “principle”.
  • Mr. Soegi showed a document certifying the value of the principle was 920 Quadrillion USD, at the time it was reconfirmed and recertified at UN Headquarters on the 14th of June 2010, signed by twelve very high profile world leaders and Mr. Soegi. He has much more documentation that will be made public when it is safe.
  • The total cost of Payments 1-11 is 234* Quadrillion USD or 23.4% of the collateral value, leaving a substantial surplus/reserve. (* some additional project funds have been authorised since this figure was stated in the interview videos.)

How much will each country receive?

  • Payments 1-11 include an equal “Country Quota” payment of 138 Trillion USD to each country.
  • Pre-authorised, pre-paid taxes on each of their citizens’ “Human Obligation” payments.

How can countries access their Country Quota payment?

  • Countries have the option to receive their Country Quota payment as a gift or as a loan.
  • Countries need to sign a form/simple agreement before the deadline if they wish to accept the option to receive their Country Quota payment as a gift.
  • Countries who do not accept to receive the Country Quota payment as a gift on or before the deadline may access their Country Quota payment as a loan from Mr. Soegi.

How much will each living person receive?

  • Payments 1-11 include Human Obligation payments for each living person on Earth which is in addition to and completely separate from the Country Quota payment for each country and independent of the acceptance by each country of their gift. Every living person on Earth is entitled to receive their equal inheritence of: 6 Million USD, intended to be used to repay personal debts and for us to invest for the future; plus:
  • a monthly stipend of 1,200 USD per adult or 600 USD per child, accessible via a personal ATM card. This stipend is intended to provide for basic living expenses so we will be free from financial slavery and free to pursue our passions and our hearts’ desires.
  • All children born in the future will be entitled to their inheritance of 6 Million USD plus their monthly stipend of 600 USD.
  • All taxes for all Human Obligation payments have already been pre-authorised and pre-paid.

How can people access their inheritance entitlement?

  • People will need to present identification at a bank. The bank will issue an ATM card linked to your personal inheritance account so you can access your monthly stipend. Routing of payments through the global network of ATMs will be ready before people begin to collect their ATM cards.
  • Detailed information on how countries and individuals can access their funds will be published as soon as practicable.
  • The money and the means to access it will be available as soon as technically possible after the August 17 deadline.
  • Access to the money may be easier in countries which accept their gift.
  • Some countries who do not accept their gift may choose to block the payments, perhaps because of some leaders’ and/or shadow powers’ obsession with absolute power and control over their citizens and/or the world so they can maintain their self-serving local or global financial, military or religious domination.

Are they going to give countries or the people physical gold and platinum?

  • No. The physical assets will not be given out. The collateral will continue to be held in perpetual Trust for the on-going benefit of all of humanity and the Earth.
  • The physical metals will be used as collateral to back new currencies to be printed for each country.
  • Each country can choose from various options and contribute to the unique design for each country’s currency. The details will be clarified and published soon.

Is this a new offer from SwissIndo?

  • Most of the details of the offer are unchanged since it was announced more than two years ago.

Mr Soegi and the Cabal (discussed in video interview w/ M1-part 11)

For me, this was the video where we get to see stronger aspects of Mr. Soegi’s character as he patiently but firmly expresses his frustration with world leaders’ lack of integrity and professionalism and with the Cabal’s shenanigans. Mr Soegi offers the Cabal a choice: open diplomacy or their annihilation.

Mr Soegi said he knows of the Cabal because he has received many emails alerting him to the existence of the Cabal and some of their identities. He said he does not know or recognise the Cabal. He invited the Cabal to meet him in person and engage in diplomacy.

Mr. Soegi said if the Cabal continue with their plans to crash the global economy [by blocking countries from accepting or receiving Payments 1-11; or with their plans to start World War III; or with their depopulation agenda and/or other evil crimes], that would be an act of war, on their part, against all of humanity.

Mr. Soegi is very keen to avoid war but said if the Cabal chooses war, he will wake up all of the Royal Armies of the world to stand with him and the people of each country whom they are sworn to protect, united against the Cabal [to defeat them and to rout them out of all of the institutions and positions of power they have infiltrated or corrupted].

This and other information is discussed with Mr. Soegi in the interviews.
See all the interviews, transcripts and related videos here:…777#post975777

It has taken me more than two years to reach this clearer understanding, despite what I have seen and heard privately.

Soon after learning about SwissIndo, I held in my hands an asset and supporting documentation belonging to Mr. Soegi that was worth… I don’t really know but I estimate it would be more than enough to fund all of my project plans with enough left over to pay off a large chunk of Australia’s national debt.
That was a “holy sh**” moment for me. It really drove home the point that Mr. Soegi and SwissIndo are real.

I asked if I could take a photograph of the asset. After a brief pause, my request was wisely declined. I handed it back, with an understanding smile, to the custodian.

So far, none of the banks in Australia and none of the banks elsewhere in the world who have been approached will touch this asset with a ten foot pole because, I believe, they are afraid for their lives and their families’ lives – and they or their bosses know what it means to the Banks’ financial domination and enslavement of humanity.

Despite this revelation, despite there being only two degrees of separation between me and Mr. Soegi, despite watching all of the videos of the interviews with M1 three times and despite writing six pages of notes, I remained quite foggy about the bigger picture until I had almost finished writing and editing this post.

I personally know thirteen people who are SwissIndo Delegates. Most of them have met Mr. Soegi and some of them have spent many months working with Mr. Soegi, in person. I knew most of them before they became Delegates. I consider them all to be friends. I love them and I trust them. All are extraordinary, “normal”, loving, caring people with a genuine passion for healing the Earth and humanity. Just like me, they are truth-seekers.

None of them fit the stereotypes of politicians or diplomats, although one of them is an ex-politician who served eight years as an independent member of the state Parliament of South Australia. None of them are being paid for the huge task they have worked tirelessly on for two years for the benefit of everyone. They will be paid when Payments 1-11 are released to the world.

All of them describe Mr. Soegi as a deeply spiritual, wise, kind, loving, caring, considerate, patient, humble, down-to-earth, honourable man with a great sense of humour.

I have heard from two of the SwissIndo Delegates that another Delegate who – I have long been aware, has been the vicitim of prolonged clandestine harrassment and who has received death threats – was harrassed by airport security upon returning to Australia from meetings with Mr. Soegi in Indonesia. The Delegate was threatened with a strip search and she said, “that’s not going to happen.” She claimed diplomatic immunity and insisted they “call Canberra”.

Airport security called the appropriate senior Federal government official in Canberra and the airport security official was heard to say, “What? You mean we have to let them go?”. Airport security were told very firmly that such harrassment of SwissIndo Delegates was never to happen again.

More than two years ago, I had the opportunity – as did everyone who heard the call – to become a SwissIndo Delegate. I discussed it with a friend then printed out two sets of documents. He signed his form at my home and I signed as witness of his signature. He sent his documents to SwissIndo. I did not send mine. He is now a SwissIndo Delegate. I am not. I am blissfully unemployed and broke and have been for years but that’s my choice because I am on a mission. Several missions, actually.

I have since been asked three times if I would like to be a Delegate but as of now, I have not accepted the invitation because: 1. I was confused and skeptical about SwissIndo; and 2. I was extremely busy developing my plans for some huge humanitarian and environmental projects – including the projects described inanother thread which I started in November 2012 – months before anyone heard of SwissIndo – and I did not want another two year distraction from what has become my life’s purpose.

About 18 months ago, I was invited by a SwissIndo Delegate to submit a one-page executive summary for various different groups of environmental and humanitarian projects that we had discussed prior to either of us learning about SwissIndo.

Before I wrote my own proposal for SwissIndo, I helped others to write five different project proposals. Trying to condense years of research and hundreds of pages into a one page executive summary for each project was one of the most difficult tasks I have ever done. I did six of them in about two weeks. Five (including mine) out of the six proposals were approved to go to the next stage of project assessment.

(Insert sound of a stylus being dragged across a vinyl record)

I am personally responsible for those projects being stalled because: 1. I don’t know everything and I need help I can’t afford; 2. Funding promised four years ago “will be available in [another] two weeks” and has not yet materialised; 3. I have not pursued every funding option available to me because; 4. I have been doing other important things, including: caring for my visually impaired 88 year old father; formal and informal study in my never-ending quest for knowledge and truth; researching and planning some much bigger projects including: a 120,000 hectare (300,000 acre) Permaculture project at Coolgarra Station in tropical north-eastern Queensland; a massive “Mars Lakes” project on the edge of the desert near Mount Isa and Cloncurry in north-western Queensland (both Queensland projects are my own initiative); and the biggest challenge: thousands of hours working as a volunteer, researching and helping to plan aspects of nation-rebuilding humanitarian and environmental projects in Timor-Leste, including: building 200,000 houses over the next ten years (all off the grid); all the roads, infrastructure and community buildings for 416 communities throughout Timor-Leste (where the people speak more than 20 different languages and dialects); managing 57,000 hectares (142,000 acres) of organic/Permaculture farms to: provide abundant nutritious food for the starving and malnourished nation and to create a thriving local farming economy that will repair rather than destroy land that has been severely damaged and ensure the protection and preservation of the few remaining pristine locations; a circum-national highway of approximately 1,000 km through some very steep terrain, with dozens of large bridges; seaports and three regional airports.

The contracts, between the Timor-Leste government and all of the NGOs and other organisations who will be doing these and many other projects, will be signed in Dili on July 20, 2015. The projects are already funded by foreign aid through the UN, International Red Cross and Bank of Canada. The budget just for building the 200,000 houses is 6 Billion USD, which is really not enough ($30,000 per house). We need to use fleets of ships and beach-landing barges to bring the materials and equipment required into Timor-Leste. A fleet of heavy lift helicopters will lift materials, equipment and construction personnel into remote locations where road access is impossible.

These projects have no connection with SwissIndo but we could do so much more for the people and the environment of Timor Leste and do a much better job if (when) SwissIndo (or someone else) provides extra money to increase the budgets.

I mention the projects here to explain why I did not accept the invitation to be a Swissindo Delegate and especially to give some insight into how I know what I am sharing with you about Swissindo.

On two occasions, I was invited to participate in week-long camping trips for official SwissIndo business with two different groups of about a dozen people. Some are SwissIndo Delegates. Most are not. Three people, inluding myself, attended both gatherings. Both trips were life-changing for everyone involved.

The first trip was specifically to meet with tribal Elders to seek their input for the Semar Super Semar event the following week. The Elders were from several “mobs” (tribes) from regions spanning 1,000 km (620 miles) of the central Australia desert from Amata in South Australia to Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory. We all camped in the desert outside Alice Springs. We knew we were being watched and subtly interfered with.

It was very hot, 24 hours every day, except for about half an hour when had a brief sprinkle of rain. Did I mention it was hot? We had a campfire because you haven’t been camping if your clothes don’t smell like camp fire smoke. Besides, we cooked the most amazing feast of sweet potato. “You make good fire and good tucker [food] for a white fella”.

Sleeping on the very hot ground was difficult enough. The thousands of “meat ants”, running all over my body all night, didn’t eat much but they kept me awake, so I went for a few midnight walks for some respite and star gazing.

One night we discussed, with some Elders, Orion and Pleiades which is a feature of Aboriginal folklore. I have heard the story of the seven sisters before but hearing it told by Elders was a particular highlight for me.

The second-last night of our gathering, I drove two Elders and one of their male companions into town and dropped them off in a supermarket carpark which has a very visible police presence, enforcing a disgustingly racist local by-law which prevents “Origines” from buying alcohol.

As I drove out of the carpark alone, I was pulled over by Alice Springs police and when they asked me why I was in town, I told them the truth. They asked if the police had been notified. I said no. They insisted the police be invited. I said no. They were miffed and very agitated. Forty-five minutes later, they let me go. It doesn’t take forty-five minutes to check a driver licence and rental vehicle registration.

I returned to the supermarket carpark and searched the area for half an hour but the Elders had disappeared. They probably thought I had disappeared. I still get chills when I look at their beautiful smiles in the only photo I have of them, taken just minutes before I drove them into town. We never saw them again. (pictures in following post)

The second trip was to Mount Martha, south of Melbourne. This group included three tribal Elders from the east coast regions of Australia. They had travelled long distances to join the others to contribute to the drafting of a UN Global Peace Treaty. It was an intense effort, working 12 to 14 hours each day for 7 days straight. It was cold. We had a camp fire almost continuously. I have always enjoyed the tribal feeling of a good old-fashioned camp fire.

I asked the Elders how they deal with trouble and disputes in their tribe. One said, “that’s easy. We call a meeting. None of us likes it when we have to call a meeting.”

I interrupted, “what if the trouble-makers don’t come to the meeting?” He replied, “they wouldn’t bloody dare not showing up ’cause they know they’ll be out of the mob forever.” (ostricised). He went on to describe how a typical meeting unfolds. The Elders usually arrive first, then the others, then the trouble-makers. The Elders ignore the trouble-makers and talk among themselves. “What were you doing before you were so rudely interrupted?” One might say, “I was fishing”. Another, “I was sitting in the shade under my favourite tree, reading a book.” Another, “no you weren’t, you were sleeping, I saw you.” “Yeah, well I fell asleep while I was reading a book.” And so it goes on until each of the Elders has “said their bit”.

Meanwhile, the trouble-makers get the point that everyone gave up something they love doing to come to this meeting, which they don’t like doing, “because you fellas have been up to bloody mischief again and getting into fights. Go and make us a cup of tea. And when you have done that, my ute (utility/pickup truck) needs two flat tyres changed and I need it by one o’clock. Now go and make us a cup of tea.”

On the last day of our gathering, one of the Elders said to me, “you’re alright for a white fella. D’ya wanna come up to our place, be with us, with our mob? We’ll adopt you into our mob so you can be an honorary black fella and extricate yourself from white fella’s law.” I thought, that’s not such a bad idea.

For an ancient people – what some consider a stone age culture – they have some very civilised ways of dealing with things. I really love their stories, their different perspective and their deeply spiritual connection with the Earth. For instance, they laugh at white fella’s notion of owning the land. “We belong to the land. Not the other way around. What’s the point of building all that stuff. It will all be gone one day. All of it. Stick around for seventy thousand years, like we have, and you’ll see. You’ll see. The land provides us with everything we need. Ngingatharda.”

Ngingatharda means, that’s the way it is, the way it has always been and the way it always will be.

The leader of the group, an Elder who is a “law man and medicine man” (shaman), had an abscess in one of his molars and was in a lot of pain for days. It was making it very hard for him to stay focused on the task of drafting the Treaty. He asked one of the other Delegates if he had any dental floss. He then proceeded to pull out almost all of the floss and doubled it over a few times until it was about 2 metres (6 feet) long. He tied one end around his molar and the other end to a car door. When he slammed the car door, the tooth flew out with such force that it chipped the paint on the car. The whole time, the other Delegate who provided the dental floss was holding up his phone and saying, “this is going on YouTube.” Then he realised he took a photo. Oops.

Most of the pain was gone and the entertainment was finished so we added some logs to the campfire, made a “billy of tea” (a pot of tea brewed on the campfire) and got back to work. It was certainly not your typical day at the office. There is nothing typical about the SwissIndo Delegates and the way they work, although they do have an extraordinary work ethic and the purest of heart-based intentions for the world.

A core part of the intention of the Treaty is to empower all people to co-create a new paradigm in which top priority is given to protection of: the unalienable rights, freedom and wellbeing of every “woman, child and man”; and the Earth we all share including the air, water, land and all life. These things are sacred.

The Treaty was intended to be a living document, accessible to all people and all nations, to empower all people to have a say and to co-create a new paradigm for the world. Since the week at Mount Martha, the Treaty has been through many hands, was very well received, and has been amended many times. You may view the current draft of the Thriving Earth & People Treaty, here:…-People-Treaty

Finally, I share all of this information with the pure-hearted intention to assist others to know at least as much as I know about SwissIndo. I am still learning and the information is still unfolding but I feel much less confused than I was a few weeks ago.

This post is not an official SwissIndo announcement. It is my own independent compilation of material previously published, some information I was given in personal conversations with SwissIndo Delegates and some minor interpretations of my own as well and some information about my personal experiences. [I shared this post, after I posted it, with some SwissIndo Delegates. They have since asked me to make a few very small changes, which I have already done.]

I have done my best to summarise “just the facts” and interpret what I have heard or read as concisely and accurately as possible. If I have made errors or missed any important details or stated anything that is not true, I sincerely apologise. Please let me know and I will make corrections or additions, if necessary.

As more information is published, I will post updates in this or other threads. New interviews, transcripts and related videos will be posted in the video interviews thread.

SwissIndo is a very big topic, so it is appopriate to have a few different threads focusing on specific aspects and sub-topics. I hope this will help to reduce clutter and confusion and allow people to much more rapidly learn both the big picture and the finer details.

This thread is specifically for television broadcasts and newspaper articles about Swissindo. If anyone comes across any other television broadcasts or newspaper articles, please post them in this thread with links to the original source.

Other Swissindo information should be posted in a different thread for specific topics or more general discussions – whichever one is most appropriate.

There is already a specific thread for debunking SwissIndo, so if you are that way inclined, please do your debunking in that thread:…ndo#post972574

If you don’t want to receive your inheritance entitlement, that’s ok. Your inheritance is safe. It will be held in Trust until you are ready to receive it.

Love to all,

P.S. Thank you, Bapak. And thank you, Delegates.

PLEASE: See all the interviews, transcripts and related videos here:…777#post975777

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