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Memory Erasing Tech: Short-Term, Long-Term + Rant. Pt. 8 of My Tell-All Testimony of the SSP

Post Views: 0 David & Teah begin Part 8 by mis-numbering it, calling it Part 9, as well as commenting on comments from previous videos. Teah clarifies a statement she made in Part 7 about the size of the breakaway at 6:23. She also goes into the name of the “Breakaway”, and why it is named as such, and how those in that civilization think around minute 13:00. David takes a moment to share some of his thoughts at 20:55. He goes into what this vlog is all about for us, and has some personal thoughts for people about some of his passions. In particular, he shares what he thinks is important for health and healing, as well as self-defense …


Get Ready for a 2 Week Lock Down for MASS ARRESTS – INTEL Update 6/4/20

Post Views: 0 * Shop the next 2 days for anything you will need the next 2 weeks!!! Restored Republic via a GCR: Update by Judy Byington Thurs. 4 June 2020 “People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.” Divide They Try, Fail They Will, WWG1WGA to Support POTUS, Follow Q & Trust Plan Judy Note: At this writing it’s Wed. 3 June Midnight. No 800#s yet and Hillary didn’t show up to her court hearing. So, what’s new? What’s new was that we now have a full Military shutdown with nationwide stay at home orders for two weeks, with Mass Arrests beginning when you take you-know-what to the bank this weekend. Patience …


US Army Soldier Discusses Various Alien Races!

Post Views: 0  Released by U.S. Military: Soldier Talks About Various E.T. Races The United States Military has allowed the release of this video in 2012 showing a soldier discussing various ET races. In it, several fellow service members can be heard asking about Reptilian related ET’s.


Corey Goode Lawsuit

Post Views: 0  For those who would like to know the truth about what I have been legally dealing with regarding Corey Goode and his associates notable since April 18, 2018, and now kangaroo court orders, please bookmark this page as I will be posting more files and records here. Follow me on Twitter to get notified of new update posts: AriStone Follow me on YouTube to learn more about the facts, law and evidence, at Deprogrammer <——- I will be appealing the case to a higher court if the Judge doesn’t get into alignment with his oath of Office and due process of law. I have included here the papers I filed just today, February 12, 2020, to …


Etienne and Marko – Deep State Virus vs Earth Alliance

Post Views: 0 Marko is a soul created form the source. He is one of the 50th oldest souls in the universe. He has incarnated first time as patriarch of Andromndea. He has two lifetimes as an Orion military lieutenant. He had fire bending abilities on Orion. Today we will have a discussion about the virus situation released by the deep state and the counter plan put into place by the Earth Alliance which is a breakaway group from the SSP that is trying to bring about positive timeline for humanity as we shift into 5D around 2025. We also Etienne Charland who will be speaking about these topics and his intuitive perspective how he perceives we will transcend this …