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5D Events invite you to: LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, April 19-21, 2019

5D events Presents the 20TH Amazing Events with 5 Dimensions of Science, Consciousness, Health, Business & Spirituality with over 777 attendees. International Symposium of Quantum Consciousness & Healing Event Website:      Stream Live: Date: April 19, 20, 21, 2019 from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM (Exhibits 9 AM to 7 PM). Location: Alexis Park All Suite Resort, 375 E. Harmon Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89169 Hotel Website: Keynote Speakers: Bill Walsh, Dr. Brooks Agnew, Dr. Michael Grossman, Dr. Antonio Jimenez, Dannion Brinkley, Captain Randy Cramer USMCss, Forbes Riley, Eric Reza Dadmehr, Maureen St. Germain, Dr. Sarah Larsen, James Rink, Dr. Scott Werner & Dr. Susan Shumsky, Brad Olsen & Saeed David Farman. Amazing 3-day epic event is about …


Covert Recruitment into Space Marines “20 and Back” Program

On June 1, 1978, during the second day of bootcamp for the U.S. Marine Corps, Michael Christopher Gerloff was asked whether he wanted to go to space and serve in a “20 and back” program. He recalls everything that subsequently happened during the intake process for his recruitment into the “Space Marines”, and has partial recall of his subsequent activities during his 20 and back service. After ending active reserve service with the USMC Reserves (1978-1984), Gerloff went on to serve as a U.S. Army Ranger (1987-1991), and police officer with the Mountlake Terrace and Seattle Police departments (1992-2001). From 2004-2005, he served as an international police officer with the United Nations Liberia peacekeeping mission. Gerloff has provided military and …


Super Soldier Talk – Brooks Agnew – Mandela Effect, Hollow Earth

Author, historian, and researcher Brooks Agnew shares about some of his books. He also talks about the law of attraction, Mandela Effect, hollow earth expedition, space force, free energy, electric cars, HAARP, QANON, and much more. To learn more about Brooks please visit: Home If you like to learn more about James Rink, super soldiers, and milabs please visit: Home Compact Please support us with your tax deductible donations: If you like to learn more about how meditation technology can assist you please visit: Video edited and created by James Rink Original Recording Date: April 5, 2019


Time Traveler Took This Picture of a Dinosaur 66,000,000 Years Ago

This man claims to be from the year 2082 and has been on a mission in which he time traveled 60 million years into the past, and saw dinosaurs with his own eyes. We met up in an undisclosed location as he told us his story and showed us a supposed picture of a real life dinosaur. Watch the first interview we did with this man:  


Super Soldier Talk – Peter Insider and Jessica – Ultra Soldiers, Antarctica Base, Umbrella Corp

Listen in as Jessica Marrocco, James Rink, and Peter the Insider discuss internet censorship, Smollett FF, Ultra Soldiers, Antarctic Nordic Base, Kelandi Craft, Umbrella Corporation vehicles, Russian Crossbreds, and much more. Jessica’s Website If you like to learn more about how meditation technology can assist you please visit:


The Flying Creature of the Siskiyous

  Here is a true story from early in my career as a Forest Service firefighter. I never shared this story as I feared it would affect my career. I recently retired so now I can come forward. In the early 1980s I was a recently promoted crew boss on a small fire crew of five people. This was my first assignment on a fire as crew boss, though by then I already had several years experience as a crewmember and lead firefighter. A lightning storm had ignited several small fires in the coastal mountain range of southern Oregon. My crew was assigned to one of them. We were flown in by helicopter, as the fire was in a designated …