Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Triangle Hospital Ships

Last night i did a hypnotic regression with a friend. He called me up to tell me he found the same type of blood blister i get in my mouth. Since I am the only one he knows who gets them he asked me if i had any info which i didn’t.

But I offered to regress him and in the regression his subconscious mind said its too fresh in his short term memory. We needed to wait at least 24 hours before it shows up in the akashic records so instead looked at what was going on with me when i get them.

In this incident he saw me being taken from my apartment, this was sometime in the past during the summer months we don’t know what year. I was levitated up above my couch through the roof into a triangular shaped craft and then levitated down onto a giant flat table. some kind of white memory foam surrounded my body and locked me in place. My eyes appeared to be in rapid eye movement and I was in a deep trance, some kind of information download was taking place but it was too fast to make sense of it. There was no beings on the ship but the ship itself was alive and it appears this was some kind of fully automated hospital ship. The white table then started to drawn out of my body this nasty yellow liquid which was making me sick.When the liquid exited my body it created tiny pin holes which look like needle marks but no needles where used.

So we tried to figure out why they are doing this and this brought back my memory to another reading my friend did when he contacted the andromedeans. They seem to think i was implanted by milabs with a device in my brain that was connected to a artificial vein. It was pumping a drug into my pineal gland. When milabs activate me, the implant injects me with drugs causing me to turn into a super soldier and then my adrenals to go into hyper drive and i grow taller and stronger and i feel really good.

But then they turn me off and put me back and subconsciously i become so depressed because I cant feel that high anymore. So what happened, my body attempted to manufacturer the drugs on its own. The implant they put in me dissolved a long time ago but unfortunately my body created its own biological implant which creates the same drug and its pumping my body full of the toxins making my gi tract sickly. So this hospital craft has been picking me up regularly to get rid of the poison from my system.

After the ship put me back, we followed the ship to its origin. The ship instantly teleported outside the galaxy to an area of space with very few stars. There was a huge mother ship and we could see thousands of these automated triangular craft docking and stacked up high on top of each other. We went on board and meet the beings who operate these craft and they had blue human eyes but looked like grey hybrids with a little hair on their head.

Apparently these beings have been sabotaging milabs. Every time milabs picks me up to experiment on me these hospital ships come and even before milabs put me back. These ships take me and alter the programming put into me by the negative reptilians and greys. These beings are so advanced that the negatives are literary powerless to stop them lol. I told them thank you and they turned to each other and smiled.


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