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How to survive the Superwave when Sun becomes Red Giant on 23 Dec 2012

Have you heard of Pane Andov? I think you will find him very interesting.

Do you know that by 21, 22 and 23 Dec or thereabouts – its a critical phase for humanity.

We will be aligning with the galactic center and at the same time, will be passing the energy wave of a supernova within the same time period. The energies from this supernova will affect all objects within its path, and our sun and its binary star will become a red giant. Our earth will also be affected but we can protect ourselves if mankind can awaken and raise their frequencies high enough (through personal and global meditation) to create a energy shield around ourselves and earth. Pane Andov explains how this is done. This energy will transform us from humans into super humans.

He’s a UFO contactee and has awakened Kundalini energies that enables him to travel out of his body and view the earth from a different vantage point. Through his contact with our ET brothers he is able to decipher the crop circle symbols and tell us what they mean.

You may or may not believe this, but it never hurts to be prepared. It is always better to know what to do – should the event happen instead of being clueless.

If it doesn’t happen well and good. Then it just means that we may have more time to prepare.

Pane Andov


Another very interesting video to watch is this one.
2012 DNA Changes – Secret of Carbon 7

Last but not least is this interesting account told by Japanese Princess Kaory Nakamaru who has a similar tale to tell, except that she says we will experience 3 days of darkness when we get into this phase of the galactic alignment. The super-wave that comes in is intelligent energy and it will act like a scanner, to determine which realm we land ourselves in. Do we remain in 3D earth or do we shift to a higher dimension thereby being able to bypass all the calamities foretold for our 3D world. It’s something like a death experience, except that we’ll be going through this experience whilst we’re still alive…. Some people will die but not everyone.

3 Days of Darkness – Princess Kaory Nakamaru

For me, I’ve been looking forward to this time, except that I’m not sure if I’m fully prepared. Sounds so exciting. Time to forgive our enemies and Love is the frequency to be in. Please don’t shoot the messenger. Some people say this event will happen in 2015. Who knows…



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