On this episode of “A Glitch in the Matrix,” Daryl James joins Jessica to discuss his experiences with human-animal hybrids and the Vril worm. Daryl D. James enlisted in the U.S. Navy on January 24, 1999. He served 7 years, including one year in Iraq with the Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 7 (NM SeaBee 7). In 2003, while stationed at the Royal Air Force Base at St. Maugen, in Cornwall, UK, he passed through what he thought was a metal detector. It was a piece of technology that measured every biometric signature he had, including his I.Q., which was measured as 195. He was soon recruited to join the Secret Space Program and guaranteed a position as a Pilot in Solar Warden, the star fleet that monitors our solar system. After a miscommunication with a nine-and-a-half-foot tall Reptilian, he was sent to the mines on the Moon.