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Human Cloning


If the truth were ever disclosed about all of the things your real government (there is truly only one) has learned and developed, they will give credit for the advancements that will follow to one technology above the rest.

This has been like a skeleton key to those developing new technology and perfecting new methods of control.
Why use someone with a family, a job, friends, children, when we can use a clone?
Why use monkeys, pigs, rats, when we can use clones?
A common use for clones is in simulations. Create a situation and have clones exist within it. Another is live testing. Need to test a new technology with a functioning human specimen? Use a clone.
Even darker perhaps, they are most used by what are called Elites in society – for entertainment.
A clone can be run by artificial software. Which means an artificial soul like creation typically called an Artificial Soul. (This knowledge came from another race, there are mixed views as to which race).
This is not a true soul but it can function as one for this purpose.
Humans are definitely not ready for this form of technology.
These artificial souls can be implanted into a clone and then captured once dislodged from the clone body. They can erase and reuse these as they desire.
As a functional use: such an artificial soul in a clone body could be sent to a location on a one way mission. After the clone is killed the artificial soul can be captured and implanted into another clone. With memory regression techniques they can recover the knowledge through experience this clone collected before death.
Clones can also be operated by living souls.
There are various technologies capable of doing such a thing.

Transferring the soul in and out of a body can be accomplished by an individual using will, or assisted (even forced at times) by technology. Moving the living soul from their natural body into a clone and back again, as desired or required.
In this way these Elites or volunteers and members of various programs can use a clone body for various adventures. Some are just fun, many are very dark.

To explain their mind on this: I have heard them claim that artificial souls in clones have no free will and therefore invite no karmic response. For this reason clones have almost completely replaced what was referred to as a Mind Controlled Slave. (a term i feel has become invalid these days, but that’s another topic) Several other positions within programs have been replaced with clones, and some whole groups have become obsolete due to the growth of this technology. They believe – right or wrong – if they can replace their use of living souls with their artificial souls, they will clear karma.

There are a few different programs involved which do this with unwilling living souls. They will target souls and pull them from their body, forcing them into a clone body. The best time for them to target someone for this purpose is when they are sleeping – a deep sleep or the REM level. Often those used in this way simply believe they have very vivid dreams.
I will avoid describing the various uses. This is one they want to keep occulted. They do well by causing all sorts of confusion about cloning – their abilities and the laws surrounding them, in the public. Most who speak out in the public also receive a great deal of targeting for doing so. The reason being this is one of their greatest toys. They constantly find new ways to advance these cloning programs. The difference between ten years ago and now, is astounding.

Theartificial soul is just a name. A series of words which give a false impression for it is not a soul at all – in my opinion it’s More like a hard drive or iCloud that carries, installs and operates a software meant to behave like a soul at the most primitive level. No spirit.Artificial light.

Moral implications are likely to make your stomach turn. There is however no way to avoid that and explain this. This is a game changer for them, and the implications for us run deep.

To all the souls caught up in this web — May this end and allow you to be free.


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