Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Human Draco Hybrid?

James have you heard of a half human white Draco with wings before? It was just as tall as a draco and was all white and had white wings on its back and had 2 horn like appendages on each of the shoulders. Very tall a cross hybrid of a Draco/Human type. It was an avatar James I could not see the face anyhow. You know it does not matter what they make they are all flesh and bone and can be destroyed.

I am not sure if it did have a attitude but it was a young one. As the wings were not fully formed yet. The Draco are an a elite species so I was surprised to see this. In other words genetic manipulation would not be allowed regarding Draco’s, but I may be wrong though. If I am right well they have gone too far. Any genetic undertaking to splice a human with a Draco would not go down too well at all. A matter of fact, it would be an abomination to the Draco’s. However in saying this there is nothing in this universe that they would not stop and do.

It is still the same lot that are making theses avatars. Via the reptilians they are the ones and Draco’s that are leading the MILAB programs the humans meaning the generals and leaders are just puppets on a string they are not very bright until their bank accounts are furnished with money.

Anyhow there were 3 reptilians in my house last night two soldiers and one large one. Check our Instagram stories on Stories ig – anonymous Insta story viewer. I could see the outline and I challenged them. But they still did not fully uncloak so I told them that they were dickheads and wusses.  Then all I got in my mind form one of them was Cryonectics…..Ignorance….genetics. Then I said don’t be so stupid and ridiculous that is not so. I was peed of with them last night James.

That is why I challenged the reptilians and Draco’s knowing fully well that they are responsible that is why they said to me regarding Cryonectics-Ignorance and genetics. Cryo means cryo statics, cloning, manipulation and splicing. Ignorance means from both side the fact that they we are in ignorance of what they are doing also the fact that they think they are smart. Genetics means splicing formulas between other MILABS. Special family genetics and harvesting for programs.

They know fully well that I know what they are doing and that I know that they are the ones that control everything that is done everything else is delayed time and that is why I said to them that they are stupid wusses  That’s why when I get an image of a person or thing that they send to me that I may be working with in some capacity I Mock them.


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