Monday, July 15, 2024

Humans: A Self-Replicating Transgenic Species by J.S. Horvath

Recently channeled  from the Anunnaki:
We are a self-replicating transgenic species. Our value to ETs, then, lies in this fact.
Q.) Aren’t most, if not all, species on this planet self-replicating? So why us – what is our value to ETs? Why not zebras or apes?
A.) Consciousness – your ability to house consciousness- or more correctly, your ability to house a higher level or form of consciousness, which ‘affects’ the underlying genetic structure of the creature.
This genetic structure of yours is more suitable (by design) for manipulation by various ETs. Zebras and apes don’t possess that ‘type’ of consciousness, and hence, don’t possess the proper underlying genetic structure.
You are the species of choice (by design) on this planet.
This is part of your purpose here.
You are the laboratory – by design- for various types of ETs to use for various types of experiments. And a self-replicating transgenic laboratory, at that.
From early on you were ‘designed’ with this purpose in mind.
Your candle, as a species, will never be extinguished, for that reason alone.
To wit, your creators – or your creator gods, if you will – created you in such a way as to make all of this possible in you (i.e., a self-replicating transgenic laboratory). Thereby assuring your survival, ad infinitum.
J.S. Horvath


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