Tuesday, July 23, 2024

I Admire Your Courage

Hello James,
I just wanted you to know that i admire your courage and i am sending you love every time i watch one of your video’s on YouTube. I hope you feel the positive energy coming from Holland. I have learnt a lot especially from the regression video’s. I wish you success on healing and integrating your special self.
I can’t imagine what your life must be like nowadays. I realize that a lot of suffering went on without my knowledge, at least consciously (and still is unfortunately). I always felt something wasn’t the way it supposed to be. And i have got service to others running through my veins. I wish i could be of more help besides support from a distance and telling you that you are not alone. I Will keep sending you energy from my heart. You helped me in getting further along the path of non judgement. Because if someone like you can do it after all you have been through i sure should be able to do it. I strongly believe that your work is of the up-most importance so hang in there. Hope the pain won’t be as bad this time. Above all i want to thank you for leading this life and being an inspiration!
With lots of kind regards,
L. from the Netherlands
Thanks I really appreciate that. Its nice to know there are people who still care sometimes i feel so alone.
Today a needle mark appeared on my lip and then this evening i had a implant inserted under my gums behind my upper right incisor. That area of my mouth is now inflamed and i hope the pain wont keep me up like it does most nights :(. This is the same spot they worked on three days in a row back in December, i think i talked about this in the Lisa interview. Dont know how much longer these people will be allowed to do this but i guess for now there isn’t much i can do but wait.
James Rink


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