Tuesday, May 21, 2024

I astral traveled into your bedroom

Yesterday evening I had this mark appear on my lip then was contacted by an individual who claimed to have astral traveled in my home right after it happened. Here is his message.


James why in my last out of body trips I’m visiting you and we are having conversations? It was between 4 to 6pm here in in the west coast, I can’t remember exactly when. But this evening I astraled into your bedroom, you was mad at me because I was there and wanted me to go. But in the few times before we talked about aliens.

You were with somewhere else and when you came back to your room I was already there. Your rash happened before I was there., I was trying to help you but you were very mad with some people and refused my help, and that’s why you don’t want to talk to me at that time.

It is something about aliens. After I was attacked Saturday night by two grays, I also went to visit you. Do you have any military training with reptilians? I believe we have some connections with the milab military training program from the reptilians. I’m the only survivor from my group after the academy ended. All the others died; if you don’t pass you die. At least that’s what they shown me.

Maybe we haven see each other at that academy. Each class is only 4 or 6 people. Our bodies are not clones; it is more than two souls in one body, alien and human souls in one. I remember the teacher faces but not the other ones. The training already stop, they got us and they need no more people. But we are theirs forever, sad but it’s the truth.

Did you remember what they are training us for what’s coming? Do you remember your mission on the future? If not when the time comes you will remember what your mission is. In my case I was the enemy, the resistance. Do you have any memories about the other planet where we were training? About the spheric drones?

Do you remember your other soul?  Your other soul living in a different planet and working with you on this time, helping you, but is the one our military choose for us…. If you don’t remember it’s okay at the end you will understand. We’ll fight for our freedom. Your two souls are going to be free someday, we all will be.

BTW your friend Nathan’s body is in a tube of water right now and his soul is not there.

Anyway that’s all I can tell you at this time. I have no family or parents, they all died already. And no friends, that’s why I’m talking to you, I’m strong but sometimes I need somebody to talk. On Saturday night while I was sleeping in my tent, camping in the desert, I was attacked by two greys. They launched on me and tried to capture me. I defend myself as a wild animal and thanks to the military training that I received from the reptilians, the two greys went away. Now I’m recovering from a dislocated left arm and a beginning of heart attack. I always survive. Take care my friend.

Sorry I don’t remember the academy. I do remember another milab mentioning seeing me in the mess hall of some training facility. He said I was taller more muscular and had a deeper voice. I was like his instructor or something. 

No I don’t remember the training sorry. As for the off world mission did we wear like this wrist watch that showed where all the enemies are and could call in air strikes?

And no to the twin soul. Don’t remember that either. Maybe that is who Nathan is. 


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