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“I knew too much”

James I wanted to share with you a bit about myself. As you may already know, I am a milab experiencer, it all started when I began practicing astral projection in 2010 to military bases to see if AP was a real thing or not, and to confirm it later on by browsing for pics of military bases if I succeeded or not. Things started getting weirder and weirder as the months passed by, like black helicopters flying by over my apartment really low, military men approaching me on FB to ask me loads of questions about me and my experiences, a threat over the internet from a stranger who seemed to know me more than any of my friends which made me back off from the internet and when I returned a blog with all of my experiences was hacked and taken down, calls at 3am with no number and no one talking as well as having my calls messed with (calling my family and having someone else reply and viceversa, when they called me someone else would answer), astral abductions, attacks, my mother was having dreams of agents breaking in to either harm me or take me away because “I knew too much” and even the MIB once when we were walking out of an office, a rival of mine who was a spiritual counselor ended up being a CIA agent which I found out through an anonymous email, all of this happened when I was living in Arecibo Puerto Rico, my hometown, between 2010 and mid-late 2011…

It all stopped for a while until I started having contact with my star family in April 2012 (draconians) and that’s when the helicopters started to show up again and the astral abductions started, but something strange was that there was some twist to it, as I would see myself dressed up in black like one of those SWAT guys or like the dudes of Resident Evil, the umbrella guards or something, other times I would be used for experiments, or I would see something and they would force me to forget, or I was the one torturing someone in a military base, or I was part of the training of a group of Marines in middle of a desert, I would turn invisible and they had to guess where I was or I had to teach them how to become invisible, I am not totally sure about that one though, perhaps this part is just my subconscious acting crazy or something.

Before I first meet my start family I was very judgmental and absolutely hated the entire race, so one time they astrally beamed me up to their spacecraft to heal a fellow human, and then my star father who was there and whom I thought was just a commander, told me the truth, that he was my star father, it shocked me and I was in denial and then I felt guilty for my hate towards them and realized that not all of them are really evil. I also realized that people are too quick to judge by appearance. I haven’t heard them talk about saving the human race, I guess they’re mostly there to guide me spiritually if that makes sense.

Now that I remembered while typing all this, is that when I was a kid I would have a dream almost every single night of being tortured, electric shocked to be specific. Like, it was always the same thing; I would be flying over an open field late at night, then the ground would open up like two doors, revealing a metal table and mysterious men around it, I instantly would lose control of my flight and fall over the table, they then strapped me down and usually placed a helmet on me to give me electric shocks, in another dream (or memory) when I was either 1 or 2 was of waking up in a table surrounded by people in white wearing masks and doctor hats, they’d speak to me in english to calm down (my first language at the time was spanish) and I would fall asleep, in another occasion when I was between 2-5 I’d wake up in one of those cushioned white rooms from a mental hospital, wet as if I was hosed with cold water and a man dressed similar to a Stormtrooper would come in and tell me (in english) that I could go.

But going back to the present, I still question my sanity sometimes and at times I even doubt about all of those experiences, both astral and physical, let’s say I don’t really talk to anyone about this, whether it’s because they don’t believe in this, or have no clue, or are not interested in listening/reading my ramblings, which is why I wanted to share all this with you, because I know you’re a great guy and that you are very well informed in this, which makes me feel a bit relieved that I am not alone in this.  Anyways sorry for the long message, thanks for reading James.

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  1. ROFL you people need serious mental help. Seems like you are all just a bunch of scam artists trying to make a buck on your wild fantasies. None of you work and play to many video games. Karma sure is a bitch. Sure would be a shame if someone ended up in Federal court for a crime….

  2. So tell me James Rink, have you ever been to the doctor one time over all these pokes ect… you talk about? And if you have, what did they say.

  3. It was a yes or no answer, you cant handle that i suppose so you have to come back with some smart ass answer as usual. Tragic POS, your a con artist that needs put in jail for selling devises that do not do jack crap and you know it. It wouldn’t be the first time you were sued would it….You need help and hope you stop all this before someone gets hurt, probably you. You don’t know the first thing about being a soldier, in real life or in your own wet dreams.


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