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I know someone that works for NOAA. The disclosure rumors are 100% true, and the species in question is aquatic.

The Navy has worked in conjunction with the government to keep this quiet on all fronts. Other governments have similar systems in place to keep this information strictly in the realm of fiction, according to public perception. I am compelled to break my silence, and disseminate this information. My colleagues, and the organization I’ve called home for the past twelve years, is responsible for keeping one of the greatest genealogical discoveries of all time quiet. The sector I work in is being restructured and downsized, so I’m going to lose my job in May. This post should expedite that process.

I began my career with the ([redacted] office) located in [redacted]. I hold an M.S. in Biological Sciences from [redacted], and a Ph.D. in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences from [redacted].

In 2012, there was an incident of a few beached whales that were investigated by NOAA, and a team from the Navy. This was very thoroughly hushed up immediately afterwards. The whales were full of perfectly circular incisions, where large chunks of their flesh has been removed, like cylinders of meat essentially. At first, we thought this had been done after the beaching, but we learned that they washed up that way. What really caught everyone’s attention, was the seared flesh around the circumference of the incisions, as if they were burned out with lasers.

We were all baffled, as we’d never seen anything like this on marine life. Then, we got a call informing us that a small team would be conducting a hydrographic survey of the area, using the echo sounder of a local vessel. We typically use a technique called Multibeam sonar to scan/map the sea floor in astounding detail. The datum we collect is processed by various parties, and is usually uploaded to online databases.

We were told that this would not be the case for this expedition. Long story short, we found irrefutable evidence of an advanced humanoid species living under our Oceans. Using the Multibeam sonar, we found their dwelling areas, and also what appear to be underwater vehicles of some kind. The creatures themselves were tracked by the Navy over the course of 2 weeks, using a submersible equipped with special deep-sea observation equipment.

The creatures displayed speeds of 70+ knots… faster than the sailfish, which is widely considered to be the fastest creature in the ocean. They also were recorded emitting sounds that resemble marine communications, and instruments also captured the emissions of “precision sonar blasts” that damaged the hull of the submersible, according to the Navy report. There is footage of the creatures, including juveniles. The Navy did not share the video with us, but an officer I spoke with gave the following description;

“They didn’t look real, they looked like computer animation or something. They have a glow around their entire body, and they move really fast, like even small movements like turning their head, or moving an arm was like watching a high framerate video. They look nothing like any fictional depiction out there. They do not have a fish tail, they are completely humanoid, but *extremely thin/tall*. Their bodies were covered in a material resembling elemental mercury, that looked like it was ‘moving’. They were very interested in the submersible, and seemed to know they were being observed, as a few times they would swim off, and come back with more creatures. We observed at max 5 of them at once. Varying sizes, but otherwise identical in appearance. Their eyes were completely white, and there was no visible hair, nor any features that implied male/female. No visible ears, and the mouths were wide, and lipless. We flashed sequences of lights at them, sounds, and even extended a robotic arm on the submersible, to try and get some kind of physical sample/DNA from the specimens, or the water nearest to them. We don’t know how they were swimming, as they weren’t wading, or moving their bodies the way a fish, or even a human would need to underwater. They were capable of just moving rapidly in any direction, without the need to change positions, or “swim”. In fact, during majority of the observations, they are just floating motionless, without losing/gaining buoyancy.”

Now, there were also craft observed via sonar, some very large. They would move faster than anything should be capable of moving underwater. They were not seen, or recorded on video, just on Sonar. They would at times disappear completely while being observed, as if they left the water, or cloaked themselves.

We have 2 weeks worth of data on just this one area. We were made aware that this is one of many spots around the world, where these creatures reside hidden from view. A briefing that I was able to read during a meeting, indicated that Marianas Trench is where the largest concentration of these creatures reside, and that they seem to be completely unaffected by the depths. Structures, believed to be their dwelling units have been mapped. They are perfectly hexagonal, and joined together like a honeycomb. Their composition is unknown.

The Navy confiscated most of the hard evidence, all we have are some sonar readings, that are only anamolous if you know what you are looking for. I want everyone to know this information. We are not alone, but they aren’t from power space. In order to exist at these depths, and under astronomical pressures, these beings are either invincible, or they have evolved so far beyond us, that they have some kind of technology that negates both of those dangers.

This is actively being covered up by every lettered organization, and by our military. Other nations are aware of these beings, and I believe some authentic videos may even be mingled in all of the doctored stuff. The sightings in Kiryat Yam were authentic, we mapped a collection of their dwellings off the coast, near Cyprus Island.


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