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I like to see us working together please!

I am very open minded and like to read about others experiences about mind control. Normally I don’t like confrontation as it’s not my way of doing business. I want to say nice things about others but some people make it a difficult chore.  I would prefer to just ignore this issue as I don’t need the drama I know I’m going to get from Duncan and his cult of followers by saying the following things. But not doing so would do the public a disservice as this issue needs to be addressed.

One such individual by the name of Khris posted a blog about how being a monarch is not cool and trendy. I agree wholehearted many people think our experiences is something out of a Jason Bourne thriller but our lives our hell. We are dissociative, have trouble sleeping, eating, pains, and blackouts. So let’s read what Khirs has to say to understand what this controversy is about.

MK Ultra & Monarch Stereotypes – Romantic ♦ Trendy ♦ Cool – NO IT’S NOT!   14 comments

Khris Speaks

Volume XXIV


I’m noticing on the forums, blogs and places like YouTube, there are some unfortunate situations arising. There is no doubt, the diabolical, sinister “Powers that Be” are engaging in some counter-intelligence measures to dilute the efforts of many REAL Monarch, MILABS, MK Ultra conscriptees/survivors. All of a sudden, we now have stereotypes forming for that dreaded word: Super Soldier. Apparently, they (Super Soldiers) are all military men of a hunky, handsome and youthful nature. Bullshit, it could be any man, even women,  in your neighborhood and you would never know it!

What I find interesting about this is Khris’s opposition of the term “super soldier.” He seems to bundle anyone who uses that term as someone who has engaged in “counter-intelligence measures to dilute the efforts of many REAL Monarch MILABS, MK Ultra conscriptees/survivors ” end quote. According to the research I have done the official name of anything to do with milabs is the “ULTRA MK MILAB Universal Super Soldier Program.” So that’s why I use this term.

Now people are welcome to believe what they want but I felt like Khris comments were being colored by the information on Duncan ofinoians blog who protested the idea of being called a super soldier while prefering to be called a omega unit instead. This is incorrect as well as there are both Omega and Alpha units. Please see the heather material for source of information. Continuing on we read. 

I’m seeing videos on YouTube romanticizing being a “Super Soldier” and how they really don’t want to kill people, (while they smile and laugh on camera) but it’s all done against their will.  Then there are the claims to be this generation and that generation Super Soldier and on and on and on.

Let’s get something straight.  I really don’t want to feed the word “Super Soldier” because it has already been romanticized in movies like “The  Men Who Stare at Goats” and other places repeatedly.

 It’s NOT  trendy nor romantic to: kill, rape, maim, torture or humiliate children.

It’s NOT  trendy nor cool to: assassinate people or damage property.

I’m really disgusted at all the smiling happy faces of the alleged  “New Generation”  Super Soldiers and MK Ultra/Monarch survivors. There is no doubt most of these people popping up are there to intentionally create confusion and disorder. Not all of them, but we know how to sort them out!

In this next section he mentions how there is someone on the internet who is posting videos and laughing about what is taking place and how disgusting it is and how we need to sort them out. Which of course is me. I choose to laugh and smile about my experiences and not let it control me or stop me from breaking free. What’s wrong with that? If you want to be miserable and depressed suit yourself. I choose to be free.

So, I ask the readers if any of these symptoms below are romantic, cool or trendy:

Panic  Attacks
Sexual Problems
DID/ MPD (Multiple Personalities)
Health Problems
Implants ( Having Implants Squealing, Buzzing)
Being Abducted
Cognitive Problems
Strange Obsessions
Memories (Horrible Memories)
Strange Capabilities ( Destroying Electronics being Near them)
Constant Harassment
Inability to Be “Normal” or make Friends or have Relationships

I could go on and on, but I think the readers will get the point. It is not trendy, romantic nor cool to be taken from your parents and tortured, given multiple personalities and forced to do things to other children and people that are nothing less than diabolical. Enough of this horse sh*t that it is awesome, fun or cool to be a Monarch, MILAB, or MK Ultra survivor.

 If you really ARE a survivor, then you know the only word to describe your life is:


Since Khris seems to value disclosure I decided to give some of my own feedback  …..

I’ve made videos about super soldiers, some may feel its being romanticized but who cares truth is truth. I have talked about different generations within project surrogate, this isn’t counter intelligence this is real and yes i suffer from all of those symptoms.

But I felt I needed to email him to get a clarification as to who he was referring too and to let him know what some of my experiences are with Duncan and Axe. So I wrote…..

“HI Khris thanks for sharing your story with us.  Where you referring to me on this post? If so i like to know why you feel like my videos dilute the efforts of “real” monarchs , all of us can learn from each other instead of judging out of ignorance.

MK Ultra & Monarch Stereotypes – Romantic ♦ Trendy ♦ Cool – NO IT’S NOT!

I can also share with you some of my experiences with duncan o’finoian and Miranda if you are open to them.

James Rink”

Khirs was kind enough to email me back


I hope you are well. At this time, I don’t wish to have any interaction. I’m working through some things and just am not open to conversation. I wish you the best on your journey.


But Khris dodged the question and instead choose to go straight to the public forum claiming I had “an agenda from the moment he showed up” So now I have to bring this on the public as well to show that I do not have any ulterior motives. He writes….

I have something that is weighing on my conscience again. I’ve been very frustrated over this Super Soldier Summit. It is a coincidence your class in California is on the same weekend. No, no, there aren’t any coincidences. When I first heard about it, I was skeptical. I told myself to just hold back and perhaps something good can come from it. Perhaps more MK Ultra survivors will be explaining their experiences and our country can get more awareness for the little children being taken into the programs or being engineered by the government. I got an email from James Rink a few months ago. He wasn’t pleased with my blog post I had recently done. The post I wrote about it not being romantic, trendy nor cool to have been in the programs was apparently a problem for him. He then wanted to tell me things about you, Duncan and Miranda. I decided not to respond as it was obvious there was an agenda from the moment he showed up. I hate saying this stuff because I don’t want to hurt people who’ve been in these programs, but I feel I must say something.

After I learned about the summit, I told myself to relax and perhaps positive things can happen and more awareness about the disappearance of hundreds of thousands of children a year can be brought to light. I was starting to be thrilled another group of people were going to speak publicly.

 I listened to a few of the interviews James did about the summit and I have to tell you that I think this is a Super Jack Wagon Summit. One of the guests on Camelot radio actually said he wasn’t sure it even happened. How the hell are you going to speak about being a Super Soldier if you don’t think it is real or if it even happened? The comment about the Omega Units being designed to control all the other units was absurd.”

Many of us are programmed to think its not real its how the mind deals with trauma, in fact for a long time I didn’t want to believe this was going on and if i did I would probably have ended up in a psyche ward all these years like so many failed monarchs and milabs have done.

Now about the comment about Omega Units. This information comes directly from the NHCU documents released by NONA/NSA.


The NHCU military police (MP) staff in the maneuver support cell provides embedded military police planning but does not include a military police element. The NHCU is normally augmented with Omega staff and units from HG division or corps.”

For those who don’t know NHCU are nonhuman cybernetic units I.E.  cloned avatars, they need omegas and human staff to oversee them so they don’t go rogue. Since Duncan claims to be a Omega unit he is tasked with eliminating anyone who tries to break free, that is unless he has decided to break free form this programming which doesn’t appear to be the case. This is why warned people on Project Camelot what his programming is about. So now you can’t say I didn’t warn you.

“I have to state how much I despise the word Super Soldier. Super Soldier is a comic book. The MK Ultra military type units have very specific names. They were NOT called Super Soldiers. I really am not trying to rain on anybody’s parade, but I’m thinking this was not well thought out and I smell a skunk. It seems like a counter-intelligence operation to have this happen on the same weekend as your class.”

You seem to use the word counter-intelligence operation a lot. You do realize Duncan was invited to come to speak at the super soldier summit but dropped out because he didn’t want to be on the same stage as me in particular because I talk about how to deprogram super soldiers. Hint Hint Omega programing in action. I hope this sheds some light on what is occurring here.  If anything what Duncan did was in really bad taste. We had a opportunity to work together in a nonjudgmental way, and as a team we can bring a end to this mind control nonsense. He decided that we were using his name to boost our own popularity which is ridiculous.  Truth is truth and no one else bruised ego will be strong enough to stop the damn that is about to break.

I apologize if I have offended anybody, but I just needed to speak. I pray this summit is legit and something can be done for the children. I fear the worst as of right now.


And lastly he writes…….

“After this last comment, Rinker Dinker just became an “Alpha Unit” today. Well God bless him. I’ll get a shovel as the potty is getting deep and we went this blog sanitary and squared away. I’ve been at peace and that’s what matters. I hope you are both at peace Duncan and Miranda and everybody else here too. I’ll assign everybody a chore and I don’t expect any back talk.


Khris where did I ever refer to you in a negative derogatory way? Have I not show you compassion and love by being open and honest isn’t that what you want the truth to be exposed or perhaps you have your own agenda. I have pubically talked about being an Alpha Unit since January 2011. But whatever rocks your boat dude. BTW don’t let DAPRA roll you around too much. I already checked to see who you work for.

In love and light
James Rink


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