Funny how after my first week of meditating with the Neo GateKey every day me and my room mate were abducted. 3 hours missing time, triangle-dots burn mark, we could guess each other’s thoughts and were RIPPED on some sort of drug. We were hung-over for a couple days, almost zombified from whatever they put into our systems. my first meditation a shadowish figure zoomed right by me and scared the hell out of me. i wonder if there’s a connection, maybe i opened the door to some entities or maybe they want to halt my progress idk. Also you say you have reptilian genetics and you shapeshift. Has anyone ever seen you shapeshift to reptilian or do you remember any clear shape shiftings?

I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with your cube. Contactees don’t just get abducted they have been experimented on all their life. Meditation helps you see who you are. If you’re seeing dark beings then you should ask your cube to remove the negative entities as your probably have a negative spirit attached to you aura. The cube is based on sacred geometry and is in tune with the god consciousness where no evil allowed. The cube is showing you what you already are and it’s your choice whether to go into fear or to be bold and ask the universe to melt reality as you see fit.

Most contactees have reptilian genetics in them because the reptilians consider this planet their property and view contactees as their back door into the ascension process. But this will not be allowed, DNA is activated by thought consciousness, so ultimately what matters is not the DNA but your state of mind.

I have seen others eye lids turn into slits but never seen myself or another turn into a reptilian. With that said I do believe this is possible as there are no limits to god.