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I work at a hospital that resurrects the dead. In other words, we create the living dead.

A research proposal that aimed to study the potential of reusing the human body without retaining its identity was funded by the Central Intelligence Agency, prior to funds being dispersed by the National Institute of Health, at the psychiatric hospital where I am employed.

This hospital was founded in 1960 and serves as a front organization for Central Intelligence research on live and dead human subjects. As far as rejuvenating the expired members of the surrounding metropolitan area is concerned, there is no other hospital like this in the country, or on the northeastern seaboard like ours.

In 1973, the first successful resurrection was achieved. A contract was awarded to the hospital for its accomplishments, as the military’s numbers were dwindling due to draft dodgers and war casualties. A blank slate personality could be created from the bodies of young unknown patients and used to train soldiers for warfare.

Thus, the hospital I work for achieved what Operation Barbarossa did, but at a much higher level. This post is intended to gauge how much interest there is in preventing research such as this from occurring in hospitals across the nation.

I intend to stage a mass protest at the facilities if there is sufficient interest in releasing the documents related to the MK ULTRA projects they were awarded in the 1960s and 1970s.

The only concern I have is that people may attempt to replicate the results at home or at other institutions if critical details about the process are made public. The process of rejuvenation can be seen at a high level as not being all that complex and requiring only a few ingredients and instruments. Perhaps the most frightening aspect of it is its simplicity. It is possible for the result to look no different than when the individual was alive. In spite of this, it is not a pleasant existence, and it is the most inhumane thing that you can ever do to a person.

As a surgical technician in the ‘pathology’ department, I am only able to provide the names and locations of the laboratories that conduct this research:


Saint Clare’s Hospital – Denville, New Jersey

Saint Clare’s Behavioral Health – Boonton, New Jersey

  • The revived patient undergoes observation and conditioning for a period of at least 30 days in order to ensure that they have no memory of their past and cannot learn or understand complex systems or sensitive topics. I’ve seen patients that have died from gunshot wounds to the abdomen brought back to life (wounds sealed), although with some limitations in their ability to function. If a patient fails to be conditioned, they are almost always sent to a long-term care facility such as Greystone.

Chilton Medical Center – Pompton Plains, New Jersey

Although I am unaware of whether other Atlantic Health System or Prime Healthcare facilities are participating, I wouldn’t be surprised if there have been an increase in the number of facilities. Through grants from the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Defense benefits these organizations.


Dr. [Redacted] and Dr. [Redacted] have been hired to lead this unethical research. Both doctors work in the neuropsychiatric department and specializes in creating “blank template” humans out of recently deceased individuals, many of whom are homeless, uneducated, or drug-addicted minorities. Both men are permitted to carry a weapon under their lab coats due to their affiliation with the Department of Defense. So far, they have not been questioned or confronted.

r/conspiracy - I work at a hospital that resurrects the dead. In other words, we create the living dead.


There is no rocket science involved here. If a person has been brain dead for more than 24 hours and the body has not been preserved at the right temperature and environmental conditions, you cannot revive them. We, along with other hospitals, allow bodies that have no next of kin to be retrieved from local morgues for revival at our facilities. The purpose of this is to ensure operational security as well as reduce the likelihood of a general public recognition of any individual. Almost all of them are conditioned to join the armed forces, provided that they are physically capable of doing so. As a result of diminished or absent pain sensation, some individuals work menial, physically demanding jobs.

Lethal force has been used on multiple occasions to “dispatch” rejuvenated individuals who became aggressive towards staff members.


r/conspiracy - I work at a hospital that resurrects the dead. In other words, we create the living dead.

Edit 4:

A deceased person can be resurrected with the use of electricity and a special blend of chemicals (i.e., sodium bicarbonate) that will trigger the brain to restart the heart, with the effects being immediate, rather than delayed. However, to restore a full state of consciousness to an individual, several hours of intervention with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is usually required.

In years before, this intervention would involve the placement of electrodes on various parts of the body. But in more recent times, it has become automated, much in the same way as some surgical procedures have become. This occurs because cell membranes loose integrity and rigidity after death and revert back to a more flexible state. By electrifying them in order to achieve cell membrane rigidity again, the cells are able to return to a live state. However, the reanimation will likely fail if the patient has been dead for a period longer than two minutes under normal conditions. Our hospital was the first to extend this two minute time limit to 24 hours, provided that the body is kept in a cool environment.

If a body is to be stored long term, it must be stored at the coldest temperature (at least -50 degrees centigrade) that halts decomposition. When stored long term and rejuvenated at a later point, loss of executive functioning is unavoidable, and an individual will be left with permanent intellectual, or physical, disability.

Edit 5:

For those of you who need academic evidence of such practices occurring in society, I strongly suggest starting here:

I work at a hospital that resurrects the dead. In other words, we create the living dead.
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