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I work in a shady Bioengineering lab for the US government. Human/animal hybrids are real.

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Okay, this is going to sound insane, and will be very long, but it’s genuine disclosure of something that most people believe is only sci-fi/fantasy/horror.
I work for the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering. This is a government arm of bioresearch that has… Many tentacles, in many places, so to speak. Darpa is involved, the large pharmaceutical companies are involved, as are the science branches of certain Military outfits.
The division I work in has the following main focuses:
Biointerfaces, which bridge the physical, chemical, and biological divide in living systems.
Biomedical devices, which advance non-imaging medical interventions.
Engineered biology, which controls living systems for biomedicine.
I would like to let a few tidbits of reality slip into the ether. Remember awhile back a movie came out called “Sorry to bother you”, Starring Lakeith Stanfield? The premise was pretty wacky, and had major twists. One of those twists was that the company he worked for kept Horse/human chimeras in captivity, for various purposes. It’s learned these beings were once human test subjects, and were transformed into the monstrosities called “EquiSapiens”.
OK. So these creatures have a real life counterpart that directly influenced them. The director/writer of the film is from California, and was fed the idea for the screenplay by someone in the government, who knew these creatures were not fiction, that regularly peruses talent in the Hollywood entertainment sector. that knew these creatures to be a real thing. Human/animal hybrids exist, and our government, along with other governments, routinely experiment on humans to create them, and for other unethical purposes.
I’ve personally seen some of these creatures. Some of them have been “leaked” to the public, such as the pig/human hybrid(although the photos of it are fabricated). I have even seen creatures that do not appear to have originated from human, or animal. Lots of these people that are experimented on are people who have gone “missing”. I don’t want to make too many “unbelievable” revelations here, but most of them go missing while in National Parks, at least for the US victims. The folks that control these parks are aware, and complicit In these people going missing. Look into how many people go missing annually from National Parks, it’s staggering, and with modern technology, doesn’t make much sense. Majority of these people are NEVER found. No remains. Nothing. And now you know at least part of the reason why. Other countries likely just flat out kidnap these people, and they are whisked off into secret underground labs, that have no ethical qualms or oversight to prevent them from doing what mad scientists dream of.
These laboratory locations are sometimes extremely remote, however some of them are in very interesting places. One such lab is located in Bloomington, Minnesota, underneath the Mall of America. I had a colleague that worked there, and he told me the way they gained access to the lab was almost ridiculous. They used specific freight elevators, that could go beyond the levels that were listed on the display. Obviously if a janitor was using this elevator, it would only go to normal levels. Employees had a special keycard that bypassed the civilian areas.
Whenever you hear about some breakthrough medicine, or technology that “isn’t approved for human testing yet” or is “forbidden”, I can guarantee you that human experimentation has already happened. They put on face by saying “human trials are x years away”, but in reality, the trials were likely started with humans. Human/machine fusion and integration is also happening. Remote controlled neural interfaces, cybernetic limbs, with thought-controlled weaponry, entire mechanical organ replacement, technology that can restore eyesight, even with severed optic nerves, full body transplants have been successfully performed, the list is long. Obviously, lots of these victims die during, and shortly after the procedures. I’ve heard rumors that the remains are fed to some “entities” that are also in captivity, and possibly of extraterrestrial origin.
This isn’t a joke, or a cry for attention. I just have been compelled to get this information out there. If the general public knew a fraction of the things that go on in absolute darkness, there would be riots for dozens of different outrages. Human infants are also a HUGE part of this. Planned Parenthood has been involved in nefarious activities since inception. The recent revelations involving them, and other abortion doctors/clinics is only the tip of the iceberg.
Soudan laboratory. University of Minnesota. Deep underground “physics” laboratory, that has a tunnel system and tram system that are inaccessible to civilians. These lead to a “dark lab” as they’re called, which is where a whole other category of unethical experiments and research are carried out. I don’t want to give too many locations, I don’t know if any of what I’m saying can lead back to me, but I’ve taken precautions.


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