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If Obtaining File Information, Have a Support System in Place

There are no short cuts to healing. You have to do the inner work.
Dream Come True, or Possible Nightmare?
This morning, James Rink offered to help people obtain their file information via a contact he has (see his Facebook page for details –…). While I believe Rinks’ intentions are good, I have no way of knowing the reliability of this contact’s information, so I can’t comment on that. However, I did want to share a few thoughts of a general nature on the topic … Finding out heretofore unknown information about one’s self could be traumatizing. Great injustices have been done to experiencers of covert projects. Finding out how one has been used is no small thing. Support systems should be in place in one’s life so that one has healthy avenues in which to process one’s file information in the most beneficial way possible. Such life-changing information should not make a person’s quality of life worse, doing more harm than good, but that’s often the case. It should enhance it somehow, bring deeper meaning and relevance, a greater sense of one’s over all purpose here, bring meaning about the universe and one’s place in it, etc. I think the key to the difference between experiencing a good outcome or an unpleasant outcome is how the information is processed by the individual, whether or not it gets properly integrated.
Childhood Sexual Abuse I’ll give a couple of examples of how finding out vital information could be harmful if not handled correctly. Many people have been sexually molested. Say this was done during a pre-verbal time in the victim’s childhood, and then it stopped for whatever reason. The victim learns to live with the trauma trapped in the body by suppressing it mentally and emotionally. This is just a natural survival mechanism we have. The memory of it might get completely blacked out for years, decades. One day something triggers the memory –could be a smell, could be a moment with a lover, could be a scene from a movie or a book, could be anything. All havoc could break lose in that person’s psyche. The resultant damage could be so devastating as to cause major depression, confusion, a break down in social structures in that person’s life such as job performance, friendships, ability to relate to family members. The person could isolate, and may have suicidal ideations. It is imperative to get help when exposed to information about traumatic experiences in one’s life.
Past Life Regressions

If you get file information, or any other serious information, be sure to monitor yourself. Watch your moods, behaviors, and especially listen to your thoughts. Stay balanced.
Another example is past life regression. People do these frivolously, when these should instead be taken seriously (in fact, remembering childhood trauma as described above might be considered a sort of past life regression, really; there are many parallels).
I think that when people get regressions done it should be by a licensed therapist of some sort because, again, without the proper support system in place, the remembrance of trauma memory could be devastating. In past life regression, you might remember a violent death or an awful suicide, the memories come flooding back. Our bodies tend to somehow remember past traumas, from lifetime to lifetime. You’ll remember these things holographically, so you will feel everything, from the smallest of details, as though it’s happening in real time. A certain high-profile regressionist reports that the trauma usually heals quickly and spontaneously upon remembrance through the regression, like there’s ALWAYS gonna’ be this happy ending to every regression session. This is not true. The high-profile regressionist has books and seminars to sell, I don’t. He’s not going to admit how harmful his “mass regressions” can be. I will. Not all regressions instantly bring about healing, though some do. I have seen the complete opposite happen, to not one person, but several. I’ve seen it where the remembrance of past life trauma made a person cry uncontrollably, sometimes for weeks, and permanently jolted the person’s perceptions about life. I have seen people who were unable to properly integrate the information they obtained. They didn’t have any help.
Dangerous Gatekeepers
So those are a couple examples of how obtaining traumatizing information needs to be done carefully, if possible. But it gets worse… A standard component of most mind control programming includes locks to keep them hidden, and if found, prevent them from being removed. For example, researcher Fritz Springmeier describes in his writing there might be personality alters installed in mind control victims that guard and protect their programming. The behavior of the alter could be anything from dismissive or combative when confronted with the truth, to physically violent. Kinesiologist Stephanie Relfe calls the commands held in the Wernicke’s area of the brain involved in mind control, “booby traps.” At best these could be distracting, if not rather debilitating. At worse, the commands themselves could kill you. While working with her super soldier husband, Michael, to heal himself and integrate his experiences and trauma, they discovered he had been programmed with loads of these booby traps. These commands are designed to make a victim self-destruct, basically, should the victim remember certain things relating to what’s been done to the victim, or to what the victim has been involved in, voluntarily or involuntarily, as relates to the military industrial extraterrestrial complex –military service, aerospace work, milabs, etc. Anything could be weaponized, including our thoughts.
The following article talks about types of the booby traps. Think about this carefully and consider what it is saying, and the consequences. Should you actually discover your file information, be sure to monitor yourself. If it triggers negative compulsions like wanting to isolate yourself, or hurt yourself and/or hurt others, you have to get help. Booby Traps: Hidden Death Commands from Abductions or Military Service are Affecting Millions of People… Monitor for Malingering

These programs are some of the worst affronts on humanity imaginable. Yet, the media hides them in plain sight and makes them seem cool and impressive. Despite reports of places like Montauk, where it is reported countless children were tortured, experimented on and murdered, people still “want to be a super soldier.” I’ve seen such comments posted in forums. They just don’t get it. I think there are better ways of obtaining a defense force for the planet than how it’s been done in these programs.
Another thing to monitor yourself for is malingering. I hate to say this, but it seems to be very popular right now to want to be a super soldier. Movies and video games glamorize this, unfortunately, so this is understandable. People might be mistaking things like mood disorders, social disorders, a need for attention or to be “special” in some way, or any other personal problems, for being involved in some secret super soldier program in some way. It’s a way to belong to something bigger than one’s self, to raise low self-esteem, a way for a lonely person to get sympathy, attention and good will from total strangers. Monitor yourself for this. You know yourself best. If you have been experiencing symptoms like intrusive thoughts, hearing voices, thinking everyone’s against you, etc. it wouldn’t be a bad idea to consult with a metal health care professional. Say you really have issues and they’re not due to your being a super soldier, say James Rink’s contact person confirms you were never in a program. Be prepared for that outcome as well, and be prepared to explore the issues you may actually be suffering from that you need to address. A word of caution ,though: navigating the healthcare system in the Western world has significant challenges. I don’t advise saying to a therapist or medical doctor that what you experience may be due to “the shadow government,” or aliens, etc., even if that’s what you really think. I advise keeping such thoughts to yourself, unless you have the good fortune of consulting with an informed professional who knows about these programs, and is empathetic toward their victims, like Eve Lorgen. Unfortunately, these folks are very few and far between. The ones who do know, won’t help for fear of losing their jobs. Others are just straight up complicit with The Agenda.
Therefore, exercise discrimination in what you say, and how you say it. A cool head goes a long way. Follow your intuition as to what you should and shouldn’t say. Good rule of thumb is to only talk about the symptoms you are experiencing, keep the focus on that, only request help with them.
Have a Support System

Intergenerational abuse is a common feature of being in covert projects. And many experiencers who didn’t know they were in any projects often have PTSD, and don’t know why until they find out they’d been used. Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families is an example of a support group that would helpful whether or not you’ve been in a program.
So, be forewarned. Have structures in place in your life to guard against any bad reactions you may have if you find out your file information (or any other traumatizing information about your past). Have friends and family around you that love you, and that will say something to you if you are acting strangely. Listen to them. Have a counselor of some sort you could access should you need to talk more in depth about what is happening with you. It could be a licensed therapist, or if that’s not feasible it could be a church counselor, a priest, a community service group of some sort. Maybe there’s an older family member, or sibling that is there for you and will listen. It’s not only our bodies that have been attacked, but our hearts also. So we have to heal our hearts, as well. Whatever you do, don’t isolate. If you have substance abuse issues, as you find out shocking information be sure to be attending your 12 step group regularly, as well as meeting with your sponsor. There are no short cuts to healing. You have to do the inner work. Also, find healthy activities to do that leave you feeling grounded, that promote inner peace, things you find relevant and helpful to you. For instance, working out in the gym, spending time in nature, meditating, music or art therapy, writing, attending religious meetings, volunteering in the community for a good cause are some examples. Do whatever makes you, personally, feel “connected,” at peace both within, and without. File information could be triggering and destabilizing, might bring strong grief and anger. Take your mental health needs seriously, and treat yourself well. Love yourself. Self-care helps you integrate any difficult information you may come across.
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