Wednesday, April 24, 2024

A message from Sam

If you are a Starseed or a mind control victim

If you are a Starseed or a mind control victim (targeted individual) please read this – and propagate it. Americans are being tortured into suicide and mental hospitals by military black ops groups. I’m one of the few that’s lived to tell about this from the inside but I won’t be around long now. If this simple web page saves one life it’s worth it. As I’m a mind-controlled torture victim existing in an electronic frequency fence, it is difficult for me to have the time and the concentration to format things such as this site as well as I’d like. At one time I was great at web design and writing. Most of the content on this site is simply spewed out from me at odd hours in the early morning after I’ve been awakened by a handler to a lucid nightmare or other type of torture. For me it’s a form of therapy and retaliation. As well, there is useful information here for Targeted individuals, especially milabs.

I NEED HELP DISABLING THE IMPLANTS IN ME. As far as I know it’s almost impossible to even jam these. I’ve tried magnets, faraday cages etc. It’s absolutely critical that I get this evil system turned off. This evil Navy military group that has me via the implants has promised numerous times to set me free. Each time it’s a lie. They’ll never let me go. I must break these implants now. If anyone can help me Please do.  I have to be free. I have to be free. ET’s can’t do it because of the law of non-interference. Only other humans can help me with this. email:  The group of ET’s I’m in contact with are telling me every chance they get that I have to break free.  Big stuff is coming up. Anyone who can help me please do.

* Appeal for amnesty to benevolent factions of the US Military special operations: I am in fear of my life.
My milab experience began in 2010 with alien abductions and I’ve been owned and controlled (tortured) by the Navy since December 2011.  I’ve paid horrendously. I’ve been used as a lab rat in psychic “warrior” programs.  I can’t handle the implant and voices in my head. I haven’t had a single minute without the shrill hissing and voices of the controllers in my head for almost a year now, to say nothing of horrendous tortures. Please intervene and let me go. You know who I am.  My email is   I’m anti-NWO.


  1. Nope, I’m not a starseed, but I like Mind Control. As Jung stated ‘we need more psychology in the world’ (not psychiatry). what is a starseed?


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