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If you are full of shit

“James I listened to youtube post James, you claim to be a super soldier, even one that would go on missions, so somebody like yourself would have a security clearance of the highest levels AND you would be able to access information on the Classified network and TS networks so you could “clean up” these incidents.

I have buddies that look all of these clearances up in the national guard and can quickly tell if you are full of shit. What is the SMOCODE for where your JPAS clearance resides? Everyone has one. We can simply look up your eQIP using you name and see if it is valid.
What is your classified email address? Again everyone has one that handles this type of info.

On top of that, we can simply look up your unclassified email address to see if it is assigned to a digital signature / certificate that is accompanied by a Common Access Card for all of these materials. If you can’t provide any of the following then you are just making shit up. Of course the Government is not likely to correct you on any of your tangents about canceled mind control programs.

Please dont use an excuse that you get special permission to access this information for your missions through other methods. I just doesn’t happen. Or maybe you don’t get missions because nobody knows who you are from those who actually assign real missions.”


Just because I am not privy to your information doesn’t mean I not part of these projects and since when were soldiers told what is going on? The classified information is stored in alter compartments I believe I have explained this in my videos. My files are on a closed system and not part of standard military networks. So whats your clearance?

Additional Info

Each DUMB has its own SMO code you need that and a handler to get in. Once in, you are stripped naked of all your clothes and its put in a locker and you are given a paper suit and slipper booties to wear around the facility. As for ID each person is issued a ID card with a picture of your face and a bar code with no names on it. This bar code is read by nonhuman cybernetic units plugged into the AI which operate as security personnel around the facility. SMO Codes for JPAS, dont know what eQIP stands for…but here are some base access SMO Codes…then you should have a personal number or code…Below is a example brief…if you’re non BAE SYstems Employee…I don’t think USAP-DOCCs are listed in these, as it is unacknowledged…


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