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Ileana the Star Traveler Post SSP & ICC Channeling Analysis (27 May 2017)

Elena and I met on Facebook about a year ago
and not too long after I flew up to Canada to
do an “in person” interview with her on July
9, 2016. This was a first for her and also
my first interview with someone who claimed
to have experiences with one of the various
SSP programs that is now coming out and
becoming common knowledge. She, in fact, was
one of the early “whistleblowers” although
she would not use that term when describing
herself. On social media and elsewhere she
goes by Ileana the Star Traveler.
She had a pretty significant following on
YouTube and on Facebook at that time, but
her story and some of her accounts stretched
credulity. Nonetheless I was drawn to her
for reasons I still do not fully comprehend.
My opinion is that her recent video where
Karl Mollison channeled Elena’s Higher Self
breaks new and valuable ground in the
disclosure saga. Here, we see again, the
consistent message being delivered from the
various Light Beings channeled in the sessions
with Karl Mollison as can be seen on my YouTube
channel Why Is This True.



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