Tuesday, July 23, 2024

I’m Ready

James I have some interesting information I obtained from first hand experience from an MK Ultra programming attempt that happened to me last year. I still have full vivid memory of the event. I am not sure if these events are tied into Project Talent or not. The US military tried to “DELTA Set” different personality levels. They could have been priming me for future training upon joining the military as I had expressed interest in this at the time.

I had a guy tell me they spent or were planning on spending 60 Million Dollars on myself. The CIA are still all over me to this day. Every time I go out I encounter “crazy faced” people, people acting psychotic to try and induce disaccociative stress on myself. I tried contacting the FBI last year but was turned away twice. The following are the levels or “alters” they set in soldiers.

These are activated by aromic priming and verbal command. I witnessed them “bump levels” on a guy while I was in there. Its fucking nuts. The nurse gave the priming commmands:
1. Child. In childs voice: “I want to play with Tony the Tiger Mr. Jacobs.”
2. Adolesant. Gamer kid. “Woah dude totallly.”
3. College. “Hey buddy, hows it going.”
4. Navy SEAL Deisel. The final level. They bump from 1 to 4. In a low relaxed masculine tone with droopy relaxed eyes. “Im ready”, they then hit their center mass with there fist.

They also tried to program a self destruct suicide command in myself. I can tell you the technique they use for that. I’ve got a lot more details for you. These techniques are brilliant and took decades to develop.



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