Off world sceneries , probably higher density and a whole lot larger, I would assume the beings living there can be from 10 and up in feet.
Off planet stations or something used to help do jumps and transfers, don’t really know.
Upgraded super suit better suited for all types of atmosphere and more durability, movements, and combat. I think you (James Rink) are super fast in this. The colors might vary depending on the group using it. I think this is one of the types of techs that got traded to us when trading with ets.
Excellent crop pods. These ones don’t look like they use any liquids. Instead it might be more of light or energetic or frequency base to pressure the mind and tissues.
Advanced luxurious spacecraft most likely the elites are already using these and these will be passed down to us after disclosure, looks pretty amazing though. It mostly is mind interfaced but you can apply your hands or arms on the black dashboard for all types of things. I think it also does two way interface where someone else can guide it for you while you sit down and relax , like a personal chauffeur.
Another form of super suits its most likely do everything you can imagine.
Highly technological civilization, probably do a lot of space travel , exploration also.
I don’t know what this is but I think it is being used as like a surveillance system to watch a given area and it’s most likely us being used a hub for police or military types that watches over the area.