Thursday, April 18, 2024

In the Name of Love and Light

As per her request all information on this blog and youtube pertaining to Erin Hicks has been permanently deleted. I send love and light to all people involved.


  1. An apology would be great from you James because of what you did to me, Felton and Tu. We did not deserve what you did, spreading malicious gossip about people for the wrong reasons. You went to Miesha, Bridget and others and in turn we 3 were sent notes. We combined the content of all three notes and you were the source. Bridget used what you said, what she felt and went to Miesha which in turn sent out bogus mean spirited letters full of crazy things we were all supposed to be doing…and refused to answer any questions. I refuse to believe you knew nothing about this as you told Felton.

    • Give it up suzie. He deletes the thread and everything else and you still have to continue to suck energy out of the situation. You people are relentless the energy you put forth in futile efforts to constantly discredit. leave james alone. He asked you to stop contacting him and you all just can’t stop. You’re obsessed.

  2. I suggest you make a video about all these things james. Should generate a lot of views. Explain your side and perhaps let them explain their side as well. At this point, your reputation will suffer more and more until it gets worse. Put out a statement and all that, clear things up.

  3. It would of meant more if you had done the right thing from the beginning. You’ve caused too much chaos James for me to forgive you. And “Watching it all”….James is a big boy and can handle his own self. He wronged too many. This is called karma-I want nothing more to do with him. This is an empty apology. He will never have my respect ever again. He will never get a lick of love from me nor my family. And my kids loved him. I am VERY glad he showed his colors-he doesn’t need to be around my kids ever again. Nor me. I am done. I do not accept your apology James-it came extremely too late. Had you done it and not put up the last blog post-I might of considered the apology. But you took revenge for your own wrong-doings. No one harmed you but you. And you’re minion here is just fueling the fire-I think this was the most empty gesture I’ve ever seen in my life.

  4. You women are relentless. You get what you want and still want more. Suzy why don’t you tell Erin how you are a serious black magik witch. I don’t think she knows that about you. You both are absolutely the reason this drama has ensued as long as it has. I’m replying to you because nobody else is. The reason suzie keeps saying the neo is made with black magik is because she knows all about the black magik. She is a very serious witch and many will attest to this. Trying to fool Erin into believing she is on her side. You won’t stop harrasing people after they give you what you want, so let’s bring out the big guns shall we? Suzy is a witch and practices witchcraft on the dark end. Anyone in contact with her needs to burn the creation flame asap to get her energy detached from you. She is part of the sisters of isis and she is relentless. You can tell by looking in her eyes easily. Don’t let her attach herself to you. As you can see she will suck the energy out of you to empower herself more. She is obsessed with james and will not leave him alone at this point.

  5. She doesn’t suck my energy. LOL on the witch part. James’s cubes are the black magic. Open one up-it’s got hair in it. That is only for James to be able to perform any black magic he wants. Suzie is NOT the one who’s talked to me about the black magic in these cubes, rather it’s vice versa. And you say we keep this up-if you had left it alone and not responded then it would of been done. We’d of all shut up. You much dear are the one who is keeping this up. Her and I both don’t want one thing to do with James. You are the obsessed one coming back and forth to here and responding. You are the energy vampire and I am sure this right here empowers you. Suzie isn’t fooling me into a thing. It was a comparing of notes on Rink that led us to where we are today. James is the only one to blame. Had he just taken the blog and video down at first-or even said he would-no other words would of been spoken. James himself pushed the issue and prodded to get his energy harvest. I’ve talked to several men whom say that James is afraid of them and that James will not do this to a man because he’s fearful of men. So he preys on ONLY women. This is his M-O. Oh….ask his neighbors about Peeping James….he’s not all he seems. Now you can keep on and on-but you are making yourself seem petty-and people will see all you are doing is trying to harvest energy. So you are the same as James is. Little Mr. ‘Agent Sabertooth’ needs to stop hiding behind you. And you need to stop acting like he’s an innocent. He has hurt so many. And he pulls all this harvesting of energies THEN wants to apologize? It was an empty apology. Meaningless. He only wanted to look good. If Suzie is a witch SO FUCKING WHAT?! I could care less what/who she is….but right now, she’s my friend and she is someone who’s had some horrific moments with Rink like I have had. You want us to honor him, but we can’t. We can’t honor a man who cannot honor others. He used us. I want nothing more to do with him on here, or on FB. I changed my phone number twice to keep him away-he use to call me early in the morning cackling (it was literal manical cackling) over death threats he was receiving!!! I alerted others to this behavior. He called me crazy….but you have no idea how crazy he is. I personally honor the fact you love him enough to put up for him like this-but you are speaking from a place of no experience like I have had. James is free to go on without me. He thinks he gave me this ‘break’ when this ‘break’ isn’t what I wanted. James is the very reason my life is as it is now. And if I hadn’t met him I can almost guarantee my life would of been much better. He’s led me to people-and to Vegas-and that ALL has made my life a living hell. A literal living hell. It would of been better had I never met him. But I cannot go back, so I want to move on and have him stay away from me-and I will stay away from him. Period.

  6. you still think i am him haha, nice. Once again, not you nor anyone can accuse another person for your woes and sorrows. Just because you chose to use a meditation device in no way is evidence or proof of what you are claiming. Its hearsay. Just as what I say is hearsay because certain information can not be researched. There are plenty of people who enjoy their neos and have given testimony as to how its bettered their lives but you clearly are only focusing on the negative reports. everyone wants to blame james for everything. In my opinion the neo will work how it will work in different ways on different people due to many factors one being if your are tagged or have dark energy attached to you vs. someone who doesnt. Using hair for the dna purposes is in no way evidence of black magic. Dont just assume you know what its all about. You want everyone to do their own research, have you researched why there is hair in there and what the hair does? I will assume you have not. You make the neo work its not the neo taking you over lol and making greys abduct you. Id say if your history story is correct it has nothing to do with james in any way. Werent you a product of the pentagon after all? Pretty sure your stories according to you started then not this past year by james. You both just continue to build up your stories to each other to create a monster that doesnt exist. you both feel bad about something(‘s) bad that happened to you so you need a scape goat, someone to blame for it. James is not hiding behind me, I am writing this on my own accord because Im tired of people trying to make him out as the bad guy when he has done none of the sort. You my dear are not the only person who is attacked and you are not the one that everyone is after as you say all the time “since the summit” thats a cop out. If what you say is correct, its much higher than james and judging from all your jabbering about this and that and outing everyone who ever contacts you, (you out anyone who disagrees with anything you say or do) then you know its higher than james and to have another person enable your grandios stories to discredit someone as a tag team, its pathetic. He asked to be left alone and removed everything you asked him to do and you still keep badgering him (please see the very first post here if you think i am blowing piss in the wind)..this is your forum Erin that you asked for for all the public to see and you chose to not use it and not provide any evidence of anything what so ever except share links of other blogs and say other people dont like their neo. Using hearsay (defined as: Unverified information heard or received from another; rumor), nothing shows any evidence he personally single handedly did one thing to you. You were asked to prove it and you did not do that. What you did do is ask people to stop using his product and ask people to go to his site to harrass him, fact. So in conclusion it seems your assumptions or premonitions as you like to call them are not accurate. And no October was not a pivitol month and you were wrong on that as well.

  7. Bye….I’m going to go laugh my ASS off the rest of this month. Or maybe the rest of my life over you. AHahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  8. Well you wont prove that October was pivotal so, way to guru talk again. According to the law of attraction you are creating your own happiness or unhappiness as you publically discuss all the time. Once again nobody, not even I should be able to make you feel anything. Thats up to you. You keep saying you have left James alone yet you continue to update your status again and again about him and me. You are choosing to let this bother you. I certainly would not “handle” you with a ten foot pole I can assure you of that. Arent you also a reptile? maybe you can educate us on that. The more you talk about James in any light it is your own path and your own choice.

  9. Nobody wants harm to you so stop saying those things. James if you can see this I think its best you remove this entire thread because Clearly its gone to far. For my last thing I will say, I have lied about nothing here. its all based on what Ive been shown in public forums and social networking on the web. Goodbye Erin. If you want to assume things then you will. I suppose you will not stop unless I do so I will stop replying to you. I never once tried to do what youre claiming on your fb page. Thats all assumptions, so be it.

    • No, this is good. Don’t remove the thread because it’s only going to make you look even worse. You shouldn’t have removed the other pages james, now with all the drama it really seems like you were just being selfish for the money and being insidious (a friend of mine alerted me to this whole thing, said that you were a fraud). If you hadn’t removed the other pages, people would see how you barely spoke a word against them (except for that ‘she’s crazy post’ but that wasn’t you saying that) and yet they have attacked you so many times again and again. That would have said a lot about who was attacking who. You made a big mistake, i think you had all the proof for the world too see before you removed it.

    • I don’t want to take sides but Erin, this statement is going too far; “I am VERY glad he showed his colors-he doesn’t need to be around my kids ever again.” You’re implying that given the opportunity, you think james would do something as horrible as molesting your kids. This is sick, using your kids to attack james like that when you have no proof and james isn’t even fighting back!

    • You sounding like an 8 year old white boy wanna be gangster is not helping the situation. They already keep calling people who take james’ side or even question their statements as jame’s pathetic minions. And james, this is what i was talking about, you shouldn’t have removed those other pages, people will think you attacked them and then removed those pages of attack or since they’re so vocal that they’re the ones in the right.

      • well im being put in a very peculiar situation. on one hand anything i say is twisted against me, on the other hand erin is of such a lower negative vibration to be associated with her is not how i want to reflect myslef. Plus i dont want her to have any “fame” on my hard work and time. But im going to bring back the original post which started all this. minus erins name

  10. How many times will Erin say she’s done then come back. Give it a rest reptoid. Respond to prove my point in 5, 4, 3….


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