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Intel Drop #10 – Money Will Be Worthless Soon

August 4, 2022

Things are getting more intense around here by the day, as you can see from this update I posted on Twitter:



I don’t post these things to scare you, but to make you aware of how serious this situation is. We are at Level 4 escalation, so the attacks will intensify.

Before I share my conversations with Gideon, be sure to follow us on Twitter (Bill Sweet, WeAreSovereign) and Telegram (our group, our channel). A big thank you to Michael again for his help in proof-reading, editing, and also moderating the Telegram.

Bill: We were talking the other day about this, but it keeps coming up. People are asking a lot about money, commodities, how this is going to go down during the collapse.

Gideon: “With respect to fiat, it will go to zero.”

Bill: I think people have trouble accepting that or understanding how that can happen.

Gideon: “It’s happened many times in history. The U.S. Dollar and entire current central bank system is insolvent to the order of at least $500 Trillion. This is due to the current debt situation.”

Bill: You told me the real crash was supposed to be 2008 and 2009, is that right?

Gideon: “In terms of the reset they need, yes, it was, but they weren’t ready, so they pushed the can down the road.”

Bill: Which will make this reset even worse, more severe, is that right?

Gideon: “Yes, all it did was exacerbate the problem, so the eventual collapse will be far worse.”

Bill: They could pull the plug today if they wanted to.

Gideon: “They could. They have scenarios. A few bad days on Wall St., which would be staged and set up, could kick it off. Within months, you would have mass unemployment, hyperinflation and chaos.”

Bill: I think we need to paint a picture here, in terms of what you mean by “worthless” or “zero”. You are saying gold will be worthless?

Gideon: “Everything we understand is priced in fiat currency. If fiat currency goes to zero, everything goes to zero. Once that happens, there is a bartering economy. Everything commodity-wise has value, but it has to be adjusted. This can take a few days or up to a month. The problem is, the cabal is going to ban bartering, seize the means of production, quite literally, and quickly institute USDR as the new global currency.”

Bill: So that leaves people in a situation that’s pretty hopeless.

Gideon: “Yes, plus there is the factor of asset seizure and restriction. If you have, for example, $50,000 in Bitcoin, it’s going to be worth nothing during and after the Reset. However, it could regain some value, the problem is you are restricted as a Common class person to $5,000 in total assets. You can have a little bit of Bitcoin, which you can’t barter with, or really use.”

Bill: Right, and if you’re Restricted or Quarantined, it’s way less.

Gideon: “Way less. So even if something has value after the Reset, you can’t own it. If you do own it, they will eventually repossess it, physically. They will physically come and get it.

It will also be illegal for you to hold it. They will have records of those who hold gold and silver. You will have a week or something like that to turn it in, if you don’t, your social score goes to zero and they put out a criminal warrant to come and get you.”

Bill: What about gold and silver ETFs or physical precious metals stored in vaults held by these companies that sell them?

Gideon: “All will go to zero and then be confiscated quickly. If you don’t have the gold or silver in your house, it’s gone. If you do have it in your house, they will pay you a visit, if you don’t turn it in.”

Bill: This sounds like science fiction to people.

Gideon: “This is called daily life in China, where this has been tested with great success for years.”

Bill: Right, Americans can’t wrap their minds around this, but a lot of these controls are already in place.

Gideon: “America is one of the least-free countries in the world. It’s a surveillance state and a police state. So it’s strange to me when Americans talk about freedom.”

Bill: Maybe it’s because they still have some freedom of speech.

Gideon: “There are still certain groups, certain members of the cabal, you cannot even speak about or say anything negative about. That isn’t free speech.”

Bill: No, it’s not. I have to ask you about this, you were telling me about the cabal’s philosophy, which I found really intriguing. You were saying they want a return to feudalism. That this current world structure is bothersome to them.

Gideon: “They believe humanity needs to be brought to heel. They believe in a return to the old order, whereby kings owned everything and the serfs owned nothing. The cabal thinks the average person is too rich and has too much freedom.”

Bill: What do they think of someone with a three bedroom, two car garage, a couple of nice cars, a 401k? You get the idea, what is that person to them?

Gideon: “That person, in ancient or medieval times, would be incredibly wealthy, by all standards. To the cabal, that person has way too much power, money and freedom, and they need to be brought back to serve under their overlords. The cabal thinks private property ownership is offensive to them, that serf can own land. They intend to end that.”

Bill: Why did they allow capitalism for so long?

Gideon: “It made them exceptionally rich, and allowed for technological innovations, in the direction they wanted. They can utilize human capital more efficiently under it, but it also allows too much freedom, a caveat for them.”

Bill: Is there an implicit acknowledgement there that Communism or this feudalism can’t bring about such things?

Gideon: “There may be, in fact, there is. They don’t care. People say Communism doesn’t work, but it does work, for those in power. They are ready, now, to put an end to what they consider an ‘experiment’ in allowing humans to have freedom. They’ve seen enough, it’s time for a Reset, in their view. It isn’t the first time they’ve done this.”

Bill: What do you mean?

Gideon: “The history you know of is not the true history of the world.”

Bill: Ok, so humans have advanced before, and you’re saying the cabal put a stop to that?

Gideon: “Yes. If humans have too much freedom and too much wealth, it becomes a serious threat to the cabal. They believe they would be defeated. This is why they focused the past few decades so much on dumbing people down, poisoning people, and that was to weaken them.

All of this has been planned out. They were not ready for the Reset thirty years ago, they were planning it, they wanted the technology to advance. But in the meantime, they had to keep people from waking up, and from taking over.”

Bill: Ah, so all of the TV programming, the mind-control, the crap in our food and water, I see, makes sense now.

Gideon: “If they had not done any of that, Bill, humanity would have woken up a lot sooner and very likely, the cabal would have been destroyed. People would actually, simply walk into places like Davos, Switzerland or Washington D.C. and burn it all to the ground.

Instead, they’re cowed into submission by the police state, fractured and confused by gatekeepers, and poisoned by vaccines and EMF pollution. They’re grumbling and getting their anger out online, but they’re not actually doing a single thing that threatens the cabal’s power.”

Bill: I get asked this a lot, but what are the best countries to be in?

Gideon: “If I had to pick, I would think parts of India, but then again, their infrastructure is better than people realize. You have to think of very remote areas. North America is not an option because the surveillance is unbelievable. They can find a golf ball from space in the furthest reaches of the Yukon.”

Bill: What about the Southern Hemisphere?

Gideon: “It’s safer. Parts of Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, the Andes mountains. But Australia and New Zealand are not options. I would just say the deepest, most remote woods in any given area would be the safest places. Tree cover is highly beneficial, by the way.”

Bill: I’m going to shift gears here. The attacks against us are increasing. You’ve said for us not to respond?

Gideon: “That’s right. They want you to respond. They want you to engage. They want you to have to defend yourself. Just block them and ignore them.”

Bill: Ok, but if they’re spreading lies all over, don’t we need to address those lies? It’s so easy to just come up with false accusations.

Gideon: “It doesn’t matter. You will never win. For every lie you defeat, they will come up with a new one. Today, they will say you’re a pedophile, the next day they will say something else. They will just make it up as they go.”

Bill: It’s easy to just lie about people. Look at Johnny Depp. He had to first go through years of being maligned and defamed. It took a whole trial for him to clear his name.

Gideon: “The public will fall for anything, believe anything about anyone else, so these tactics are very effective. People have completely lost the ability to reason.”

Bill: The agents know it works.

Gideon: “They do, and they use it effectively. So expect the attacks to intensify.”

Bill: What about making people Sovereign? The agents go crazy over this.

Gideon: “That’s because they don’t want us doing that! They can’t find the whistle blowers, and they won’t be able to determine who was made Sovereign within CSRQ. So you will be viciously attacked for even attempting this.”

Bill: I think they’re really furious we’re doing this. I get the most heat for it. These people come out of the wood work, just enraged we would try to make people Sovereign in the software. I think it’s a good thing we are doing it. I’m proud of it. Michael wants to keep it more private, I said, let’s just open it all up and tell people what we’re doing.

Gideon: “You should maintain a balanced approach, but yes, it is a good thing. What we’re doing is a very good thing. Anyone against it is either an agent or woefully confused and misinformed about what we’re doing, and maybe not the sharpest tool in the shed.”

Bill: You said I can’t babysit people or expend energy on idiots. I’m trying not to.

Gideon: “The information is there, Bill. You’ve done yeoman’s work putting this out there. If they can’t read, they can’t read. If they lack the reading comprehension or the ability to conceptualize beyond a 6th grade level, we can’t save them. They are just energy succubi.

If our message goes out to more people, you’re going to get ten times more imbeciles trying to drag you down. You have to get more liberal with the ban and block features.”

Bill: I’m getting better at it. I really don’t like blocking people. But it feels good to block some of these people. Do you think we’ll get to a point of saying, “You’re either with us or against us?” I don’t want to shut people out, or get into a cult mentality.

Gideon: “No, not at all. Use your best judgment. There’s simply no reason to engage with toxic people. There’s no reason to have them in the community. We’re trying to expose the cabal and the software they will use to enslave people. If a person can’t support that, get rid of them.”

Bill: I’m seeing this is a battle that is playing out, almost will spiritual overtones.

Gideon: “We could talk for hours about that.”

Bill: I think that’s for another intel drop, especially what you told me about the cabal, what they changed.

Gideon: “Yes.”

Bill: Since I’m going to publish this, for those reading, what I’m talking about is that the cabal isn’t following their old rules anymore. They used to follow a sort of code of conduct for all their evil behaviour, they’re not anymore. Is that right?

Gideon: “This is true. The rules of the game have changed, which makes things even more difficult for us.”

Bill: They’ve made some kind of spiritual bargain. I don’t know how they are going to get away with this. They’re not playing fair anymore.

Gideon: “They never did, they never played fair, Bill, but they did stay within some lanes of conduct, if you can call that. That was dispensed of recently.”

Bill: We’ll talk about it more. This is going to be a huge update, and I know you have to go. Thank you again for guiding me and leading us. I should say that more. You’ve taught me a lot. I wasn’t the same guy eight months ago. I was clueless on a few things. I’m embarrassed about some of the conversations we had way back then!

Gideon: “It’s fine, you’re a quick learner. It’s been easy with you, Bill, you don’t resist. A lot of people resist truth and new information, you embrace it.”

Bill: Thank you. I like to end things usually by giving the people reading something to take with them. What’s a word of advice for them today?

Gideon: “Anything can be spun into a negative light, anything. A good Samaritan helps an old lady down some stairs. Now what could be wrong with such a thing? A bad person will manage to find something wrong with that. A bad person will always find negativity in everything. We’ve all been around people like that. Just drop them and walk away. I tell Bill, give them no quarter.”

As always, your support means a lot. We get questions about what people can do to help. Simply sharing, liking, commenting goes a long, long way. It might be a good idea to show people our FAQ to get them started, or share our list of Sovereign gatekeepers, because it will definitely get people talking.

I also want to reiterate a series of WARNINGS we’ve already issued over and over, but we need to again:

1) We do not know if the future one world currency will be called “USDR”. It may be re-named to “SDR” or “XDR”, or something else. It is not finalized yet. The whistle blowers have told us this, and we have stated this many times.

2) Not a single existing crypto coin has anything to do with CSRQ or the future reserve currency. The USDR in CSRQ is not accessible to the public or a public blockchain at all, nor would it make any sense for it to be at this time.

3) There is a site some of our followers are going to called This site has nothing to do with any of this. It is an older, apparently “dead” Ethereum project. There are thousands of them, and anyone can create a token such as that with the click of a button. Someone just went to that site and nearly lost their money, despite the fact we’ve posted warnings everywhere.

4) Another person was contacted by an agent using a fake “Gideon” profile. As we state in our FAQ (please read it), Gideon has no official social media accounts. If this person had read that, they would not have ended up harmed. Instead, they turned over information they should not have.

5) We will never, ever contact you first. Only agents will contact you first. If you see something from “Bill” or “Michael” or “Gideon” out of the blue, it’s probably an agent. Block them immediately, and verify with our official accounts what you saw. We have caught agents creating dozens of fake profiles, click here to see.

This is why it is so important to actually read what we’ve posted. People are not reading our materials, and then they are going out and literally getting deceived by agents or making incredibly careless mistakes. Be careful!



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