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Intel Drop #11 – Level 5 Erasure & Termination

August 7, 2022

We now believe we have less than 24 hours before Level 5 escalation, which will lead to total erasure and termination of this website and possibly other accounts.

It’s baseless censorship, but we are dealing with a criminal cabal that does not adhere to the laws you or I do, nor do they want the truth out.

Our only hope is if the public responds in a way that causes the agents to back off. If you do nothing, we lose. If you support us and fight back, we have a chance.

My life is also in danger, so I will be in transit over the next two days seeking safe hiding. Michael will handle the website uploads, emails and Telegram, if I’m not able to get access to them, I’ve given him all my passwords so he can take over.

In case we are shut down, our active emails are survivethereset@proton.me (very reliable), a back-up email at orderofmen@proton.me (reliable), and Bill’s email info@oculumlabs.com (not reliable). You should write us and open up contact.

Our Telegram group is here and our announcements channel here.

We are also now using Matrix, an extremely secure Telegram-like messaging system with encrypted groups. You can join our Matrix room here.

I’m sharing with you below my last conversation with Gideon.

Bill: How likely is Level 5 right now?

Gideon: “It’s almost certain.”

Bill: What accounts are they targeting, and what is likely to remain up?

Gideon: “They want the websites taken off line. Then Twitter, YouTube, and the last they can get to is probably Telegram and the emails.”

Bill: So if people want to stay in contact, they should use the Telegram and emails and this new Matrix thing we set up?

Gideon: “Yes.”

Bill: You spoke a lot about this “Plan B” or back-up plan, is that the direction we are moving now?

Gideon: “It’s the direction we have to go now. The agents have escalated us, and as you know, Bill, a lot of people betrayed you and turned on you.”

Bill: They did. It was shocking to me. People who supported us, stabbed us directly in the back. They drank up the lies of the agents.

Gideon: “People will believe the lies, because then they won’t have to believe in CSRQ anymore.”

Bill: The information is too hard to accept?

Gideon: “For most, it is. It’s too hard to accept. So once agents began spreading lies, the people who didn’t want to believe flocked to those lies. They were relieved. They could walk away and say, ‘CRSQ isn’t real, I’m going to be ok.’”

Bill: But CRSQ is real, and they’re not going to be ok.

Gideon: “That is true.”

Bill: I understand better now. I wondered why some of our people ran to these falsehoods so quickly, now I know. It was comforting not to have to believe us anymore.

Gideon: “They took refuge in the groups aligned against you. It’s a place to go where none of this has to be real. Where they can believe there’s some nebulous idea of the Great Reset out there but nothing concrete like CSRQ. They can then go on believing nothing really bad will happen, and seek out other hopium-sources.”

Bill: What I’ve realized is there’s almost no way to stop agents. They can lie about anything, they can call upon the cabal to come in and destroy everything, they have millions of dollars in funding. Worst of all, truth-seekers fall for their lies constantly.

Gideon: “All the time. Every day they fall for them.”

Bill: I’ve never quite seen something attacked as much as we were. I see other truth groups get attacked, but not like this.

Gideon: “We showed the world what they’re doing. We showed the world CSRQ, so they responded in kind, they went scorched Earth on you.”

Bill: Should we have answered the lies more? Defended ourselves more?

Gideon: “You already have. You, and Michael, you’ve spent hours answering them. It does not matter. No amount of logic, reason or facts means anything to these people. They want to believe the lies so badly.”

Bill: So much of what they said was baseless. They twisted things so much. It’s easy to take something and twist it, so something goes from being good to bad! It’s so easy.

Gideon: “It certainly is. Most people’s minds are too weak to see those manipulations. A few words can destroy a person’s career or credibility, it doesn’t have to be true at all. Happens all the time.”

Bill: But most of them are criminals, most of them are child predators. The cabal hires the worst of the worst for this stuff! Then they pretend to be good!

Gideon: “The cabal loves it when good people worship their gatekeepers. They love it when they get a group of people in the truth movement praising and loving agents who rape children in secret, drink the blood of aborted babies, worship Satan, and who are Sovereigns relishing the Reset and what is to come.

The cabal wants to control the opposition, and they do, and they want everyone worshipping the people they control, and they do. Meanwhile, all the sheep on the other side of the coin worship the mainstream media liars and celebrities.”

Bill: We found a ton of them in CSRQ. The gatekeepers. Exposing that must have really upset them.

Gideon: “We went all the way, Bill. We didn’t really hold back, we exposed almost everything.”

Bill: Almost, but not all of it.

Gideon: “No, not all of it. It would serve nothing to reveal it. It would put my guys in even more danger.”

Bill: This goes back to what… Well, I won’t say what. I understand now why you put their safety first. They would die for nothing. Look at what’s going on.

Gideon: “We wanted to bring the truth, but I would never compromise the lives of my men to satisfy some agent who is pressuring you, or me, to give them more.”

Bill: Good. I’m glad we never gave into that. I’ve had these weird people coming at me, almost like I owe them something. I don’t even know who they are, and they come to me and say, “Give us more now, or we will come after you.”

Gideon: “They’re either agents or they’re rank and file goose-stepping errand boys. Some might be too dumb to know they’re being used.”

Bill: Michael had a guy do that to him, too. A guy who figured out DarkDayz’ Tweets, as if that wasn’t going to happen, and he threatened to reveal them. Of course they would be figured out, they were posted publicly! They were supposed to be deciphered! They carry important messages! Why are these people so stupid? And why would we work with people who threaten us?

Gideon: “A lot of them are mentally ill. There’s nothing else to say, Bill. They’re mentally ill or so warped from being conditioned either by agents, or by being an agent, you’re dealing with people who are unstable.”

Bill: I just don’t understand how people can just believe some of the garbage they say. They posted some real things and twisted those things, but they also posted faked images, too. They’re basically faking things and taking things out of context over and over, and spinning a fake narrative. I could do the same to them, but I’m not going to, because it’s wrong.

Gideon: “It doesn’t matter, Bill. Of course they will lie, and mix some truth with some things they made up out of thin air. Anyone with discernment can see the tricks. We can’t save the people without discernment. We don’t want them, anyway, they’re too weak. They would bring us down.”

Bill: When I think about all these people, you know what I realize? They will all end up force-vaccinated.

Gideon: “They will. They’re not strong enough, they believe they are, but they’re not. They will end up injected.”

Bill: If it’s this easy for the cabal to win, for agents to deceive, how can we win?

Gideon: “I’ve always told you, we had a very slim chance.”

Bill: Someone in the Telegram said the cabal is losing. I said, How can they be losing if they have all the money, own the press, control the military, and use hundreds of thousands of agents to infiltrate the truth movement? How can they be losing?

Gideon: “They’re not losing, Bill.”

Bill: While I’ve got you here, I have to ask, people are asking me about Kim Ann Goguan. What is she about?

Gideon: “A low level Common class agent who was told they will get Sovereign if they put out propaganda.”

Bill: So she isn’t Sovereign yet?

Gideon: “We haven’t checked her, but based on my analysis if what she is doing, she’s waiting for an offer after being given a road map on what they wanted her to do.”

Bill: Incredible. That’s probably true for a lot of these people who pop up out of nowhere.

Gideon: “A lot are old-timer agents. Agents who’ve been doing good work for the cabal for years, and the cabal graduates them to gatekeeper. They dangle the Sovereign carrot, so they do good work.”

Bill: Will they actually become Sovereigns?

Gideon: “Some will, the ones who do good for the cabal. The ones who build a huge following. She is doing well, but has a way to go.”

Bill: God, this is all so evil. And people buy into it. What about David Lester Straight? What about this movement to use the legal system to gain legal freedom in America? I’ve asked before, but I’m always curious about it, because he also wants to help people become Sovereign.

Gideon: “It’s very, very convoluted, and not feasible for the average person. It would take three or four months to complete all of his steps, maybe six months, plus an enormous amount of work. Then you have to hope the FBI, IRS or Feds don’t come in and round you up. It may also be a trap.”

Bill: Do you think he’s wrong? Is it a bad thing? It seems to be based on sound, legal principles. It has something to do with birth certificates, which take our rights away at birth, is that right?

Gideon: “The cabal cannot take away anyone’s rights. The cabal uses legal tricks to make illegal claims. The courts David is using are illegal in the first place, the judges are criminals, and the entire U.S. Government framework he’s operating under is a criminal enterprise.”

Bill: Right, right. We touched on this before. I said, or you said, I can’t remember, that David is granting a sort of legitimacy to the framework.

Gideon: “In some ways, yes. The legal framework he’s working through is not even legitimate at all. So why are you trying to get an illegal system to give you rights? You already have God-given inalienable rights. An illegal criminal government cannot give you rights or take them away.”

Bill: Can anything be accomplished by his methods?

Gideon: “It won’t matter. The cabal isn’t going to care at all if someone has some paperwork proclaiming they are this or that. It will, in fact, dramatically increase the likelihood they are placed in Quarantined status.”

Bill: Right. But it doesn’t matter what status you are, you have to get vaccinated. I have people worried they are Restricted or Quarantined, and I tell them it doesn’t matter.

Gideon: “It’s meaningless. Whether Common, Restricted or Quarantined, you are a prisoner. Common has some slightly better advantages, but you have to accept vaccination.”

Bill: Within one month of this going online.

Gideon: “One month. If you don’t, they will send the Sheriff, the police, and so on. After about a month of harassment, then they will send in the drones.”

Bill: So more like two months, effectively.

Gideon: “Yes. That’s the time frame for you and me and our group to stop them.”

Bill: We will have two months. Not a lot of time, but I think it’s possible.

Gideon: “If we don’t have more good people with us, it won’t be possible. That’s why were are going dark, going to this other plan. We can’t do it alone. You and me and our group is way too small. We will need more Sovereigns, but right now my guys are hesitant to even help.”

Bill: That’s a shame. It’s because of all of this. All these agents, and all these morons believing them.

Gideon: “It is. They’re spooked, rightfully so. They’ve told me they wonder if this is worth it at all, going public, I mean.”

Bill: But we’re not even close to the man power, or woman power, we need.

Gideon: “We will need more. I think my guys will come around. We’ll let the dust settle. They’ve agreed to do a couple of accounts, but no more, but I hope they will change their minds.”

Bill: They have to.

Gideon: “I know. I think they know, too. Our group is too small. We can’t win with this small of a group.”

Bill: They trust you. I’m sure you will do all you can to help them feel better about this. I’ve got to ask before I forget, what about David Icke? Is he Sovereign? Lots of people ask. I like him.

Gideon: “We never checked, my guess is that he may not be. You said his son posted something from you on David’s website?”

Bill: He did, Gareth did, so that was encouraging.

Gideon: “That strongly points to him not being Sovereign. You can never quite know with someone very high profile, because the cabal loves to use those people in the sneakiest ways. But like you, my feeling toward him is favourable, but I think he’s made some choices so he stays alive. Does that make sense? Maybe some compromises, so the cabal doesn’t eliminate him.”

Bill: I believe that. Almost like, he did it on his own, without the cabal having to come in and make him do it.

Gideon: “Right. But we are speculating. I just haven’t ever looked that much into him, so I don’t know. I’m just going with a gut impression of things.”

Bill: Are your guys willing to check on some of these people anymore? There’s so many names people want checked. I think people are disappointed so many sort of regular people were looked up, like Tom Hanks, or Joe Biden. I mean, we all know they would be Sovereign.

Gideon: “Many were checked by the whistle blowers before I had a chance to step in and start directing them to more questionable names. Most of this was done when they first started, out of curiosity. They started just thinking of names off the top of their heads to look up.”

Bill: Right, makes sense. They’re not as familiar with the American psy-ops, either.

Gideon: “No, they were thinking of more popular, or well-known people. Then it became obvious everyone is Sovereign!”

Bill: It sure did. You said they got tired of looking people up?

Gideon: “Yes, I’ve had to nudge them on these names.”

Bill: Is it safe or not safe to look up names? I know the answer, but I think people reading might be curious.

Gideon: “It can’t be done frequently. Looking up a name or two per week is fine, because part of their jobs is to look up Sovereigns all the time. All the time. They’re doing quality control work, stress testing and so on.”

Bill: So if they toss in a name like David Icke, it won’t look odd.

Gideon: “No, and I can ask if he can be looked up, but again, I’m not nudging them anymore. We realized a while back, it’s not worth the small risk. We’re not really learning anything. We can already glean from the behaviours of these public figures where they are in the system.”

Bill: For sure. I know we can’t talk much longer, but what about some of the things you alluded to, about how the cabal has changed their rules? Or isn’t following their old rules?

Gideon: “We will have to get to that another time. It’s too deep a discussion for now. I will say this, I’m gravely concerned, because it means they aren’t going to hold back anymore. I also think they had to do this, ritualistically, so that CSRQ can happen. So they can do what they want to do, especially with the forced vaccinations.”

Bill: Right, because before, they were really just pressuring people. What they were doing was a violation of the Nuremberg Code. But they weren’t forcing it into anyone’s arms, not yet anyway.

Gideon: “No, they weren’t yet, but they will soon.”

Bill: You said a ceremony took place, a very important one. Can you get into that?

Gideon: “There was one, yes, I have a source who has knowledge of it.”

Bill: So this was something the cabal did, to change these rules, to usher in this Reset?

Gideon: “It was a very important event for them, and one more is planned, to finalize these rules.”

Bill: One more? When?

Gideon: “In September. A month they have some major things planned, too.”

Bill: We have to talk about this more. We have to.

Gideon: “We will. Your safety is more important. I want you to do what I told you to do. We have to end this conversation.”

Bill: Copy that.

Gideon: “Get this to Michael and get going. You don’t have much time.”

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Our active emails are survivethereset@proton.me (very reliable), a back-up email at orderofmen@proton.me (reliable), and Bill’s email info@oculumlabs.com (not reliable). You should write us and open up contact.

Our Telegram group is here and our announcements channel here.

We are also now using Matrix, an extremely secure Telegram-like messaging system with encrypted groups. You can join our Matrix room here.


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