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Intel Drop #14 – The Cosmic Rules Are About To Change (Part 1)

August 21, 2022

This Intel Drop was scheduled for August 10th, but got delayed. There are more recent Intel Drops that need to be posted, dealing with a lot of different things and more recent events, but Gideon said I should go ahead and post this first.

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Disclaimer: This Intel Drop is meant as a way to peel back the layers and see deeper, but we also know it is going to be highly controversial. This information is meant to be considered thoughtfully, and not meant to distract from our main efforts. We hope it is read in that context.

Here are excerpts from my conversations with Gideon:

Bill: We talked the other day about what the cabal is doing in September. Changing the rules. People are asking me about that. Can you get into that more?

Gideon: “It relates to the post-Reset world, and the true reason behind it.”

Bill: Does this come from your guys?

Gideon: “It came from a trusted source with knowledge of the cabal’s activities. I followed it up with my guys, to see if they had heard or seen anything in their work to confirm it.”

Bill: Were they able to?

Gideon: “They were. They thought back to the early presentations about the software, things discussed about the Metaverse. It was buried deep in one presentation, in a slide, and it confirmed it. They remembered it.”

Bill: What is it?

Gideon: “Do you recall how I’ve spoken about how they want to inject the unvaccinated post-Reset with this new formulation, the one I call the nano-hydra?”

Bill: Yes.

Gideon: “Do you recall how I’ve told you that this new formulation isn’t going to kill you, it’s not designed for that?”

Bill: Right. They don’t want to kill us with it.

Gideon: “Their goal is to keep certain people alive as long as possible, hooked up to the Metaverse, living out ‘lives’ within a virtual world, that the cabal totally controls.”

Bill: I figured they had some plan like that, I know this Metaverse idea is a big deal to them. They want us to be part man, part machine, and controlled by them.

Gideon: “But Bill, you don’t know the whole story. They have the technology to keep you alive forever. Forever. That’s their goal.”

Bill: Forever?

Gideon: “Forever.”

Bill: To keep us trapped? Isn’t that against free will?

Gideon: “It is, but the ceremony they’re doing in September is going to change that.”

Bill: How?

Gideon: “They’re re-writing the rules they abide by. Dispensing of them. Walking away from them. Ending them. Dissolving them.”

Bill: I can’t wrap my mind around the weight of what that carries with it. This is a five-hour discussion.

Gideon: “It is. I’m just trying to tell you, this goes beyond injections and a dystopian world. There’s a bigger plan. It’s to enslave souls and keep them here, trapped, forever. They’ve been researching ways to extend life years, not just for them, but for us.”

Bill: Can they do it, technology-wise?

Gideon: “Yes, they can.”

Bill: Don’t they need a lot of organ transplants? How do they stop a person from aging? People die, eventually.

Gideon: “They figured it out with the hydra, the ageless, never-dying parasite.”

Bill: Ah, right, found in the vaccine.

Gideon: “Yes.”

Bill: But people think that’s disinfo, not proven.

Gideon: “Well, it’s miracle they found it at all. It wasn’t used in the Covid vaccines, it was sent out in very small numbers for experimental testing on people.”

Bill: So it’s real, they managed to find it, but most of the time they wouldn’t?

Gideon: “Right. So people believe it’s made up, they can’t seem to replicate it or find it anywhere else, but it is, in fact, real.”

Bill: I see. So does the hydra alone produce these anti-aging effects?

Gideon: “No, no. It’s part of it. And yes, there will be organ replacements, and the process is gruesome, who and how they will harvest those organs from.”

Bill: Who?

Gideon: “The third world, the poor, young people, they’re already doing it now.”

Bill: I will ask you again about this a different time, ok? I want to know more about this, but I don’t want to get sidetracked.

Gideon: “Ok.”

Bill. So, how many people can they keep alive forever? They can’t do Billions of people.

Gideon: “No, of course not. Many will die. The current crop of vaccines are doing the killing. They have a plan for the third world, to kill them, too, but not now. What they want, and this is the most upsetting part, is this plan is for the unvaccinated. They aren’t going to do this with anyone who got vaccinated.”

Bill: So after the Reset, will they still use the deadly vaccines?

Gideon: “Sparingly, yes, to terminate people they don’t want to put into this state of eternal existence. But the primary focus will be on the unvaccinated. Because the previously vaccinated took a death sentence. Every, last one of them will be dead within ten years, and they’re irreparably poisoned and damaged.”

Bill: So the main vaccines, these Covid ones, were just about death?

Gideon: “Yes, and the choice people made to get it. They slowly do damage to the heart, blood vessels and so on. Each batch had different amounts of the mRNA poison. Everyone will die within ten years or so, but each will die at different, random times. They can also be tracked, too, but it’s somewhat secondary to the main goal, which was murder.”

Bill: So they are happy to kill off all the vaccinated. But why do they want the unvaccinated trapped and kept alive so bad?

Gideon: “We think it’s an order that has come from the other side.”

Bill: What other side?

Gideon: “The afterlife. The astral plane.”

Bill: Ok, I need a moment. The astral plane. An order from the astral plane?

Gideon: “Yes. Because a war is being fought in the spiritual realm, but that war has a boundary. It cannot pass into our realm.”

Bill: A war, ok. Well, can you explain the astral plane to me first.

Gideon: “It’s much like our world, but ephemeral. The laws of physics are different. More like a dreamworld, but oppressive, dirty and dark. A very rare few in this realm can access it while still alive, very few, usually in a trance or dream state.”

Bill: Now we’re into another five hour discussion! I have a thousand questions, but I’m going to just accept that for now, the astral plane. Ok, the astral plane has a war going on, and they need unvaccinated people trapped in this Earthly plane. Why?

Gideon: “Because if they keep unvaccinated souls trapped here, it means they starve the army of the righteous on the other side. It means the war going on there will be won by the cabal, because no new souls will join the Creator to fight them.”

Bill: That is a lot to take in. But wait, they just killed Billions, who now passed over to the afterlife. The afterlife must be full of new people!

Gideon: “It is! But think of who they killed, Bill. Who? The sheep. So the cabal’s numbers on the other side have been greatly bolstered, while the army of the righteous will be starved, because none of the unvaccinated will pass on.”

Bill: Ok, ok, I get it. I get it now. Oh, my God this is insane. I always wondered why they would want to kill off their own sheep! Now we know why, or at least, this is what you’re saying is why.

Gideon: “They don’t need those sheep here anymore, they need them in the afterlife.”

Bill: The Guardians were not kidding when they said the most evil plan of all time. There’s nothing more diabolical than this. You must have told them before you told me!

Gideon: “No, Bill, they already knew.”

Bill: Why did you keep this from me?

Gideon: “I didn’t, at all. You knew most of it. CSRQ, the Reset, what will happen after, you knew. I’m just giving you the last piece of the puzzle.”

Bill: Ok, let’s take a step back. Did you learn it from the Guardians? Or did you already know?

Gideon: “I had heard rumours and chatter of it for years. Then they confirmed it. But that’s just one confirmation, Bill. One source. I needed more. I finally got more, more than enough.”

BIll: It’s fully making sense now. I just needed all that cleared up. So, anyway, they know. Who else knows?

Gideon: “I’m sure a few do. They’re not speaking about it.”

Bill: Will the Guardians do something?

Gideon: “Maybe, but the agents are trying to destroy them just like they are trying to destroy us.”

Bill: Have you talked to them at all?

Gideon: “Not recently. The last I did, they foreshadowed all of this. They know what’s coming.”

Bill: I’ve had a few people ask about them. I remember they posted some videos about a singularity. I don’t remember that clearly.

Gideon: “Some of that goes beyond what we will discuss today. I will have to explain it another time. It’s important, but it’s eight years away. We need to focus on the now, this moment.”

Bill: Ok. So, who else knows? All these Sovereigns know this is the plan? To enslave us unvaccinated?

Gideon: “Most would be aware, yes. Great rewards await them, if they go along with this.”

Bill: So they know about this war, on the other side?

Gideon: “Some Sovereigns will know, some will just have a vague idea. It’s not that important for the cabal to inform every Sovereign of the exact plan, it’s more important they bribe them and keep them in line with serving the agenda.”

Bill: I see. Will they plan to live forever, too?

Gideon: “Some will, others will pass on to take high positions in the leadership of the armies on the other side, if and when they are needed.”

Bill: If they didn’t do this, let’s say there were no vaccines, no mass killing of the sheep, what would have happened?

Gideon: “It was looking like they were going to lose the war on the other side. Now it’s different. So many sheep died or are dying, and they will join the cabal in this war on the other side. The rate of unvaccained dying is the same as always, a low death rate, but once the Reset happens, they plan to reduce that to nothing, by keeping us all alive. Forever.”

Bill: So that the righteous army is starved?

Gideon: “Yes!”

Bill: What is the righteous army doing to stop this?

Gideon: They can do very little. They can interact with highly sensitive people sometimes to pass messages, but the cabal controls anyone of any public popularity or presence. They can’t get the word out. They know fewer good souls are arriving, and they know soon almost none will arrive. Their numbers are limited, while the cabal’s numbers on the other side are exploding.”

Bill: It’s up to us then, to save them and save ourselves.

Gideon: “Yes, it is.”

Bill: We will get attacked for saying this, for publishing it.

Gideon: “Ignore them, Bill. They will all be dead soon, and they will join the hell on the other side.”

Bill: Hell?

Gideon: “The war in the next realm is hellish.”

Bill: I want to know more about that.

Gideon: “It’s a war beyond anything anyone here understands. If the cabal can succeed, and keep you and me and others trapped here forever, then the cabal will win that war, and retain total dominion over Earth, as well. They will control the astral and this Earth. Right now, they mostly control Earth, but they are, or were, rapidly losing the war on the other side to the righteous.”

Bill: This is going beyond anything anyone in the alternative media understands. I’ve never heard a single person talk about this.

Gideon: “They’re gatekeepers, or just don’t know.”

Bill: September is coming fast, this meeting, then what?

Gideon: “Money is going to run out and be worthless. It will sneak up on people, how quickly the collapse will happen.”

Bill: Do you think September will be the beginning of the collapse, and then the Reset happens?

Gideon: “I don’t have an exact date. My gut feeling is they want this to accelerate by Winter.”

Bill: We have no time.

Gideon: “No, we don’t, and we’ve now experienced huge setbacks. You’ve lost support, people ran to the gatekeepers.”

Bill: Is there a way we can get your guys to make more people Sovereign, on a larger scale?

Gideon: “Bill, we can’t even trust the people who write you. Half of them are agents and stab you in the back. We’ve done our best, we have, but I can’t promise anything.”

Bill: So we go with our group. There’s just a few of us.

Gideon: “It’s all we can do now.”

Bill: If you’re not Sovereign, then you’re doomed.

Gideon: “Doomed. The unvaccinated will be hunted like rabbits, because the cabal needs them alive and enslaved.”

Bill: This whole world will be transformed in just a few years. Where will they put the unvaccinated?

Gideon: “They just told you.”

Bill: Oh my god, that monstrosity in Saudi Arabia? Or something else? That’s just what came to mind!

Gideon: “Yes, and of course many other places, underground bases. Many purposes for them. Some experimental, some for mind-control, some that are more comfortable situations, like the creation in Saudi Arabia.

They will be treated as cattle, as experiments, but also great care will be taken so not a single one dies. Some will live in cities, go about their day, monitored, of course, with very limited movement.”

Bill: Who is left outside this world when the dust settles?

Gideon: “Sovereigns, mostly, a few vaccinated who will limp along in compliance until their demise, the third world people, who will be thinned out and exterminated with a similar voluntary vaccination program, and sent on to the cabal’s armies on the other side.”

Bill: I just realized something. This won’t happen right away. CSRQ will happen, but the completion, it would have to be years away.

Gideon: “True, it won’t happen right away. For now, their focus is on collapsing the currencies and Resetting the world. What I’m talking about is their much bigger plan. By 2030, it will be fully implemented.”

Bill: But the Reset and CSRQ will happen soon?

Gideon: “Yes, very soon. Then they will have about seven years to get things sorted. The vaccinated will die off, and go the other side and fight for the cabal there. The unvaccinated will be forced to take the nano-hydra, and placed in extremely restrictive conditions.

All of the logistics of transitioning the world will take place over those seven years of tribulation, then in 2030 it will be done. The vaccinated, dead and gone. The third world, mostly disposed of, with some left over for other purposes, and the previously unvaccinted now vaccinated with the nano-hydra, tucked away, safe, hooked up to the machines, living in the Metaverse, and immortal. Unable to move on and join the righteous warriors on the other side. This is their vision. No one even knows about it, no one is even stopping it.”

Bill: This is a nightmare beyond all conceivable nightmares.

Gideon: “Yes it is.”

Bill: Ok, I need to think about all this. I want to follow this up. Can we go deeper into this again? You opened a can of worms, there’s no closing it, I want to know it all now.

Gideon: “You will, we will soon.”

Bill: Let me take a moment to recap all this. So, first the cabal wanted to kill Billions of their own sheep here on Earth, to send them to fight for their armies in the astral plane. Then, to starve the side of the righteous, the ones they are fighting, they are going to keep the unvaccained here on Earth, hooked up to machines, and force them to live forever. Did I get it about right?

Gideon: “You did. It’s a war being fought in two different dimensions. Now does it all make more sense what the cabal is up to?”

Bill: I’ve always believed there was a spiritual element. And this explains why they killed off their own people, they ones who are complaint! The ones who already serve the cabal! They all took a poison shot! I could never figure out why they wanted them dead, of all the people, those are the ones who support the cabal the most. With this, it’s the full picture. But I still need to process it in my mind.

Gideon: “The cabal is moving in and out of both these realms, Bill. That’s what this September meeting is going to entail. It’s what they do, during their meetings. They have seances. They access other entities, from beyond. They meet with and speak to commanders who lead the armies over there. Then they work day and night to keep the sheep on Earth totally stuck in a materialistic belief system, so they never clue in on the fact there’s more beyond this life.”

Bill: This is so interesting. So the cabal feels that someone who gets vaccinated will be a reliable warrior for them on the other side? Simply getting vaccinated is enough for them to send them on to fight?

Gideon: “Yes. It’s a statement of submission. To have gotten this vaccine, you told the cabal that you will serve and submit. It’s all they need.”

Bill: Even those who were reluctant, and didn’t want to lose their jobs, and took it anyway?

Gideon: “That was more than enough to show submission. They will have to fight in the cabal’s army on the other side, whether they like it or not.”

Bill: And the unvaccinated, they would fight for the righteous army?

Gideon: “They most certainly would, once they pass on. Not only is their blood pure, their spirits are pure. They rejected the cabal, with a bold statement. The righteous in the astral plane will welcome them. God will welcome them.”

Bill: The cabal is going to do the Reset, CSRQ, force-vaccinate, then hook us up to the Metaverse, and keep us alive forever. We won’t ever move on. We won’t be able to fight here in this world at all, and we’ll never die and go help fight in the next.

Gideon: “This is their grand plan.”

Bill: They’re violating free will.

Gideon: “As far as they are concerned, after this next ceremony in September, they will have free reign to do whatever they want. They are claiming total dominion over Earth.”

Bill: They’re claiming Earth. This is their moment. This must be a huge deal for them.

Gideon: “It’s everything.”

Bill: Can’t we get the military to go in and hunt them down?

Gideon: “They control the military.”

Bill: Do you know where this meeting will be?

Gideon: “I don’t know, my source isn’t sure. They love Switzerland but it could be anywhere, I mean, anywhere. For something like this, it could be Antarctica, it could be a remote desert part of Australia. It’s the most important ceremony they’ve done in over a hundred years.”

Bill: I see. Well, I need to ponder this. I’m going to publish this. I worry we’ll lose credibility. This is too much.

Gideon: “Bill, how many times do I have to tell you? It doesn’t matter if you helped a sick dog off the street and brought it back to health, they will hate you! They will attack you! They will make twenty videos about it! ‘Bill helped a dog, but we don’t think the dog was really hurt’! They’re fanatics.”

Bill: They’re just sad. I don’t even pay attention to half of it, it’s so stupid.

Gideon: “I want you stay on target and do not let off the gas, stay focused on what matters. Not on them.”

Bill: I will. We have to be true to what we know, who we are, and what we are doing.

Gideon: “We do.”

Bill: You said the other day, we need to create a new group on Session. It only allows for 100 people per group. Is that enough?

Gideon: “We have to find real warriors, Bill. S class is the only way. I’m nudging my guys. They know.”

Bill: I just know if I publish this, we’ll have a lot of skeptics. A lot of questions. Some will just write you off.

Gideon: “It’s important they consider it and allow themselves to see the bigger spiritual picture. This Earth and this life is not the only thing, there is more beyond.”

Bill: I’m going to get questions about the Bible, about God, and Jesus, and how this fits into with religion overall. How does it make sense?

Gideon: “If you read Revelation, the answers are in there. No one ever put scripture into the context I just provided. They always thought, ‘This must all be happening on Earth.’ Well, it is, but in multiple dimensions, not just in this one.”

Bill: That’s incredible. I’d never considered that.

Gideon: “The cabal want us stuck and focused on this world, and thinking nothing of the next.”

Bill: I’m going to have to ask you about this war on the other side. I want to know what’s going on. I want to know what the war is like, and why they are fighting it. I want to know the history, the past hundred years, everything leading up to this. I have so many questions.

Gideon: “We will get to that. For now, you should just publish this as a Part 1. People need to read this and process it first, then we can get into more questions.”

Bill: Ok, fair enough. I worry you will get called a heretic. That they will say you are preaching against God’s word, that you are so far afield of scripture.

Gideon: “I know the Bible, Bill. I know the Word. Even if we take away the religious aspect, what I’m telling you is what will happen. I’m giving everyone a guidebook on the cabal’s real, true plans. Look deeper. It goes far beyond just needing to reduce the population. There are much bigger questions at hand.

Look at their goals with transhumanism, the Metaverse. This is their plan to win both wars, the one here and the one on the other side. Starve the righteous ones in the afterlife of new souls, and fill up the other side with the vaccinated sheep. Now the other side is strong. Meanwhile, keep the unvaccinated here on Earth trapped and controlled.”

Bill: It’s an insane plan but I can see how it would work and why they are doing it, if it’s really true there’s this war on the other side. And you always said the drones were not really meant to kill, they’re meant to vaccinate the unvaccinated.

Gideon: “They will always prioritize that, but some will die. They do plan to kill some people, but not many. They believe the fiercest fighters are the ones who could really help the righteous ones on the other side, so they really want them trapped, captured and alive here on Earth.”

Bill: I’m really curious how the world will look in four of five years. How they will pull this off. How it can really be done. Will anything look normal?

Gideon: “Yes, of course. The vaccinated will slowly be dying. The cabal is ready with plans to help transition the world. The unvaccinated, eventually be forced to take the nano-hydra, will still live and function. They’ll have homes or apartments, but live under constant surveillance and oppression. They won’t be able to travel. This is why the cabal is so focused on travel restrictions.

The cabal wants the unvaccinated in a proverbial cage, monitored, contained, but also drugged, compliant. They think the Metaverse is the key to keeping people like you and me ‘happy’ in some altered state, so we don’t rebel.”

Bill: Wait, what about suicide? Since the cabal is trying to keep us alive, we could … well, that can’t be right.

Gideon: “No, that’s not an answer. Suicide won’t be an answer for us. It would work in a practical sense, but it carries with it spiritual ramifications, very bad ones. We would not be ready to fight on the other side, if we did that. The cabal is more worried about the unvaccinated resisting, but as far as I know, they are very confident in their plans.”

Bill: This illustrates how important our information is. People need to wake up.

Gideon: “It does, yes. People do need to wake up. The cabal is very serious about this.”

Part 2 will follow up and go much deeper into many questions that this conversation opened up. There are deep spiritual implications to what Gideon is saying.

Disclaimer: This Intel Drop is meant as a way to peel back the layers and see deeper, but we also know it is going to be highly controversial. This information is meant to be considered thoughtfully, and not meant to distract from our main efforts. We hope it is read in that context.

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