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"INTEL" Kent Dunn: "Healing Technology Coming in February" (Video) (Mr.Ed)

The FBI has hired 30,000 new agents to arrest 15,000 cabal, government, financial, medical, educational and religious criminals on January 1st, 2017.(Sunday) 10,000 have already been arrested in a secret operation in the USA.

2) Paris Hilton is involved in child slavery and raids are near for the Hilton Hotel in Branson Missouri.

3) Source (GOD) is raising the vibrational level to high levels in order to drive the underground beings to the planet surface. This will affect the Agharthians, Archurians, Arterians, and reptile races who will emerge bleeding from many areas of their bodies. (Zombie Apocalypse) They will be sucked up by incoming ships and removed from earth. (see footnote below)*

4) The cabal is murdering members who know too much. Debbie Reynolds and her daughter were the latest.

5) New Zealand is being surrounded by white knights and the good Anunnaki to deal with cabal who have moved there.

6) In February 2017, Alien ships (good guys) will rise from Antarctica (Portal) and begin administering healing technology to sick humans which can be accomplished in 3 to 8 minutes per person.

7) The current proton wave that is hitting earth is revitalizing everyone’s DNA. Grey haired people are turning back to darker colors.

8) The Saint Germain Trust (which is one of the thousands of trusts) was opened on 12/24/2016. It contains 18 zeros and will be dispersed to poverty stricken areas. Its looks like this: $1,000,000,000,000,000,000. It is pronounced: One Thousand Trillion Dollars. There are still 22 zeros left in the trust.

9) Earth will experience a pole shift in 2017 that will change some of the planets geography. Authorities are prepared for this.

* Footnotes by Mr.Ed: The Agarthans are from Agartha of inner earth. Agartha is a huge crystal city that glows of 5th dimensional light. These are good guys and related to the surface population.
They are to surface in January to assist the GFL from above to remove the other dark life forms here. I do not know who is the Agharthians mentioned in part 3? If the source misspelled their name…then they are wrong about who or what they are. IMO

The Arcturians are another good race who are also good guys and are from a much higher realm than us. They have very advanced technologies and are members of the GFL (Galactic Federation of Light) and are known for their abilities to build shaceships for other races in the GFL. Again I do not know who is this race mentioned above in part 3? (Archurians) If spelled wrong…then this source is again incorrect about this race which is neither reptilian or draconian. (bad guys)

The last race mentioned above in part 3 I never heard of before…so I think wrong again or I just don’t know? (Arterians)

Not mentioned in the above part 3 section is the root of the alien problem…the Chimera group (often mentioned by Cobra) who reign over other dark entities such as the Draconians from Orion and Reptilians from other parts of deep space. (and don’t belong here)

These Chimera Group aliens are creepy and evil.
Here is a graphic that may well be what they look like based on my research over the years. Mr.Ed 🙂


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