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INTEL Update (Real News) via email – "Hidden Technology" 6/22/17

INTEL Update (Real News) via email – “Hidden Technology” 6/22/17
Subject: Hidden Technology 6/22/17
The Alliance that is destroying the Dracos and freeing the planet will soon release photographs of the advanced technology that the Secret Space Program has been building for decades.

As crazy as it seems…they have built aircraft carriers that fly using 4 gigantic fan motors.
Drones of 4 types that can accomplish “any mission” and “super – super sonic planes” that fly at Mach 12 – 15 (around 10,000 MPH) and have flown around in space and showed “passenger” astronaut Buzz Aldrin “the alien cities” on “the dark side of the moon”.
Recently an ancient city some 3 miles below the Antarctic ice was discovered and entered.
The pre adamites are around 800,000 years old and some that are in a state of “Stasis” can still be revived.
The Alliance has technology that will devastate Draco enemy ships and thus save the planet from their evil plans.
Go to you tube and watch “David Wilcock / Corey Goode – The Antarctic Atlantis from 3/11/17.
There are drawings of these machines that David shows the audience that are amazing.


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