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INTEL Update (Real News) via email – "Montauk Project" 6/20/17

INTEL Update (Real News) via email – “Montauk Project” 6/20/17
Subject: Montauk Project 6/20/17
It is known that Adolf Hitler had his own UFO and had sent teams of NAZIs around the world in search of hidden truths like the Holy Grail and the Arc of the Covenant.
His fleeing to South America after his loss in WW2, there continued to be research in these unknowns under Antarctica and in Long Island New York as a result of Operation Paperclip #1, #2 and #3 whereby Nazi scientists were allowed to enter America and begin work for the CIA and NASA.
Work was done on Time Travel…Worm Holes…Time Lines…Zero Point Energy & Invisibility…which was accomplished in the Navy’s 1943 Philadelphia Experiment or Project Rainbow where the USS Eldridge was transported into another dimension and brought back 40 years later. (also known as The Montauk Project)
The two sailors who jumped off of the Eldridge because of panic were Al Bielek and Duncan Cameron who were held in Stasis and reappeared at Montauk 40 years later in 1983.
Involved with this technology was L. Ron Hubbard who created the Church of Scientology in which people are mind controlled to strive towards a goal that isn’t even there.
Leah Remini of television fame is fighting to reveal this scam.
Before his death, Hubbard had to live on his Yacht in International waters away from indictments by law enforcement officials.
The “powers that be” know that there are pyramids on Mars called “The Face of Cydonia Complex” which stores the “Solar System Defense System” which protects creatures from domination by other alien species and was probably built by entities from the Sirius and Orion star system.
You can google “Montauk” and its related articles on the hidden activities that are being done and financed secretly by clandestine groups who are aware of the true makeup of the universe and the entities that are multidimensional and long living.
A series of paperback books by Peter Moon & Preston Nichols (Sky Books) are highly recommended which cover the Montauk story. >>>

You can look up “Aliens A to Z” and see for yourself what these entities are and where they came from.
Aliens A to Z – YouTube
There are plans between the world’s leaders that we begin to meet these creatures in the not to distant future.
The movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” was true…and did happen in a desert region.


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