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INTEL Update (Real News) via email – “The ‘REAL’ GHW Bush” 12/5/18

INTEL Update (Real News) via email – “The ‘REAL’ GHW Bush” 12/5/18

The ‘REAL’ GHW Bush was killed by his wife on 11/30/91.

He has been cloned over 40 times.

George H.W. Bush is a Draco shapeshifter.

His wife is a Reptilian shapeshifter. (more here: https://youtu.be/1w2dMekIJLw )

The Deep State Cabal Bush criminal organization called “THE ENTERPRISE” were stealing and killing to protect their clandestine operation since ‘The Coup of 1963’.

The CIA assassinated JFK…so the NAZI Bush regime could take over. (proof here: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_bush19.htm )

George Bush Sr.(Scherff) – 4th Reich in the USA – Deathbed Confessions Photos Support Claims that George H. Scherf(f), Jr., Was the 41st U.S. President

G.H.W. Bush was photographed at Dealey Plaza on that fateful day. (trigger man?)

Then in 1979…the dark cabal didn’t want Jimmy Carter (who is related to the Kennedys) to run the nation…so he and his family were killed and replaced with clones.

When Ronald Reagan was shot with a 22 cal. he died and was replaced with a clone. (Camp David?)

How convenient…to pass from Alzheimer’s Disease shortly there after…when a clone only lasts about 6 months.

They have cloned every president since Carter. (except Trump)

Notice all the symbolism at the Bush funeral.

The people in the know are aware of these symbols.

The two squares under the casket are the WTC towers.

The casket is surrounded with tiles that spell the letter “Q’.

The flag is upside down in reference to the ceremony.

Many cabal will be present.

December 5th is the funeral of ‘the long departed’ Nazi George H.W. Bush…but it is also ‘the final day’ of the Corporate Financial System. (which has been fraudulent since its inception)

Dec 5 was to be the start of cabal arrests according to ‘Q’…but they pulled the Death Card to cause another delay.

They must think they are safe and fooling everybody…but it won’t last long before they all are in hand cuffs on their way to GITMO for Military Tribunals.

High Level Martial Law is to commence on January 1st…as Military Tribunals begin for the Top Cabal Offenders.

A channel called “GITMO” will give updates on trials and outcomes.

We have been living a lie…in a ‘Belief System’…and will be migrating to a ‘Knowledge System’ soon. (disclosure)

All of our 12 strands DNA will be restored giving us amazing abilities. (we only function on 2 currently)

We will be able to use all 100% of our brains again. (now we only use 12%)

They put Fluoride in the drinking water to calcify the Pineal Gland in the brain so you can’t use your psychic abilities. (your lost abilities come from the forward lobe of the brain…which is turned off now and is where the Pineal Gland is located)

The Extraterrestrials would love to have the DNA and the creative ability…and qualities of adaptability that we have.

They also envy us for the God Spark we all have that makes us immortal. (the bible says we were created in his image)

When Jesus preformed miracles…he said “and you can do these things too”. (and we could before the Annunaki enslaved us by disconnecting our 12 strands of DNA)

There is off world technology coming our way that will fix all of that and keep us young & healthy. (Med Beds…Healing Chambers…Crystal Light & Frequency Chambers)

The Secret Space Program has used this technology for over 70 years…but we mortal peons are not worthy in their eyes. (that is about to change)

They send their Super Soldiers into battle in space and they get destroyed and limbs missing…but repaired good as new and back to work the next day like it never happened.

In 1954 ‘The Greada Treaty’ with the ET Zeta Greys allowed them to abduct humans for genetic research and in exchange the military & government (cabal) got ‘Off World Advanced Technology’…which made the Secret Space Program possible.

These are evil ETs and they broke the terms of the agreement to abduct a limited number of humans and it got out of control.

A battle broke out between the military and the aliens underground and many were killed on both sides. (for the full story go here for Phil Schneider (RIP) the cabal killed him to shut him up: https://youtu.be/xedmfAgx8eg )

The Vatican is sitting on a stream of Magma which is beneficial to the Satanic Dracos living there.

Deep under Antarctica is a warm paradise complete with surviving dinosaurs which is even deeper below the Pre Adamites that were found frozen there along with their ships. (more here: https://youtu.be/Jw9IN4O5k2k )

J.P. Morgan sank the ship ‘OLYMPIC’ (not the ‘TITANIC’) as ‘an insurance scam’.

Morgan murdered wealthy titans like Jacob Astor, Guggenheim, and Strauss who were on their way to America to vote against establishing ‘The Federal Reserve’ Central Banking System. (which has plagued America ever since)

Trump was asked in 2013 by the Military to run for President to legally take down the cabal and restore America. (drain the swamp)

If he had refused…the Military were planning to attack D.C…declare Martial Law…and take down the Cabal…then hand America back to the people.

Trump is now protected by Marine Generals (and the Galactics) as the secret clean up continues and the Gitmo trials begin on January 1.

I hear a rumor the Galactics will show up in DC in 60 days to speak to the people of earth. (time will tell)

The Cabal have attempted to assassinate POTUS numerous times. (I lost count after 7)

Flights are now being tracked leaving the U.S. and heading for Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba (GITMO) and are turning off their transponders before they turn on their final approach.

Obama tried to nuke Charleston South Carolina on Mar 19, 2015 and kill 20 million people and blame it on Russia to start WW3.

The military dropped the device 600 miles off of the coast and Muslim Communist Obama fired them for it.

We are in a quiet Civil War with rogues in our government. (they are not human)

They control the MSM so you won’t learn about any of it on TV. (Fake News)

They control the weather via Geo Engineering and they are using it as a weapon against us. (hurricanes…floods…earthquakes…fires…storms…drought)

They use the cell phone towers which emit Microwaves (to enhance the conditions) along with HAARP energy to grow violent thunderstorms and enhance hurricanes as they hit land to keep them going when normally they die when they leave water.

They steered Hurricane Michael using EMP & HAARP to wipe out the Florida keys so they can build (future planned) cabal owned Casinos. (like Vegas)

They used DEW (Direct Energy Weapons) (Laser) platform drones in the Paradise California area…(from Seattle) to incinerate homes…property & people for a land grab (by FEMA under Agenda 21) to build a high speed railway system…and special interests of PGE Electric Co. (not to mention the satanic sacrifice of the souls lost)

The DEW & EMP attacks in Alaska (causing high magnitude earthquakes) are by the Rothschilds…who are attempting to steal gold to keep their dying financial empire afloat.

The Secret Space Program (SSP) and (the negative faction of) the U.S. Military are being used to destroy the U.S. (at our expense)

Some Military bases may be converted into hospitals to heal the troops with serious drug addictions prior to returning home from war.

Troops are realizing that the ‘wars for profit and depopulation’ were false flags and they were used. (there is no honor in killing another human being)

The dark aliens who have taken control over this planet (over the decades) want us to destroy ourselves so they can take over this planet.

They use the 6000 Fake Religions the Satanic Vatican created…to start wars and control the humans using fear of death & hell. (both are lies)

There is no hell…but if there was…we are living it now.

There is no death…you can’t kill a spiritual being…only the vessel it is contained in.

The churches will have to apologize to the congregation for all the lies and misrepresentations that have made.

Soon you will learn of technology that will keep you young and alive as long as you like…which is usually about 1000 years before a race ascends up to the next level.

The grid / veil that kept our souls prisoner on this planet…via the reincarnation process…has been ended and now we are free to ascend as the creator intended.

It was the dark Chimera Group ETs who screwed with the recycle process so that it was impossible for any soul to leave this prison planet.

The same soul group is here now that was here at the start of this cycle (26,500 years) or the return of Wormwood (as mentioned in the bible) the mysterious 12th planet…Nibiru.

The Annunaki are on Nibiru and they were the ones who disconnected 10 of our 12 strands of DNA which turned us into slaves for them. (scientists called it junk DNA…remember?)

The Annunaki are returning soon but have turned to the light and are no longer a problem.

We lost all our abilities and now can only reproduce (more slaves) and function to stay alive. (breathing…heart beat…digestion) on 2 remaining strands of DNA

Many ‘Fake News’ broadcasters are guilty of treason and could face execution.

Nazi Wolf Blitzer is at the forefront.

Washington D.C. will be going dark due to the arrests said to begin Dec 5. (delayed by the FAKE Bush death)

Congress members can not be arrested during session…but they are on vacation as of Dec 5.

Two thirds of congress are clones from the Long Island Facility and will be taken into custody. (as well clones from Disney and unHolywood)

Cloning facilities were found in Hershey Park, Penn. and underground at Camp David where the cloned Presidents go to get a new cloned body. (clones only last about 6 months)

Yellow Cake Uranium was discovered being manufactured in Florida Orange Groves.

Thousands of missing kids were taken to Uranus for the slave market.

Massive arrests ongoing in Arkansas as the Clinton dynasty crooks are being rounded up.

Judges, lawyers and officials were all in on the fraud.

Sealed indictments are now at 66,568.

Bitcoin is a scam developed in Australia and will be collapsing.

The cabal are taking their money out of the stock market thinking they can run and hide to avoid the arrests.

With the current technology…there is really no where to hide…as 209 nations are involved in hunting down all of them. (which number in the millions)

The Trump ‘Real News’ Network is in developmental stages. (no fake news)



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