INTEL Update – ‘Timelines’ & ‘The Movie’ by Researcher Ernest Laverdiere Jr.


Back in 1971-72 DARPA and The CIA were involved in ‘PROJECT PEGASUS’ which was a ‘CHRONOGRAPHIC ACCESS TIME TRAVEL PROGRAM’ to predict and control future events.

The manipulation of events from that time forward was to position a ‘Look a Like’ of Justin Trudeau and put him into power for the time when the 2022 division of the ‘ORGANIC 3D Timeline’ is Split into another ‘ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Timeline’. (of mNRA injected residents)

These people would eventually be at the controlling beck and call of this 2nd reality concocted by the Draconian/Reptilians/Greys in an effort to manipulate earth in their favor for takeover.

Ever since the failed USS Eldridge time manipulation event of August 12, 1943 which tore a riff in the fabric of TIME & Space and transferred the Eldridge into Norfolk Harbor for a brief amount of minutes and returned back to Philadelphia.

Concerns were raised that an evil event was in progress and ‘The Plan’ to determine the evil truth of this event began a multi decade endeavor to remedy this disturbing undertaking.

A movie entitled ‘THE FINAL COUNTDOWN’ starring Kirk Douglas was shown to alert certain protective elements worldwide that danger is a probability in the future.

A book called “EXOPOLITICS” written by Sofi Arnie is coming for public consumption soon explaining the era of Nasty Richard Nixon and his knowledge and visit to Canada to exchange information with other evil forces.

Various White Hat programs and plans have been operational since 1979 to study and defeat this extraterrestrial attack on humanity which is currently in full operation disguised as a ‘Movie’.

‘The Movie’ starring clones, doubles and actors (like the fake Joe Biden) to awaken the victims on earth who have been mind controlled via TV and iPhones (at 444 mega hertz) to weaken their ability to see ‘the deception’ being programmed into their brains.


You can see how complex and long ago planned this entire mess was conceived.

We win and are ending this attack as you will soon be able to comprehend.