Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Intense Tones

James, Update Last night Awoke at 1:53 am and had Intense Tone sound in my left ear it lasted about three to five seconds, Over the past few years i have notice these more and more and can have it happen up to three times a day, Last night was stronger and enough to awake me from sleep, I will write a series of numbers 1-10 to show you the tone, (33-4444-33) Thats the tone James, Now im under the impression this is related to darker projects at 51-PineGap-sandia-Dulce ect

Now this is a regular tone I get during the day, They seem to correlate with my implants, possibly a satellite download time? Now the regular tone (444-333-222-111) I cant think of another way to visually write a tone, Hopefully this helps, This tone starts off strong but slowly declines to the lower tone in about 3-5 seconds average. Over the years I have suspected this to be a project using Mind control frequencies via satellite/Cray CPU Implants and subjects may be able to hear the download or upload frequency.

My response

I get the tones too I always thought it meant greys are nearby about to abduct me. Sadly there is very little one can do to stop them from coming into your home.

Note: (The tones are from bypassing satellites. These tones are plugged into the NASA frame work but this may all change once the EU finishes there satellite defense shield.)


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