Thursday, June 20, 2024

Interesting looking Lens Flare or a Meeting in Orbit?

NASA Footage Shows Strange Meeting In Earth’s Orbit

The video that we attached here was originally leaked by a YouTuber named Streetcap1 that found this video in the database of the International Space Station’s archives. According to him, this seven-minute video was taken and cut outright at the end as the climax was about to happen.

As you can see, the video features two golden spacecraft that appears to either charge each other or at the very least meet up at a vantage point.

At around the 7-minute mark, the video cuts off abruptly, which is when user Streetcap1 believes that the video was either cut off by NASA themselves to hide what happened next or the UFOs used some sort of a jamming system which cut off all of the cameras in the area before they could be seen.

This theory coincides with the report that the former NASA engineer Mark McClelland made a while back when he claimed to have accidentally witnessed a meeting between a team of astronauts and a 9-foot-tall alien.

Some believe that the speed of the objects coincides too much with the speed of the International Space Station, but why would the ISS meet up with a UFO? Obviously, we don’t know everything there is to the story, but what we do know is that this is one recording we will not forget anytime soon.

Article by Unfold News.


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