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Interface Moon Data



After receiving so many messages about the different Bases on Earth, one appeared “from above”.

This simply means that to be able to coordinate all their activities on this planet, the best way Et’s can do it, is from a distance.

For this Mars is ideal, as it is very near us. Suddenly it seemed clear that to promote the U.S as their One World Government, Europe had to be reduced in its power.

The tactics in use at this moment are to strengthen the U.S economy to attract the third world nations to them, and squeeze Europe through this on the one side, and the huge inundation on the other.

Europe being their only competition for the time being is getting its share of problems. Mars, as well as the Moon are ideal because of their vicinity and our inability too move with adequate Space Ships ourselves.

As I started with the title of FACTS OR FICTION, again it is up to each of you to decide and act according to your viewpoints.

Regards, a FRIEND!

Bases On The Moon

Description and Location of 5 Alien Bases

Base “Number 1”

  • Information received 13/8/1997.
  • Place: Just around the LEFT side seen from Earth, there is still some light there.
  • Here again Bases are linked together. No need of any underground passage, as they can move freely, without any need of hiding.
  • Not necessarily # 1 in importance, but this is the way I found them.
  • Purpose: To Receive Space Ships of Different Kinds. This means that from

here they also take off. Here Ships get prepared for longer trips, same as in our international airports.

  • They can land easily, so big Ships prefer to come here to load or unload, then from this place down to Earth. A rather big area is in use with storage space included.
  • No need to go under for protection because there is not much danger from the elements. Some of “our” people know about this place, but are naturally, not allowed to speak about it freely. Just “round the corner” there is a good view of our Planet and all what is surrounding it. From a distance,manipulation is easier.
  • They have some powerful equipment which can be installed on their Ships.They build things in such a way that most of their Ships can be installed with different machines.
  • Their technology in machines is fascinating.
  • Surrounding this Base there is vegetation, half covered. Drop irrigation is used. Water can be found around 500 meters under the surface.
  • Everything looks peaceful here as they are not afraid of being seen. Adjoining is a space for training on the different missions they are supposed to execute.
  • Many of the Mars made programs get trained on here as distance to target is shortened. People sent to Andromeda also get prepared here in different ways. Many bodies are being made ready for the freezing period used under longer transport.
  • There is another space for living quarters. These are much more comfortable than underground Bases. The Greys are not too happy when they must do their “military service” on our Planet. All are being sent on a military mission for a certain period of time.
  • Composed of: Staff stationed here: 199 ET’s – 500 Hybrids – 17 ships needed for their own administration.

Base “Number 2”

  • Information received 14/8/1997.
  • Place: Same area.
  • Purpose: ARMY EXCHANGE.
  • The ones that leave debrief for the new ones to get grooved in. Erasure of memory takes place after debrief. These missions are secret even for the Greys going back to Andromeda.
  • The new ones get grooved in with the help of implants, that is, data is installed under unconsciousness.
  • This state is achieved through the use of special drugs, as standard operation on missions. This is the reason why they work so robotically.
  • Here some of Homo Sapiensis also being manipulated in such a way that they do not even know about this visit to the Moon. Possibly there will be a person reading this information who will start to remember something.
  • Please be aware that this might be followed by pains or disagreeable feelings such as dizziness, wish to vomit, shout, etc. But, when through the experience, they will feel less crazy!
  • Obviously to be brought up here, the abducted must have quite an importance for their take over game. Here lots of movements can be seen, but there also are spies listening to “confidential” talks.
  • These are well trained in getting the information which did no appear during the debrief. The ones considered traitors get shot, and as knocked out beings, used to suppress others.
  • We could call it “higher level Witchcraft”.
  • Naturally all is being recorded and double checked. They are afraid of leaks.
  • A VERY busy place. Looks confusing, being in reality tightly controlled.
  • Composed of: Staff for the management of this Base. 300 ET’s as doctors, specialists in debrief, trainers, spies, all highly indoctrinated themselves. 400 Hybrids for menial work. About 40 Homo Sapiens for interpretation of abducts. Also used to make them believe they are “at home”, such as being in a hospital, in an office, etc. Ships are in the other Base.
  • Here fast Ships are needed for the abduction business. The reason for taking some to this place is that none of Earth Bases know about these special projects.
  • This is also one of the reasons no one can easily put the whole set up together. Special medicines for keeping bodies in the state needed for different purposes.
  • Their manipulation of bodies is far more advanced and sophisticated than ours. Homo Sapiens working here are full effect of these techniques!
  • Everyone seems free to go and do whatever he wants, while , in reality, they are all prisoners in different degrees. Real freedom is non existing, it is all a false appearance!

Base “Number 3”

  • Place: Same Area.
  • Purpose: Recreation Area.
  • There are many people here, and the surroundings do look rather sad, so spaces have been created for different activities such as sports, movies, paths for walking, which at the same time link the different Bases.
  • Composed of: “Breathing ” equipment for oxygen – Machines for entertainment – Comfortable sitting spaces – Areas for sleeping – Swimming Pool – Small Stadium for contests – Machines for keeping it all in shape.
  • Personnel in charge: ET’s 30, as managers – 150 Hybridsfor keeping the area.

Base “Number 4”

  • Place: Same, but further away. Considered RESTRICTED AREA.
  • Purpose: Special Coordination Centre.
  • Handling of “delicate” situations and important individuals.
  • The area is rather small.
  • They only work on very special missions or people.
  • High Security. Not all operations are aimed at Earth. As things have to be coordinated, this is an important link.
  • Main Base on the Moon, and the smallest one.
  • What is amazing is to see how careful they are not to be seen, when they live in such an isolated area. This makes me think that there are beings from other planets who are aware of their movements.
  • If a Homo Sapienswould ever come into this place, he would never leave it alive.
  • From here communication lines go out to Earth, Mars, Space Ships in different locations, Bases on other Planets as well as to Andromeda.
  • A high reach in a small space!
  • Work is being done continuously.
  • Anyone that makes a mistake here probably will be the cause of his death.
  • Composed of: Special Metal through which cosmic rays cannot penetrate. Reminds me of a Space Ship, but this is on the ground.
  • 100 ET’s, all trained in Andromeda.
  • 130 Hybrids, highly specialized and bright.
  • All their computers are very small. If there is something they want to look at it gets enlarged. Transmitters are also in mini size, but their power is hard to grasp when compared to our “satellites” which seem grotesque in comparison.
  • To produce electricity, there is no need for our huge and expensive reactors.

Base “Number 5”

  • Place: Same Area.
  • Purpose: Energy Supply.
  • Work shop for repair of mechanical equipment.
  • Only ET’s work here, Homo Sapiens should not learn these skills.
  • Composed of: 70 ET’s as engineers – 110 Hybrids, also very skilled.
  • Most tools are electromagnetic. Laser beams are also in use.
  • A real pity that they are not here on a friendly mission. We could learn a lot about energy from them!
  • This not being a restricted area, the path made to come here is used for walking. There is no danger of radiation.
  • Homo Sapiens may look at things, but is not taught in how to use all these tools, or on how to produce energy in a thousand times simpler way than on Earth.

Bases on Mars

Description and Location of 3 Alien Bases

  • Information received 3/8/1997.
  • Place: North East of the planet – There is no water to separate continents – Built on a plateau.
  • Purpose and general information: TO COORDINATE THE TAKE OVER OF EARTH.
  • Laser projected pictures of whatever they wish to see. From here the areas they want to keep “clean” for their take over, are marked. This means the soils that should stay out of use.
  • Programs, naturally, are originated in Andromeda and refined here.
  • A team of experts in take over tactics.
  • Done many times before all over the different galaxies, whenever things get too much out of their control. In this Bases, Homo Sapiens are working hoping for a better condition for themselves and for some few others of the “chosen” ones.
  • As we have seen before, they can pin point the places where they want inundation to occur. They have NOTHING against us in particular, just a job that must be executed.
  • They are used to win, as the “enemy” is undetected. The 3 Bases are connected subterraneously.
  • The Moon is used as their satellite. (Most planets have “moons”). From Mars, some make trips to the Moon or to Earth to check on the different conditions on the spot.
  • Their job is INFILTRATION WAR. Here they have the programs for each Base on Earth, Mars and the Moon. Here it is played with the value of currencies all over Earth. The intention being that the masses of population should have less, having apparently “more”.This we came to call inflation!
  • Economy is made to appear so complicated that everyone is kept in confusion about it. Simplicity is not taught: spend less than what you earn, and you will always have!
  • Terrorism is planted with exactness, taking into consideration different places, as well as its timing. As I said before, all is aimed at  ONE WORLD ORDER. All this is a tiny part of a huge Organization, and no one in it is free!
  • This is a big enslaving machine for everyone involved. If a break appears in the system here on Earth, the whole Organization will start to shatter as it is built very much the same way all over the place, and there, naturally, is interconnection.

Base “Number 1”

  • Information received 4/8/1997.
  • Purpose: Food and Medicine Supply.
  • Storage for spare parts that might be needed. Ships arrive here and are placed in shelter as there are terrible winds which sometimes carry stones.
  • Composed of: ET’s 28 – Hybrids 350 – Homo Sapiens about 90. These are here because they are considered of no use in any other place.
  • Storage space is huge as there is no necessity here to hide, but much is built under earth for protection against the elements.
  • For our scientists here on Earth, many stops are being made when they want to “visit” Mars, as there obviously are areas which should not be seen or studied!
  • In storage there are also spare parts that are much needed on earth, part of the reason for a lively traffic between these two planets. Possibly astronomers could spot this!?
  • Here we have really big INTERGALACTIC ships. As mentioned before,  enough space without fear of detection. These ships come and go. Sometimes there can be 3 of them in the area.
  • Food supplies come from Earth. There is underground water in the area!
  • 20 own Ships. (For them to come to Earth is like for someone from the U.S to fly to Paris!). There is also here some stock of live animals that reproduce themselves. “Green Gardens”, all under roof. Very much as in Science Fiction.
  • A Hospital, naturally only equipped with their advanced technology. It includes a Psychiatric Ward where implants are perpetrated for missions as well as to subdue ANY revolt.
  • All is very peaceful in these Bases! Sex is not allowed in any of the three Bases. Only grown ups are “admitted”. Age 20 as minimum.
  • Anyone that is of no use to them gets eliminated by implanting the being and used against us “down here”.
  • Due to this system, all work as efficiently as they can. Fear drives them not ideals! Possibly this is the reason that I am allowed to come out with these data. They want us to KNOW about their situation!

Base “Number 2”

  • Purpose: To Coordinate the Programs They Have With the Actual Situations.
  • The Purpose is settled, but to be able to achieve it they have to be somewhat flexible. As we already know from the Bases on Earth, they gather information from all over the place. The main information comes here, where, with a clear view of the WHOLE planet’s situation, programs are prepared or changed, as needed.
  • Each one is made for a specific Base.
  • Whatever activity is done from a Base on the Moon, the orders come from this “Base Number 2”. (The Base on the Moon is situated on the back side of Just “around the corner”, not to be seen from Earth)
  • Composed of: Ets 400- Hybrids 3.000 – Homo Sapiens 500- Homo Sapiens is needed to evaluate certain situations. Space for Computers. Space for picture projections. Space for analysis. Conference rooms. Space for telepathic communications. Space for relaxing. All very spacious!
  • The “amazing” thing is that they have very little discussions or disagreements. Basically all are prisoners in different degrees.

Base “Number 3”

  • Purpose: Sending Out the Orders that Should be Executed.
  • There is more movement in this Base. Most is done by their Internet system, through which they can talk and be seen as well as transmit written materials.
  • Some times people are brought up here to be instructed or trained, or implanted to ensure execution. Other times some leave from here to give instructions to people on Bases on Earth or the Moon. One could say that they can work with the “speed of light”.
  • This being the fastest moving organization in the area. The reason for this is that if change of plans have to be done, not to loose their power, it has to be done fast!
  • Composed of: The fastest brains in terms of ACTION. 350 Greys- 300 Hybrids- 75 Homo Sapiens- Under the command of this Base there is a crew for handling their ships. Only the best ones are stationed here. 60 Hybrid pilots, as they are more dispensable. No Homo Sapiens as pilots are allowed, as they are afraid that they might escape.
  • Post Scripture: Amazing, but all wish to be able to be free to decide on what they want to do, and the way how to do it. UNTIL NOW THIS HAS BEEN UNATTAINABLE. Strange as it may sound, through this message they are seeking for help!


  1. Others have commented on the slave bases These apparently are not the only bases by a long shot. The need for slaves and more slaves explains why almost a million persons go missing world wide every year. This article only mentions some of the slave bases on the Moon and Mars. There are other slave bases on other planets and asteroids in the solar system. A lot of slaves are also sold for work outside of our solar system and even sometimes out of the galaxy. Than God that the galactic federation is working hard to free those slaves within our solar system and also other systems. This article is 4 years old and some of the slave bases have been shut down by the federation including the Ceres Nazi base mentioned by Rodrigues. freeing the planet and earth being slaves in the solar system is not the only major problem threatening everyone. The Archon 4th dimensional global grid (Matrix) is still strong and can only be taken down when all the extremely dangerous booby trap, dead man switch bombs are deactivated. A very painstaking, delicate and dangerous job. The Matix is controlling our consciousness by limiting it and making us unaware of all that is going on all around us. The Archons have also implanted everyone on the planet and etherically locked us into the Matrix field and other 4th dimensional technologies.


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