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Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate Structure and Shareholder Companies

In the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate Structure and Shareholder Companies I describe what it was like to be an ICC asset on the Mars Bases and Orbital Space Station Platforms.
I reference how the SSP, ICC, and Military Industrial Complex used Wernher Von Braun’s work to build the ICC Mars Orbital Space Station Platforms and how Braun planned the first Mars Missions.
I provide a list of the contractors and shareholder companies that do outsourcing work for the ICC.


  1. The Reyes-McLees Corporation proudly traces its lineage to two companies: the venerable Saratoga Construction Services (SCS) and Phoenix Industrial Technologies (PIT). The former was a building company certified to establish planetside and orbital structures, while the latter is a manufacturing corporation which earns its living through hiring out its facilities. Spanning a combined age of 237 years, the two organisations had long had invested in their local industry, neither turning a sizable profit but at the same time failing to succumb to bankruptcy. However, as the colonies matured and began supplementing and eventually replacing the manufacturing giants headquartered in Sol. With so much money heading out to the colonies, Mars began to lose its place as the head of humanity’s industrial power, inspiring its largest companies to leave the planet for the stars. Entering a period of economic downturn, both SCS and Phoenix joined the Martian Prosperity Coalition; a united front of corporations who seek to maintain Mars’ production identity. Encouraging its members to pool their savings, employees within both companies saw the benefit in unifying their assets to create an adaptable conglomerate. This view was shared by Robert McLees, a young upstart fresh out of university with nothing but ambitions to his name.


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