October 23, 2018


I interview Anthony Zender, ex-marine and SuperSoldier

Bio (sent by Anthony):

Anthony Kaminski was born in the city of West Palm Beach in the state of Florida. As he grew older his quest for meaning and understanding took him into a military career in the United States Marine Corps. After an honorable discharge from the marines, he then began his awakening process and journey to enlightenment through Freemasonry and the teachings of the Illuminati. During his awakening, he found out that “there was much more going on in his life than there seemed” when he found out “he was a MILAB (Military Abductee) who is an asset in what will be known to the public as the Secret Space Program.”  See below for more….

Book charts soul’s quest to ‘transformation,’ shares ‘truth’ to all

Anthony Kaminski announces release of ‘Son of the Morning’

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Anthony Kaminski marks his publishing debut with the release of “Son of the Morning” (published by Balboa Press), an autobiography detailing his personal quest to understanding the meaning of existence.

The book follows a soul who is on the quest for the “Holy Grail”; a soul’s account of the quest for truth and immortality. It is the record of Kaminski’s lifetime “in this body as an incarnation as a starseed.” “On my remembrance of who I was I discovered I had a mission – and that mission was to complete the heroes journey so that others could see that it is possible to transform yourself into something greater,” he shares.

“Son of the Morning” seeks to be a solution to the world’s problems which are spiritual, mental, physical and emotional.

“My book is relevant in today’s society because it enlightens society to things that have been hidden and secret. It is my mission at any cost to take down the veil of lies and deceit that we as a species and a civilization have endured age after age. It is an honest endeavor to wake humanity up to the truth so that we can ascend and become a type 1 civilization,” the author highlights.

The book is a personal account of a life that has undergone the process of transformation – from a material life turned into a spiritual life.

“Son of the Morning”