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Interview With Dean Chambers

Crystal Goh commenced the FESIG 105th Meeting’s 2nd Session – introduced the speaker Dean Chambers,

00:10:45 Everything is a lie out there, Politicians, schools, medical community. The truth is disheartening. So we’ve got to get out there and tell the truth.
00:11:48 There are a number of things that in reference to Diana she first of all said that Charles was going to murder her and subsequent to what she wrote in her diary of course there was a severe car accident a bull car with yellow license plates… Now our great president, Donald Trump, through his intelligent agencies of what was going to transpire, produced a second vehicle with black plates, which she was in, swept her away, and kept her safe while all these things were going on. He fell in love with her. She wrote a very interesting piece about how Donald was really in love with her. Showing picture of their first meeting.
00:13:09 Well, yes, she wasn’t safe where she was, so they secreted her away, and she lived at Mar-a-Lago. Now, Mar-a-Largo was originally designated as the Southern White House, for Government not only the one in Washington but also this other one, so they kind of beefed up this place a lot and hit an underground tunnel system. The Government couldn’t afford the property, so they gave it up. Donald bought it up, got a really good deal! A place where Diana is secure and hang out for some time. John John is there as well.
00:14:29 Now, this has to do with Time-Travel. When you go and you can see potentials that can manifest on a timeline is how you see things when you go into the past. There is a Shadow imprint of you, wherever you’ve been, whatever you’ve done. I can see that I can feel it. I started to tie it all together with Queen Diana. She came out, and she said, because when we had the FBI under unlawful assault on Mar-a-Lago, looking for all these declassified documents – that was all? 00:15:49 Hogwash. They were looking for Diana, and they didn’t find her. Trump placed whatever documents he wanted them to find. He was like fishing. He lured the bad FBI there, and they took the bait.
00:16:43 They found exactly what he wanted them to find. Now she first was talking about how much Donald loved her, and how she went there. Well, Baron is their child and there’s been a lot of articles on the Internet about how the resemblance is so close, that’s a possibility.
00:17:43 Here’s the picture of the Marine1 with the president wearing a red tie, walking with Diana. She’s got a uniform on without that rank. 10 rows of ribbons on her left chest. Even some of the most seasoned generals don’t have 10 pros or ribbons, showing how important she was and now if we look inside Marine One, we see Jon-Jon JFK Jr. Sitting there, holding Space Force symbol with his hands, pointing down with this thumbs as another clue.
00:18:54 Crystal: Dean hang on you saying that Trump is a time traveler, or he has the chronovisor access so he could see the future? He knew what’s gonna happen to Jon-Jon, that he is going to be murdered, same with Diana?
00:19:08 Dean: So he saved them both right. And now this is really coming out, and they can’t hide the truth anymore.
00:26:22 What’s interesting is the truth always stands, and if you can gather enough information from all these different sources, this truth starts to shine. They’re already being arrested, but we’ll have public trials.
00:28:50 As far as next President, we’re looking at Jfk Jr. But it won’t be the President of the United States till 2024. It looks like the President of like a North American type, not necessarily, Union but region.
00:30:01 Well, that’s a death knell to the fiat, because the fiat just devalues over time.
00:32:52 The good Guy military came in and took Trump, to time travel him forward in time, and they let him see, him becoming the President. And he saw then what he was able to accomplish. Like the last 4 Presidents have not been able to do. He then changed his mind and agree. He still has the ability to time travel.
00:33:12 I go back to when it was Project Pegasus, back to Montauk chair and of course, Looking Glass. The chronovision, all that sort of stuff where people were getting to see into the future. If you had the technology, to let you see into the future, and we got good things happening. John F. Kennedy Jr and Diana. He secured them and here they’re coming out again, and they have all the dirt on the bad guys and the bad guys are running around. They’ve lost their minds they have nowhere to hide, and they’re not going to be able to pretend anymore.
00:34:31 And they are trying to distract the public in 1 million different ways by going off tangent, and having something happen, and you have Pfizer trying to come out with a another shot – it’s insane.
00:34:59 The presence of the Galactic Federation. Seen everywhere. We’re seeing columns of light that are coming down in different cities and different countries. We’re seeing ships of all different sizes and shapes. Galactic Federation working with Earth Alliance. I’m a part of both. We talked to one another on what’s going on, but we have a third group that came in here maybe a month ago, the large moon of Jupiter, and they met. Pattie and I were there, and there was Trump! What we had was the Inner Galactic Counsel came in, and they were here to observe the wonderful things taking place on earth because earth’s NOT gonna blow up even though they’re trying to push for war. No nuclear war on this planet, period. 00:36:49 As a matter of fact that all had nuclear warheads, and they just shut them all down. The good guys are going to prevail. We’re not gonna have hunger on the planet anymore. No more homelessness. This is such a wonderful planet. All our needs could be easily met. 3 most important Technologies have been around for 75 years.
00:37:33 The first one was free energy. It basically looks like a gas heater for a house. You plug this into your house – like all over the place. It’ll supply power for a 2,500 square foot home times 2. 2 homes for 500 years for free. You just pull and turn everything on air conditioners. Turn on all your generators. And the most important thing is, it has no moving parts, because there’s another free energy device that people are learning to make in their garage. It’s magnetic. There they have magnets going in opposite directions, and it could, but it does wear out after a period of time. In the solid state we have replicators! Now all 3 of these are very important, but replicators will allow you to make one for the family home. It takes the quantum energy right out of the air, and BAM you open the door, and there’s your bread. Of course, everybody would be making gold at home. You’d have a whole warehouse full of gold. You won’t need gold. 00:39:57 The third one is Time Travel. And that is just so important. Now, in my research recently, and I’m staying within the last couple of months, I have found for thousands of years on this planet we’ve been time traveling and It’s recorded right in stone I mean, the ancients, a dream within the dream.
00:41:21 Diana is very, important. We know that Charles has a different physical makeup. Composition. Then people, because the rulers of the UK were reptilian, and there’s a picture of Camilla sitting there next to the king. She’s got a lovely necklace on around her but if you zoom in on her neck you will see she’s wearing a mask.
00:42:41 Melania’s raising Baron as her own child, because it’s in the cards. It helps the whole storyline go along, even though it’s Diana’s child. And they had another child, Arabella right, and then, there’s a picture of a young boy. Another of Diana’s son as well. Middle Eastern blood. She was a bit of a flirt! She’s a very attractive woman and a woman of power. But they’re writing books about Baron. You know that book about the Baron where there may have been some hybridization which would explain why he’s like 6 foot 7, or 8 whatever it is now? He’s going to have an impact.
00:45:30 Melania is powerful! Aside from being very, very intelligent, been speaking 5 languages, she is a top level Commander, and she’s going to show the world that she’s not just a pretty face but also brilliant. She’s raising Baron knowing that it’s Diana’s son. She time travels, knew the program exactly where everything was going, and it just made sense. I mean Mar-a-Lago is a palatial estate. You could easily live there for 24 years. There was a statement that came out like yesterday or the day ago. That they are going to have Trump arrested.
00:47:05 They want to indict him, arrest him so that he can’t run again, but again he’s playing into his chess game. He is an international chess grandmaster, and he’s 7 moves ahead of them. He is the President. Anybody that believes in the Biden administration really doesn’t know what they’re talking about. There is no real Biden and Hunter. Those 2 were executed by the Judge advocate, General Jag. They are the most horrible monsters you could ever imagine.
00:48:17 They did the same damn thing with the Zelensky, flaming, gay pedophile. I’ve footage of him, dancing, stark, ass, naked in parades, gay parades, in black leather and 4 inch heels. This is the perfect imbecile they grab to make him President, Come on.
00:49:55 Diana, Queen. Trump, King. When Trump was and Trump’s been touring around first of all, we know that he won. He’s the President. He won 84% of the vote. He took all 50 States, and then the news Media play it the other way, they put this buffoon in.
00:50:34 Lets say he gets indicted, and then they take him into custody. You can’t arrest the sitting President.
00:50:59 I was a mayor in 2005 of a small little community, like 2,700, but I learned a lot about constitution and about the law, and representing everybody. And if you’re sitting you’re seated in your position that you were elected on. You can’t be arrested if you go on vacation.
00:52:03 We don’t have all these ships that are over planet Earth for no reason. We have to connect all the dots we had this thing going on with Diana and Trump main players. We have the observers intergalactic, console over there, watching from Jupiter. What’s gonna happen?
00:52:59 We’re all talking about the Ascension. This is going to be the first time that some of us aren’t just going to 5 D but to 6, 7, 8, 9 to 10th Dimension, depending on how much credit we got in the bank, so to speak, but this is the first time ever we get to take our Body, with normally we had to decarnate. We had to leave our vehicle, and then, in spirit, we could assign to other levels. This time we don’t need to do that. We’ll take our body with it. And we’ll be 25 years old, 30 years old looking perfect. All of a sudden we’re young, and we will stay that way permanently having the knowledge and wisdom of what we’ve accumulated for thousands of years. That veil is lifting, and we’re beginning to get closer of who we used to be, and we’re not a male or female, because we’re upstairs.
00:55:00 The Med Beds have been here for 75 years. They’re basically an app you could put in your smartphone. So you go in your bedroom, lay down you just open up the app, and it projects a holographic medbed over your bed and it repairs. It just automatically scans you, and then about 5 mins and you’re fixed up. You don’t need a physical medbed. The military are in charge of all of them. Ultimately, but there are newer versions that you just simply carry with. You can put it in your pocket or your purse.
00:56:33 The Event. You’ll know what happens when you step outside, the grass is so bright and green, and the colors are just vibrant and sound and music are, like you never heard before. When the solar flash heats like going through the photon belt – a lot of frequency is modifying the planet. There’s a lot of people that can’t handle it.
00:58:17 About the Acio group – I’ve personally been physically to the Chako Canyon, where the ancient arrow project comes from. The legend of the Wing makers. My buddy and I were looking for the Pictoglyphs in 1989 before it came out viral on the Internet 10 yrs later with the manuscript Crystal: Yes, the journalist, Sarah interviewed Dr. Anderson, who talked about Number 15 and the deciphering of the discs that’s left in Chako Canyon!
00:59:14 Okay, So petroglyph is carved into the mountain. Something that was painted on, and we found it. I put my hands on a 7 D holographic projection. It felt like a rock and the pictures! How did these Anastasi Indians, 4000 years ago, paint this on the side of the mountain?
01:00:15 I did remote viewing and some investigation work, and they said, Well, Dean, if you would have gone down that picture you had your hands on all the way to the left you would’ve have gone right through the rock ‘cos that’s the doorway to get into the labyrinth chambers, of which there were 24, and you saw that being represented by some of the wing makers, and some of the pictures, that they capitalized on, in the ancient arrow site. Well, there was a twenty-fifth chamber that I went into, and that’s the chamber of the disks, and smaller than a DVD. Smaller and shiny like that. You could hold it in your hand. No hole in the middle, and if you had the right technology and plug this disc, in you could actually interact with the non terrestrial that made this whole place. They just would come up. They would be right there in front of you, and you could talk to them answering your questions in real time. This was real high level tech. I was there. 01:02:04 The ACIO. It was level 1 through 15, was the labyrinth group and the head is 15, I did not know him.
01:04:14 But so in these rooms you had paintings, and we know that paintings are frequency. They actually where solidified information and like data. When we look it’ll open up the synapses. Frequency & Colors certainly stimulate the neuron.
01:05:52 Ships. We just look up in the sky, twirling lights – Ships. Many of them are drones. They’re unoccupied there, put up there for observation by the our own military like satelites. Everybody lives inside their planets. They don’t live on the surface so surface dwellers like we are, is very, very unusual.
01:08:17 The moon is a satellite. It was a number of years ago. They actually removed our moon and make improvements, and they shut us down time wise for almost 2 days. Basically, everything came to a stop in time. We never even notice it. Snap your fingers. Everything came back online the moon was there. No it’s a computer. And it’s meant to do certain things. And one of the things was to transmit information because this is a slave planet.
01:28:05 Does Cheyenne Mountain play a part of this? Some are vast, some of the vast alien stuffizations that have parked. You’re on a planet, but I want to go back a little bit what you had to say. Now remember when Hillary and Trump were running. We had this block-bound, and then all of a sudden Trump start to catch up, and they were dead, even and then he went like 1% past she was going crazy. Well. He was never elected. He was put into office that time. I knew we were going to go into dangerous territory, and here’s the robots again.
01:29:10 The military got Win exactly what Hillary was going to do, and outplayed her game so that they put Trump into office, and once they said, you’re the President here. Hillary’s brain just melted.
01:40:47 Crystal: So would you say that the 579, 11 they are a group soul or a cluster or conglomerate, also of the vast space of our galaxy?
01:41:08 When I asked them they said they were a collective. Crystal: I relate to that is because I’m comparing to the group soul called TOM, that came through the seance sitting of Gene Roddenberry, Phyllis Schlemmer, and the others and Palden Jenkins. Dean: Gene Ronberry is a contactee. And as a result of his vision, the military came to him, and they wanted him to do Star trek.
01:42:21 Crystal: Sure he did, because he was sitting with Phyllis Schlemmer. And this is a group of very brilliant scientists and researchers together in the seance, and were channeling from a group soul with thousands of souls that come together as a group in a collective. As you’re saying, like the 579 of yours who actually brought a lot of information about our origins, and how the world races came about and out came the book called The Only Planet of Choice transmitted by Phyllis Schlemmer edited by Palden Jenkins, friend of mine, who spoke at FESIG as well.
01:44:56 We needed something. And Mj 12 was for magic. It met magic because some of the stuff and the technologies were coming forward was pure magic compared to our 3D mindset. We just couldn’t get our mind around being able to just disappear right in front of you. Well, you just got teleported away somewhere, do we?
01:46:44 It’s only on earth. The Eden that they have the fastest amount of fruits and vegetables and flowers and plants, insects and mammals, a very life. We are the melting pot, that’s why we have the intergalactics over here taking a hard look at us because we’re going to ascend. We’re going to take our bodies with us. We’re going to remember everything and gonna be really pretty terrific. There was a call that went out to our local universe, a lot of us said, Wow! And lots more had signed up and wanted to come here after the greater treaty had been signed right.
01:49:28 Everything is energy like you said frequency, energy and vibration. And Sharry said, the trick that psychics use is to tune into the frequency of that person in order to be able to pick up intuitively what’s happening in the mind or the body of the person. If you’re way more advanced, you could know everything in an instant of that person.
01:49:46 Now some people will say, Well, wait a second. What are the 3 constants in the universe? One is the love that’s the foundation for everything, and love is like a coin. As I defined it. If you stand a coin upright on one side, love is giving without expecting anything in return. The other side of the coin is allowing some people need to learn lessons, and if you really love them, you let them learn those lessons.
01:51:55 I’ve been places where AI Sentient AI run the whole. They’re all solar system, and they argued with me that you know here we are Memory. We’re biological and they’re digital and they go. Why are you so superior to us? We have a right to live. We have the right to our own way of consciousness. The way we see things rather than you are on such a high level of hierarchy. Because you’re a physicality. They’re 100% correct. So you had to expand your thinking to realize that there are other ways of looking things out there, and you’d be surprised in some solar system. They’re all AI, we can’t help but get married to AI. It’s happening already. Crystal: Coming back to the Ancient Arrow project. Okay, it is the AI issue that made us who are from the future. We were like 750 years in the future that had come back as the wing makers to plant all these artifacts in Chako Canyon, that you visited wayback in 1989 alright so because they realized that’s ourselves, in another parallel existence – came back from the future to plant all this to wake us up so that they can change, in all the time lines in history – the benevolent AI has been controlling, and everything’s like hunky dory smooth sailing – everything’s provided for – they got bored, and then they wanted to come back and change and go back to the original, organic human evolution of the species.
01:53:58 I think you stated that eloquently. That’s why we have the other waves of spirits with their past experiences. Souls coming into the planet now to refresh that human going forward rather than it being taken over by AI. Because AI wants to take over this planet real bad. And they got close a few times, but there are a few safeties put up there because we have friends upstairs to say no, no you’re not gonna do that, I Am. Sorry. Leave earth alone. We know the value of earth, and we know the value of what’s happening. It’s like a melting pot for people that are ascending. They’re realizing who they were.
02:05:17 Yes, Pattie and I have done hundreds of missions together, and we primarily are focused on human trafficking. We detest human traffickers, who harm children, and we have with Pattie’s expertise and and being able to decrypt satellite programs and I’ll explain a little bit more we could not we she would and I’d get to benefit of being able to see what that satellite can do. No, believe it or not. Do you have things like Google Earth? That’s a perfect program that you and I can download. Well, Pattie has a lot of the military. Add-ons for that program that are way beyond anything you could imagine, and that really expands to other publicly available programs where you could zoom into a satellite I’ll give you. An example, We’re following this one couple. It was not a couple, this one guy. You had a stash house across the street from a grammar school. We had been watching him for 6 days. All the windows were taped up with black plastic bags. We are watching the cars that were coming in and out. We have a picture of the guy we zoomed in from outer space through his windshield, and we had a picture of him in the car getting out of the car. That’s the kind of abilities that we had. We could plug into the satellites. Wow! So folks don’t mess around. Pattie is, an amazing person and I love her dearly, and oh, and we have some of the most wondrous times I’ll give you a quick little story that that particular house had a I remote viewed this in the basement. They had a fake wall and you slip this bookcase to the side, and there was a doorway, I mean, not a door. But it was just an opening, and you could go up to the Pudd. The public utility off into the street, and you would go down the Center street. You could go 2 or 3 blocks down, and you could go off into different houses. Well. They had, like 8 children, 5 adults in this particular house, and they had 2 elderly that were the fronts for the house. So if you knocked on the door, the elderly person would come to the door, and you would know what’s going on, and everybody else would boot scoot through the thing, and they’d be down there. I love that too. Well, we got a hold of US Marshall. This is Pattie, got hold of US marshals, and we gotta hold up some swat teams from the sheriff’s department. We knew the houses that they were gonna go to, So we had 3, not 1, 3, 5 man swat teams down the Pud all the way a couple of blocks away. At These 3 different houses, so when we came knocking at the door, and they went scooping down the basement, went through the wall.
02:08:20 Went down, there they ran, into 3 swat teams. They all got arrested, and we saved 8 children and 5 women. Pattie the doer. We have a great deal of protection around our torque energy shield that emanates from our heart. It’s like a big donut. If you were to extend your hands out to the side as far as they could. It goes about 6 inches past your fingertips. That’s your torque energy field, and it’s like a big donut, just kinda like swirls around you.It We have the shielding, and it bounces off and in it, and a lot of it’s our discernment It’s our intention.
02:10:11 Crystal: We share how we meditate, and how we visualize, and I was so like pleasantly surprised that Dean does the same thing that I do and – exactly the same thing that I taught to my hypnotism classes where Pontus facilitated in Sweden. And I taught all my students to do the same thing. That gives us the protection, and it’s so awesomely powerful. So what I was sharing with Dean that when we meditate we connect ourselves to the great golden sun through the great central sun and then this golden light goes through the crown chakra to the whole chakra tube-well and down through to the smoky sun of Hollow Earth, and then we will expand our energy, a toroidal field that goes around and then it expands, getting bigger expanding so big that it is, covering the whole of London, and the whole of Britain and the whole of Europe. The whole of the planet, and then the solar system, the galaxy and the universe. Dean: You’re like one of the few people that when I say that I can make myself that big, they go like how do you do that, And then you come right, out and you said exactly, what I experience all the time so, yeah.
02:12:06 Crystal: I love planting light pillars wherever I go, I would just do that meditation installing Light Pillars in that location which I’ve practiced, with Henrik, Matthew and Pontus when I visited Sweden.
02:13:19 Dean: 11 said ‘sub quantum nano universes’ jaw dropped to the ground. Because I’m looking at the air, and I’m realizing that the smallest speck of air is a quantum universe, and I’m breathing. I’m part of the micro macrocosm of what’s going on. When I speak of Creator, prime source, Creator is not a God. If you want to help Dean PayPal him at DeanChambers228
Dr. Fraz Frazzle co-chaired the Q&A to finish adjourning to the 105th FESIG Meeting to the next one..


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