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Interview With Michael and Stephanie Relfe of the Mars Records

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By Eve Lorgen

The Mars Records, authored by Stephanie Relfe, is a 300-plus page document chronicling the biofeedback sessions of her husband Michael who discovered he had been involved in a secret black project while in the Navy. Michael was astonished to find thathe had been living a double life as a covert operative for The Mars Defense Force. Some of his assignments were covert ops, piloting spacecraft, remote viewing, psychic defense and even psychic assassinations.

Michael’s recruitment, training and service for Mars Defense Force was carried out via sophisticated alien and military mind control technology. This included implants, hypno-programming, dissociation of specifically trained alter personalities, advanced psi training, speed learning, psi enhancing drugs and time travel. Michael’s case is unique and very important because he is one of a very handful of persons who have been able to clear, recall and deprogram the sophisticated alien and military mind programming. His success in memory retrieval and deprogramming is due to deliverance prayer and the excellent therapeutic skills of his wife, Stephanie Relfe. She uses a combination of biofeedback clearing sessions and kinesiology .

Michael still experiences abductions by an alien and human military element working conjointly. But because of his level of therapeutic success with deliverance, clearing and kineisiology, Michael has a greater sense of personal control, awareness and is not as susceptible to the mind control that the abductors continue to try to use on him.

Many researchers in the field of Ufology, Paranormal and Mind Control have a tendency to view things as a black and white picture. Either all abductions are some military black project using aliens as a cover story, or it’s all aliens, because we don’t have such a high level of technology. Such is not the case in Michael’s experience, or in many other MILAB abductees that I have interviewed.

I strongly encourage the reader to read the full Mars Records document. If this is true– and I think it is–we are dealing with such a high level of “alien” technology, that to gain control back into our lives, we need to do a lot of soul searching work.

MR: – Michael R.

SR: Stephanie Relfe

EL: Eve Lorgen

EL: Michael, as a child did you experience any UFO sightings or signs of alien abduction?

MR: With the exception of the incident described in The Mars Records, I have no memories of any UFO sightings, alien abductions or missing time. That one incident (childhood UFO dream) has always “stuck” in my mind because it was so real. While growing up I asked my parents about it several times and they just said I must have been dreaming.

EL: Do you think that the surfacing of your Mars Defense Ops is somehow related to this earlier UFO “dream”?

MR: Yes, I feel that the emotional “charge” or energy associated with that incident eventually led me to accept a clearing session offered by Stephanie to see if anything could be discovered. Little did we know what we would find.

EL: Stephanie, can you tell us briefly how Clearing sessions work?

SR: Clearing uses (1) a biofeedback meter which measures one level below consciousness and (2) specific rules and techniques for communicating which enable a person’s mind to uncover the TRUTH of what is the cause of their upsets and problems.

The meter puts a small, harmless electrical current through the person’s body. The mind and body interact. By measuring changes in the body’s resistance, the meter measures changes in the person’s mind.

Emotional upset comes from things that happened to us in the past. The upset is stored as energy, “charge”, in the mind. It is stored in a mind called the “unconscious mind” which is why we can’t access these memories normally. With the help of the clearing practitioner and the meter, a person can consciously get to find out what is in his unconscious mind.

We get rid of this charge in clearing by creating a PERFECT COPY of it. Two things cannot exist in the same place at the same time. With the help of the bio meter and the clearing practitioner, the hidden memories come into view. Once the person creates a perfect copy, the original charge vanishes. This causes their mind to be “lighter”. This reads on the meter as an instantaneous change in their body. And the person realizes finally what has been going on.

The Mars Records is very different from any other book previously published in that it includes all the readings from the meter as well as an explanation as to what they mean. The readings back up the truth of this incredible story.

Also, the application of kinesiology muscle testing. The basis of kinesiology is that the body is an electrical instrument and the brain is a very powerful computer. The computer is sending signals to all the muscles and back again. Muscle testing isolates a particular muscle by putting an arm in a particular position. The kinesiologist can then “talk” directly to the brain and ask it different questions. Depending on the answer, the person being tested either will or won’t be able to hold their arm up, which is how the brain communicates to us.

EL: Stephanie, why do you think this particular combination is better than hypnosis in recovering repressed memories?

SR: The problem with hypnosis is that is works by shutting the conscious mind down. This does not help the person to grow in spiritual strength and understanding. Rather, the opposite. Once the person is hypnotized, more “stuff” is put into the unconscious mind.

We want ALL the memories to become conscious, and to clear the charge from them. This causes an increase in the person’s spiritual strength.

EL: Have you ever worked with other abductees or mind control victims with repressed memories?

SR: Not with clearing. With kinesiology I have had about 10 people out of several hundred that had had experiences. Some of these people knew about it, others didn’t. Some could handle what I told them, others couldn’t. It is amazing what one discovers about someone with kinesiology. For example, I was working on one woman who had incredible sleeping problems. She was very “blocked” and almost impossible to test, which is most unusual. I began to suspect abduction. It turned out her problems started the day she woke up at 2 am, and found her little girl outside on the doorstep (freezing cold), which was “impossible” because the little girl was too small to reach the door handle.

Another woman I worked on had no problem accepting that she had been abducted. She was quite psychic. While working on a problem to do with a pain in her leg, an incident surfaced. She told me that she had 24 hours of missing time, when she and her boyfriend rode on a bike up north along 300 miles of deserted road in Queensland, Australia. They felt like lying down beside the road. When they go to the New Year’s party they were going to, it was all over. They were a day later! Her boyfriend was in a huge rage, and left her then and there. Using the communication techniques from clearing (but without the meter) she relived an incident where men in black clothes came for them both and took them onto a spaceship. Insectoids that looked like human sized praying mantises worked on them before returning them to the original spot.

EL: Michael, you mentioned in the Mars Records that you used deliverance prayer sessions even before you met Stephanie. What made you decide to try this method?

MR: Deliverance is the “casting out” or removing of evil spirits from a person who does NOT want them there. Witches and magicians WANT to have evil spirits inside them, which is how they obtain their “power”. Christians do NOT want evil spirits as they hinder and stop spiritual growth and progress.

Deliverance is a gift from the Lord Jesus Christ for HIS people. It is NOT for the unbelieving public at large. The Bible refers to deliverance as the “Children’s Bread”. In 1983 when I was living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I believed in God but was not living a Christian life and did not have a close walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. In one of my newsletters that exposed the Illuminati, the author had a couple of tapes on offer by a preacher named Win Worley. One was titled, “Mass Deliverance”. This tape was a recording of a group deliverance service at a small Baptist church near Chicago. When listening to this tape, I was unprepared for what happened. I listened to the sermon and explanation of terms. I participated in the prayers that the preacher led the group through. I felt that “something” happened but I did not know what. Then the preacher started calling a list of names of demons (lust, jealousy, hatred, etc. there were many of them) and ordered them to leave the people. Immediately I felt VERY strange and “things” started leaving me. Burping, belching, tears, coughing, dry heaves, etc. I just kept participating and praying in my head for anything “bad” to leave me. This went on for about an hour. By the time the tape was over I felt VERY different. The initial session (and many more after) enabled me to get free enough from the holds of the enemy to start walking a Christian life.

EL: Do you think that your Mars–mind control and abductions memories would have surfaced in the Clearing sessions if you had NOT done deliverance first?

MR: No. At the time of starting deliverance in 1983, I was too bound up and enslaved to whatever programming I was given in the Navy to ever consider that I actually needed help. It took 13 years of God working on me for me to be ready for clearing. You must remember that not everyone involved in TRV (Tactical Remote Viewing) is chosen for target termination. It takes a certain personality to be effective as an assassin. I was cold, hard and arrogant.

EL: Why do you think you were recruited for the Mars Defense Force while in the Navy in 1976?

MR: It appears that I have been a “lab rat” all my life. Modifications were made to my father, which resulted in me. Modifications (genetic) were made to me at a young age and while growing up. Somewhere along the way I was encouraged (programmed) to join the Navy. The government knew my psychological profile. My father was physically abusive and a problem drinker ( probably because of what they did to him). When I joined the Navy, I was very dedicated and “gung-ho”. I substituted the government and the discipline and order for the lack of father figure in my life.

I was selected for the Nuclear Power Program after missing one question on the entrance test. I attended basic electronics school at Great Lakes, IL. During the waiting time for Nuclear Power School, I was assigned as an “instructor assistant”. It was during this time I was awakened one night, led to another room and asked if I wanted to VOLUNTEER for a top-secret project. I accepted (they knew I would because of my “special patriotism”). The Mars Records details what happened next.

To answer your question, I was recruited because I have a genetically based talent for Remote Viewing that the government wanted to exploit for its own purposes.

EL: Michael, can you describe some of the training you went through to enhance your psychic abilities? In the Mars Records you describe a type of speed learning used on other Mars Base recruits too. What was this like?

MR: From what I have been able to recall, it was a structured program broken down into different phases. Even after being moved to active duty, training was still a constant requirement. It started very slow and easy in the beginning. There were a lot of different medical tests and collecting of data to get an idea of my health, strength, etc. The preliminary tests were done and I was subject to certain drugs to enhance my talent. These drugs can kill and cause permanent damage so they are done slowly over a period of weeks. I believe these drugs made permanent changes in the brain and “opened up” certain energy channels, circuits, etc. After surviving the drugs, more tests are given to see the results of the drugs. Then different speed learning techniques are used to program a lot of information in a short period of time. Then training moves on to “the machines”. These machines are amplifiers of Psi abilities. There was some type of surgically inserted “interface” device implanted in my “third eye” area to allow connection to these machines. There is constant training with the machines as well as calibrations, exercises and tests.

EL: Are you aware of any alter personalities?

MR: Clearing and Kinesiology procedures have uncovered 4 “compartments” each sealed off from the others that have various trainings and duties. We refer to the “real” me as Michael # 1. The others are Michael # 2, Michael # 3, and Michael #4. These compartments are sealed with various codes and passwords that we do not have.

EL: Do you think these alter personalities were created through trauma, as is described by other MC victims such as Andy Pero (of Project Superman-Montauk boy) and Bryce Taylor (Thanks for the Memories– Monarch Program)?

MR: No. I believe that Psi abilities for these programs are rare and that any trauma could damage the ability. Trauma is old technology. The machines and techniques these people have are hundreds of years beyond that. Remember that I volunteered for this program. I was a willing candidate, serving my country as best as I could.

EL: Michael, your case is interesting in that there are characteristics of both alien abduction related symptomology and signs of MK ultra mind control. I think it’s important for others to know that these “experiences” are not an either/or situation, but rather a combination of alien, military and human involvement. Can you describe some of the “booby traps” you encountered before recovering memories? And importantly, who installed these booby traps?

MR: The outer layers of the “booby traps” were commands to forget, not remember, etc. Next were commands that were distractions that would try to lead us off on a tangent. The next layers were the traps that would hurt me, i.e., heart attack, stroke, organ failures, etc. These traps were installed by whomever did the initial mind programming many years ago.

EL: Stephanie, how did you help Michael get through these “booby traps”?

SR: We found them first by knowing that they would be there. (It only makes sense) Then I muscle tested to see if there were any “booby traps”. The body told me that there were at least ten. We then used the “Wernicke’s correction” to remove them. It is generally known that research has shown that words are stored in a specific area of the brain. What is not so well known is that there is an equivalent area in the right half of the brain which is also involved with language. Both these areas are called the Wernicke’s area.

Experiments have shown that if the Wernicke’s area in the left half of the brain is electrically stimulated during speech, it will interfere with the ability to talk properly, almost halting speech. The same type of stimulation to the Wernicke’s area in the right brain, however, causes a person to hear “voices” or “commands”. These are usually of an authoritarian or dictatorial nature, and can be identified as the voice of one who was feared, admired or looked up to by the person being stimulated. The “authorities” who might have put commands into this mind are anyone that we might have looked up to at sometimes. These can include parents, teachers, peers, politicians, and doctors-and aliens. Have you ever been told to “grow-up”, “shut-up”, “forget that” or “give up”? Have you ever been told “you’re mad”, “you’re bad”, “you’re stupid” or “you’ll never make it”?

If somebody you thought was powerful or important said “you’re too fat”, “you’ll never change”, “you’ll forget”, “don’t trust anyone”, “you’re not good enough”, “you’ll go to hell” etc., then they may have made an “entry” in your right Wernickes’s area, an implanted command, which is still influencing you to this day!

In the case of people who have suffered an abduction experience, the commands have often been implanted INTENTIONALLY with force or drugs to lock them in more securely. Commands such as “you will forget”, and “this never happened” and “you dreamed all this” are reasons why the victims have no conscious memory of the event. Booby traps are commands such as “you will have a heart attack if you remember.”

In 1996 an Australian kinesiologist David Bridgeman made an astounding discovery. He realized how to remove negative beliefs and commands from the brain! The key to removing these beliefs is that they are stored in the brain as through another person said them, e.g. “You won’t remember”. The brain then tries to make sense of a command and translates it, for example, as “I won’t remember”. This command then interferes with the person. To get rid of the command you must find the EXACT wording of the command, which in this case is, “YOU won’t remember”. The specific procedure developed by David Bridgeman enables a person to REMOVE the sabotaging commands from the brain. Instant improvement is generally noted in the person who has done this.

This is a simple, revolutionary, and very powerful procedure. If you are interested, send e-mail to me at mentioning the Wernicke’s video and I’ll put you on a list to be notified when we have produced a video teaching this technique. In the meantime, the technique is described in the Mars Records.

EL: I know from my own experiences working with abductees, that many distractions and even reprisals occur when they try to access their alien “programming” and abduction memories. How did both of you get around these roadblocks, and did you experience any major reprisals?

MR: We have received psychic attacks fairly often since The Mars Records were released. These attacks take the form of surveillance, monitoring and blocking of clearing sessions, energy “drains” being hooked into each of us, offensive attacks meant to hurt us using radionics, psychotronics and various “death signal” devices as well as RV and psychic attacks while sleeping.

In addition, during the monthly “medical check-up” abductions different techniques are tried to discourage us. Such as multiple layers to mind control commands, multiple layers of drugs as well as a new thing, putting the equivalent drug directly into the “etheric” body. This is especially bad, as most people don’t’ even know they have energy bodies!

EL: One of the most unbelievable aspects of your story is the age regression and time travel you experienced. What was this like?

MR: The age regression was pure boredom. Being kept in a dreamlike, semi-conscious state for weeks was very boring. That’s the only memory I have been able to recall. The 20-year time jump back to 1976 was over before it began. Walking through the tunnel was uneventful.

EL: Tell me about the time travel jumpgates.

MR: I was not a jumpgate technician so I only remember things from a layman’s point of view. This technology was a result of the Philadelphia Experiment projects as described by Dr. Al Bielek. It’s one of those things that are “Ohh, Wow, Fantastic” the first time you see them, and then they become taken for granted. I also remember that they were guarded REALLY tight and that every moment of use was accounted for and logged.

I remember that there were several jumpgate stations on Mars Base. These stations were “hooked to” other places and they were defended against someone or something. I remember that RV technicians hooked to the machines assisted in that defense. Remember that Tactical Remote Viewing is not only used to terminate targets. Termination is a tiny percentage of all operations. It is used mostly to defend against the enemy. It is used to defend Very Important People (VIP’s), Very Important Equipment (VIE’s), areas and regions of the planet. In addition, some weapons systems require an RV operator to monitor and direct them. There are physical weapons systems (example like a particle beam projector) and there are other types of weapons that are energetic (Psi) types of systems. Also RV operators are commonly assigned to monitor attack craft on patrol.

The enemy also has Psi types of weapons systems that they direct against our physical type static shielding. Static shielding doesn’t change. It stays the same no matter what you throw at it. To augment the static shielding, you have RV operators that monitor and probe the shields looking for penetration. If penetration is discovered, an RV operator can trace the source through space-time and deal with the intruder. RV operators on duty are not alone. They have backup operators in addition to supervisor operators, They can instantaneously get backup if the need arises. I have seen many ads for books and courses for remote viewing. Most of what passes for RV at this time is about the first 3 or 4 days of training at Mars Base. And most people involved in this sort of thing would, unfortunately never survive the training. The drugs would kill them quick.

EL: One has to wonder then, what could or would have happened if your future Michael who was working on Mars, somehow came into contact with the present day Michael (on earth) before 1996?

MR: This would NEVER be allowed to happen. The program works the way it does because NO ONE on duty (who will eventually be times hot back to their origin) is permitted to interact with any time event (or person) of earth while stationed on Mars Base. That means that visitors and VIP’s are OFF limits. Anyone visiting for a short period is “spending time” on Mars and will NOT be time shot back to their origin. They will just be moved by jumpgate to and from Mars.

To clarify: Remember there are 2 kinds of people that I remember.

1. People visiting Mars temporarily (Politicians, etc.) They travel to and from Mars by jumpgate. They visit for a few weeks and return. They are not time traveled back. They are VIP’s. They are OFF LIMITS!!

2. Permanent staff, They spend 20 years duty cycle. At the end of their duty cycle they are age reversed and time shot back to their space-time origin point. They are sent back with memories blocked. They are sent back to complete their destiny on earth.

EL: Did you recall any “future memories” or strange dreams (before your clearing sessions) of your Mars Defense Base deployment? (In other words, any signs of you being an operative via dreams, hunches, de ja vu’s etc.

MR: Only one. Before ever meeting Stephanie, I had an ongoing “joke” that when someone asked about my military experience, I would say “… and I deny working on the Mars Colony”. It would always get a laugh. I believe that this was one of the first and strongest mind control commands “leaking through”.

EL: What could one look for if they suspect they are in such a position like you were. I mean there must be others involved who have had similar experiences?


1. Memories that don’t seem quite “right”. Memories that have a 2 dimensional “cartoon like” feel to them.

2. Interest in or understanding of technical things that you can’t remember going to school for.

3. Military records showing duty at places that you can’t remember.

4. Unusual rage as a result of abductions.

5. Abduction or missing time. Waking up extremely exhausted with marks or bruises on any part of your body.

6. Muscle testing showing that the body has been “taken”.

7. Muscle testing showing emotions of “no choice”.

EL: Do you think the Greys are working in conjunction with our own human military in the abduction scenario?

MR: Yes

EL: What about the Reptilians?

MR: Yes. They are racially related (Draconians, Reptilians, Greys,)

EL: Do any Greys and Reptilians live on the Mars Base?

MR: Yes, some are stationed there. I remember the Greys as doctors or technicians. I believe the Reptilians stay camouflaged (cloaked) most of the time. They prefer to appear human because they are naturally fierce looking.

EL: One of the more fascinating and disturbing aspects of your experience is the mention of aliens or “bad guy mind controllers” fragmenting the soul and personality of the abductee. How do you think this is done, and what purpose do you think the aliens have for us?

MR: Soul fragmentation is mentioned in the Bible. Several times people are praying and thanking God for restoring their soul. I know that shock and trauma can cause soul fragmentation. Those involved in the occult have their own souls fragmented by their rituals and other involvements. Any severe act of sin, (witchcraft, Satan worship, Masonic ritual, homosexuality, violence against other people, etc) can fragment the sinner’s soul as well as the victim. I do not know the mechanisms for how this is accomplished. The reason for their programs is clearly explained in the Bible. The ultimate goal of all programs of mind control and enslavement is WORSHIP. Lucifer wants to be God and will do anything to trick, convince or control others to worship him. Everything else is detail.

EL: Do they have a method for draining our energy?

MR: Yes. They place a psychic “hook” into the person and drain their energy. They do it slowly so as not to arouse suspicion.

(EL-Maybe this is one of the reasons for chronic fatigue amongst so many abductees!)

EL: Most importantly, how can other abductees and mind control victims protect themselves from this kind of thing?


1. Step one is to establish a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Without His help, there will be no lasting freedom from the demonic armies of the enemy.

2. Repair your body of the damage that has been done to it. Drink pure water only. No fluoride toothpaste. No MSG. Eat nothing containing aspartame. No candy, no liquid candy (soft drinks). No alcohol. Eat only good fats and oils (olive oil and butter). No microwaved food. Remove mercury fillings from your teeth.

3. Use kinesiology to put your body back in balance.

4. Use a colon cleanse to clean out the accumulated garbage in your system.

5. Do a parasite cleanse to kill the parasites in your colon.

6. Use the clearing biofeedback meter to uncover and eliminate the results of any abduction or involvement in mind control programs.

EL: Michael, in retrospect, do you think you ever would have recalled your memories had you not done deliverance and clearing sessions?

MR: No. Without the power of the Lord Jesus Christ, there is no deliverance. These people have technology THOUSANDS of years ahead of anything you can think of in your wildest nightmare. They think they are invincible and in total control. You will not fight these people with technology or your own “psychic” abilities.

Here I am, an ex-operative for these people, with in the field combat experience utilizing Remote Viewing for tactical operations. I have a high Psi efficiency, “raw horsepower” if you will, so much so that my final target termination count was 70 terminations. Some of these were reptilians. And I survived those operations. When operational, I was VERY good at my job. NONE of the so-called “big name” remote viewers would last a microsecond against me. And that’s a fact.

And all this “accomplishment” means NOTHING. They are in control of my physical body and they “shut me down” like an old television. They aren’t worried by “powers” and abilities”. If they aren’t worried about me they probably aren’t worried about you. It’s ONLY the power of God that can free a person from this kind of control. And that deliverance is given in God’s timeframe as fast as he permits. It was my mistake that I volunteered for this program. I actually don’t deserve to ever get out. It’s only by the mercy of Jesus Christ that I have come this far and will continue on this path.

EL: Do you think you are still being abducted? How does this happen?

MR: Yes. The monthly “medical check-ups” continue. We will be sleeping when a jumpgate (portal) opens in our bedroom. They awaken me and trigger my programming. They say, “Come along Mr. Relfe” or something similar and I follow them through the portal. Most of the time it is a woman with short dark hair (like a pageboy cut). Once it was a soldier in the black battle dress utilities. During the clearing session I remember asking them questions and I threw them a kick at the soldier. I missed and hit the metal table and woke up the following morning with a large chunk taken out of my toenail.

It opens into some type of hospital like waiting area, where a nurse greets me, makes small talk and does a preliminary exam (blood pressure, etc.). I am then given a drug and led to a table on wheels. I am taken to the operating room where they give me more drugs and 1) take samples from my testicles, 2) they cut between my eyes and extract something from the organ that is there. I am then sent to the recovery area for a couple of hours. They then put these goggles or headgear over my eyes to insert the mind control commands. Then they leave me to recover from that procedure. Then they lead me back to the portal where I return to bed and continue sleeping. This last time (9/16/00) I awoke with a raging fever of 103 degrees. I had this for 5 days before starting to feel better. It’s been 10 days and I am still not 100% better. Kinesiology showed that I had been “vaccinated” with something. I believe I was given a strong dose to make sure that I was immunized against whatever is coming. The effects were very painful.

EL; What do you think the UFO research and Mind Control community need to do to assist those who are going through MILAB experiences?

MR: These are 2 different communities. Remember that with almost 10,000 hits on our and with over 6000 downloads of the book, ONLY 5 PEOPLE have requested more information. For most people this is just entertainment and they aren’t interested in helping anyone.

The Mind Control “community” is filled with “victims” who are so afraid of reading something that will be “triggering” that they isolate themselves from possible sources of help. They think that by talking amongst themselves that somehow their problems will vanish. I am here to tell you that it just won’t happen. These people need deliverance and they need it now.


And as for the “UFO RESEARCH” community, they sell T-shirts and chase lights in the sky. UFO research is now a business and it is controlled and compartmentalized by the intelligence agencies. (EL– I have to second you on that opinion!)

Inside the community is a small group of people that God has raised up to try to help abductees by giving them somewhere to turn. The problem is that when you are dealing with the demonic world and trying to do it without Jesus Christ, you are doomed to failure. Even though these people are trying to help as best they can, remember that HYPNOSIS CANNOT FIGHT HYPNOSIS. And if you do uncover memories, the damage done by the experience is NOT being removed. So the people are sometimes worse off than before.

EL: What do you see as lacking in today’s researchers?

MR: I cannot judge any individual person, as I have not walked in their shoes. I can only say that the pro New Age/anti-Christian bias displayed by most UFO researchers is in fact their weakness. Until these researchers accept Jesus Christ as their boss and work to accomplish what He would have them do, they will continue to wander in the devils playground, never finding answers to their questions.

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Interview With Michael and Stephanie Relfe of the Mars Records


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