Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Interviewee Lies about Being in the SSP

Youtuber Oki Day Lies about being in the SSP. Oki came to me for help, he had a regression with me but he lied and made up a huge story and even got on a plane to fly from Toronto to Las Vegas to meet me at the 5d events in order to share more of his fake story on my show. During this time he was recording and used the footage in a video in attempt to expose me. He has admitted to lying to me about his experiences and he is trying to claim the SSP is a cult of which i am a part of. I did a complaint on youtube because he violated my privacy by filming inside my hotel room and posting my private regression which he does not have permission to share. Do not come onto the show and lie about your experiences . We do not know if you are lying or not as we only have a short time to work with you. Lying also hurts other experiencers.


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